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I published with Westbow a few years ago. One morning I got a call from Eric Saxon. I was told that he was their world rep. He said that my book was just excellent and would probably sell millions. I was stupidly taken in by this junk flattery. I eventually paid out an obscene amount of money for a publicity campaign. I'm a good public speaker and Eric picked up on this. He promised to send me to big conventions and churches.
I got one radio interview and lots of advice on how to use face book and twitter for promotions. I've finally stopped kicking myself for ever believing their nonsense. I totally believe I deserve a refund and an explanation of such shoddy and dishonest actions from a company that claims to be Christian.

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Jul 03, 2018 4:30 pm EDT

New Braunfels, Texas My book came out January 2018, it is now July 3, 2018, I was told only three copies have been sold. That is odd when my book has been sold in the UK, was on the View, and I have seen evidence of ther people selling the book something does not add up. I have not received any royalties from Westbow Press.

Sep 19, 2018 1:37 am EDT
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This company ...WestBow Press is highly evil. They are wolves in sheep skin. They will rot in hell. They do not deserve any mercy from God, because they are intentionally wicked. May they perish in their wickedness.


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