Wesbankunprofessional customer service


See e-mail sent to Dorcas Makoena dd 18 Oct 2017 below :

Dear Dorcas,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Our telecom of Friday the 13th October refers. I asked for the below periods and have not decided which one to go for and I was considering an deposit to bring the amount down.

I have in the meantime received sms’s from your Company re iContract for account number [protected], Pin 547……., Expires 2017-10-18 login to ????
Firstly I have no account as I have not signed /agreed to this as yet. I also told you that I will be travelling to P.E and I could not access the details .

And another sms. Was sent as follows ; Wesbank Leisure Finance will send you a new OTP PIN during business hours once the amendments you have requested have been made ???

I have not requested amendments as I have not seen the proposed contract and I told you your interest rates were too HIGH. Also see my e-mail when I told you so when I referred to another Financier. I still have not received the OTP PIN so I cannot access the details. I also asked you to send further details per e-mail to me.

Please take note : I am a potential client/person and not just an robot that must accept what you send me. What happened to customer service ? You also informed the Supplier prior to talking to me about the “approval” … this is not acceptable.

Both the Supplier and myself have been kept at bay on this and I am very unhappy about the state of matters with my request.

In the light of the above details I have decided to call it a day with Wesbank and will not make use of your organisation any longer as this has also been going on for too long after “approval” by yourselves.

Also take note that I will be lodging a complaint to your Head Office.

Thank you.


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