WestJet Airlinesflight delays causing unexpected cost with hotel


Me and my family booked flights from Winnipeg to Orlando for our vacation. One of the reasons that we've chosen West Jet was for the well-known relation with their customers.
But noting was as planned and we were extremely disappointed with the trip.
Short time between flights that made us almost lose the connection between Toronto to Orlando. There is no way that someone can cross Toronto Pearson, cross immigration and catch the flight breathing normally. We were lucky, I should say. For 1 minute we did not lose it.
But unfortunately we weren't as lucky in our way back.
The air plane that was supposed to flight us back to Toronto got "stuck on traffic" as they explained us and using their words " it will be here when it comes".
That meant, short story that, the flight left over an hour late and even though the crew from Toronto to Winnipeg knew that we were there, couldn't wait any minute.
But the worst is yet to come.
The person on ground responsible for explaining that we've lost our flight back home was arrogant, disrespectful and more than unfriendly. She was more interested in continuing her conversation with other employee than explain the circumstances to my family.
No hotel was provided and not even any kind of help to get out of that situation. NOTHING.
We felt unprotected, with our hands tied and abandoned. How come we have to pay for a hotel if it wasn't our fault to lose that flight? Or as she suggested us, spend the night with my husband and my son on the comfort chairs in the airport.
Disappointment and regrets of choosing West Jet at this point is the only thing that I can think about right now.
As I still think that this company can make the difference, I attached to this letter the receipt payed to the hotel and I truly believe that you will change my mind and trust West jet again.
Gabriela Barbosa Ferreira da Silva.

flight delays causing unexpected cost with hotel

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