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I entered into a relationship with westbow press in june 2016. I explained to the sales person named gretchen that both my husband and I had cancer. I told her that our situation was beyond insane but my desire was to publish my book before christmas in the hopes of raising funds from the sales of the book.
I explained to gretchen that I did not have a lot of money and she told me that I could go into a payment plan and that I would not be charged a fee for the payment plan because she understood my situation.
She also told me that if I signed up that day I would get an extra bonus in having more privileges in my plan. I signed up and after that they dropped the ball completely.

I made my payments on time and the person who was supposed to help get my book ready for content review never responded to my emails. I got two emails from westbow saying that if I got my information in by a particular deadline, that my book would be ready for christmas. I got my information in but sadly the person it reached was no longer working there so my emails sat in her inbox for a long time.

I finally got an email from another person saying she was now taking over production of my book and I explained that I had been waiting to hear for a long time about my book as I wanted to have it ready for christmas.

She wrote back and said that they lost my files and wanted me to send her my files again. I sent her the files again and I never heard anything again for a while.

At this point, I decided I wanted my money back since this was going to be the way things were handled there and now i'm only getting a portion of my money back. They are keeping close to $400. They said it was part of my contract and that they don't have to give me the full amount back even though they dropped the ball repeatedly. I'm disgusted.

I told chris who I have been talking with regarding the situation that I was going to be having my colon removed on january 23 due to cancer and that I had made it clear to them prior to signing with them what my situation was and that I couldn't believe they were keeping my money.

I asked to speak with another manager and he referred me to a man named eugene who was not able to speak with me at that time. I left a voicemail in the hopes that he will have mercy and grant me the rest of my money back but I don't think they're going to. I'm looking forward to the day when they have a class action lawsuit because I will be the first in line to help.

I will never work with westbow press again.

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