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Wells Fargo should be investigated by the US government, They are ripping us off.
Here's how they rip people off every day and make millions off of us.

Let's say you go out and use your bank card and make purchases at 15 locations in 2 days. Okay now you having pending charges for 15 purchases. That money has now been set aside for for those 15 purchases. You can no longer touch that money. But the bank can use for what they want.

Here's where they are ripping us all off!! If you have a electronic check go through your account, They bump it to the front of the line. They take back that pending money and use it on the check, Then they charge you a bounce charge for all the 15 items that were pending. Instead of charging you for the 1 check they get shady and use that pending money you can't touch. That can add up to $525 in fees. That's a car payment, food, bills...
So how do they get away with taking that money from the Pending charges that you can't use for anything else and use it themselves for something other then what it's already pending for?

So they are making Hundreds of Millions of Dollars off of us and what is our government doing about it? Nothing. And in today's times with money being tight, It sucks to be ripped off by our own banks.
These banks should be forced to pay back all the money they have been stealing for years.

David Snelling


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      Jun 20, 2009

    Please take your money out of all banks and use a CREDIT UNION, but for gosh sakes, make double damn sure you are no where near your zero balance mark. Try to have a least a $50 cushion that you will not touch, no matter what you think your true balance is. If you don't have that $50, then spend LESS until you do and KEEP it there.

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      Jun 20, 2009

    Your not getting the point.. that money was already set a side for the pending charges, they shouldn't be allowed to take it back and reuse it so they can cause so many charges. I never said I shouldn't be charged for that 1 item, I'm saying they shouldn't take money back that's being used for already pending charges. And that's how they get you.

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      Jun 20, 2009

    Well my credit union has never done this to me. Let me make it easier for you to understand..

    You spent money on 5 items, They take that money and set it a side. You can't touch it. Those are paid. And electronic check goes through a day later. They take back all that money and reuse it on the check.

    So tell me how can it be fair that they don't bounce that item, But the take back the other money and clear the check and bounce the rest... I can deal with the one mistake, but when the move it to the front of the line and you end up paying 5 times what it should be, they are robbing us

    I never said you shouldn't pay for a mistake, I just want to be clear and how they get away with ripping people off.

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      Jan 20, 2010
    Wellsfargo - Mental harassment
    United States

    I usually try to look at the positive and see what good is people. Wellsfargo, however, just made me loose it. THEY SUCK. their customer service is non existent... Save yourself and bank with another institution...

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      May 17, 2014
    Wellsfargo - Mental harassment
    Santa Clara
    United States

    Me and my husband are planning to buy Condo/Townhouse in Milpitas. We applied for loan from wellsfargo and put a loan contingency on our house deal. Wellsfargo Gave us loan approval letter and we removed the Loan contingency after verifying from them 2 times via E-mail and 2 times on call. After removal of Loan Contingency
    Wellsfargo comes and says the whole Community requires flood insurance for 69, xxx, xxx $. We got a Certificate from City of Milpitas stating the community is not in a Flood Zone. FEMA map says it is not in the flood zone. HOA documents says it is not in Flood Zone
    However Wellsfargo has chosen to refuse all these documents.
    We are now stuck with our approx 21000$ in Escrow Account and also removed all contingencies .
    What bothers me the most is that if this was an issue why did the wellsfargo not do investigation before giving us the LOAN COMMITMENT LETTER. Due to their negligence .I am under such a mental stress . I cannot afford to loose 21000$. Sellers are being un-cooperative with us too.
    Wellsfargo is refusing to take any responsibility for this. They do not receive calls and we are being treated so badly.
    Can someone please help us. Is there anything we can do.
    This is the worst bank and request all my friends to not bother to apply mortgage from here ever.

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