WestJet Airlinescustomer service

K Aug 07, 2018

Westjet flight 326, July 23/18, Winnipeg to Montreal. reservation code HTNIVM
We accept that missing our flight was our own fault. What I take issue with is Westjet selling itself as an airline that goes above and beyond to serve their customers. That was certainly not our experience.
Our flight had a scheduled departure time of 08:20. We arrived at the airport and checked in shortly after 0700. We took our grandkids for breakfast at Stella's on the main floor. We arrived at the gate shortly after 08:00 to find our flight had left early. Westjet staff had called us on the pa system. Announcements can be heard on the departure level but very poorly elsewhere in the airport. Westjet had my cell number and my husbands cell number. What a difference a text would have made! The staff knew we were in the building as we had checked in at 0700. We did get to the gate before departure time. We were shocked to find they had left early. I feel that is a questionable decision. This disappointment cost us a 6 hour wait in the airport and $1840 to purchase new tickets. For seniors on a fixed income that amount is staggering. I hope this complaint will spur Westjet on to making more of an effort to locate passengers, especially in smaller airports like Wpg. And to revisit decisions regarding leaving early when passengers on the flight are all not accounted for. I would like a travel voucher for the $1840 this error cost us.

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