Wells Fargowhat the hell?!

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Please someone help me for it has been over a month and a half that Wellsfargo had held cash depositeds and checks that have overdrawn me to the point of no return now 1 lady when i called said that she saw the mistake and had reversed about 900.00 to me but it still had not helped now because i live in az and opened my acct in calif (this is from thier mouth direct) they can not help me cause the fees are so differnt from each state .

Well i am a single mom and now i cant pay my rent or daycare to even work and i have calicuted about 1500.00+ that is still missing and been charged as overdraft fees yet i know this for a fact that my savings and checking acct are not directly put together for reasons and i had been on phone with a pmi banker at 1200am on wed and she is lieing to me and saying that i have debited out of my savings acct when i never have been able to and also said that i have no protection to my savings acct so what did the bank do (and this is a nother reason i am still overdrawn) said that i took out 300.some odd dollars when i never had the funds availble out of savings and took it upon themselves to take it from checking which put me overdrawn more so and said that i had not had the money in eathier acct to cover withdrawes so if i had no money why did they let me take it (witch i didnt) now i also have a returned check to a food store that they say they cant find and said are you sure that i did it with that acct. when what the hell come on now that i have no where to turn cause i have been living in az for 6+ years but opened my acct originally in calif and no one at all will help me dont get me wrong they have reversed a lot of it but not nearly what i lost due to them holding cash that was dep. and a check and still charging me but the min i get a little bit of help they say they can only reverse so much cause it sets off a flag and they have to report it as to why they did the reversal EVEN THOUGH THEY ADMIT THEY ARE WRONG SOME ONE HELP ME CAUSE I CANT EVEN FEED MY BOY.


  • Valerie Aug 18, 2006

    You need to go to your bank with reciepts from all of your missing deposits and your bank statements from the entire time period in question. Tell them that they need to find your missing money, change your address to Arizona and refund you your overdraft charges. If they refuse to do this then close your account, choose a new bank and take wells fargo to court. As long as you have documentation to prove that you deposited your money into your account then whatever they try to argue against you they will lose.

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  • Ta
    tanjig Sep 20, 2016

    this bank is a rip off

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  • Br
    Bryan Novotny Aug 14, 2018

    I was charged for a service I never signed up for on two different credit cards...on my frist credit card with Wells Fargo they charged me 18 months of credit defence charges...and on other credit card with Wells Fargo they charged me seven years of credit defence charges...and this is for a service I never signed up for or wanted...

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  • Fi
    Fiop Aug 20, 2018

    Late charge was once removed but unfortunately i made a late payment during the holiday without noticing it till now. I been making my payments on time since & the cust rep refused & so did the supv so i closed the acct due to principle

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  • Do
    Doug Derricott Aug 21, 2018

    WF assumed our home loan from Mr Cooper. Mr Cooper has full legal documentation of my permission to access the account of my deceased wife. WF representatives refuse to request all loan documentation from the previous lending company.

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  • Wa
    Wayne J Legendre Jr Sep 01, 2018

    Wayne J Legendre Jr (C) (240)7132836
    6900 Scotch Drive
    Laurel, MD 20707
    Vehicle information: Vin 1HGCD5633TA002275
    Title number 89756616
    1996 Honda/Accord
    Been to 2 different banks and know one could help me. All I need from Wells Fargo is a letter stating they do not have a lien on this vehicle so I can take it to DMV.

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  • La
    Last day Sep 19, 2018

    I have been with Wells Fargo since 1998. I have a dispute about my check. It's taking too long and the customer service is horrible. I want to cancel my account immediately. I want my check sent to my house. You really need to hire better people. I will never walk into a Wells Fargo as long as I live.

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  • Pa
    Paul Hernandez jr Sep 19, 2018

    I'm Paul Hernandez Jr primary to benificary account of armida sifuentiz wells Fargo continue to ask for benificary account number never received Warren Buffet investigation on my behalf tells all and still no results occ Texas stated they sent account info July 10 never received.

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  • Je
    Jeezy Oct 27, 2018

    Personal Banker Matt Fisher at the Waynesville, NC Branch was incredibly rude to me after I told him I needed to give it some thought after he made some recommendations. I've since closed out my account with Wells Fargo and will never step foot in that bank again

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  • To
    Tom J. Cuthbertson Oct 31, 2018

    Hours open till 2pm. I pulled into drivethru and tried the door at 1:55pm and all closed and locked up. Either stay open when you state you will or dont false advertise hours of operation. Lights were on inside and employees were still there.

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  • Je
    Jenni-Dave Hurst Nov 04, 2018

    So i Wrote a check for $7000 dollars and Wells Fargo just pays out $10000 and when you call you get told you can't have your money back for ten days while they investigate! Sounds like their screw up but you still have to wait!

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  • Mi
    Mike Van DUSEN Nov 13, 2018

    My father attempted to cash a check issued by Wells Fargo and they refused to cash it. Branch manager was rude. I received conflicting stories from the central office and the branch as for why it was not cashed.

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  • Ta
    tanjig Nov 14, 2018

    30 for transferring money which caused my regular account to over draft. I owed money for nothing!!!

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  • Re
    Reviewer17106 Nov 19, 2018

    Still sitting in a vacant house after putting belongings in storage and then having wells fargo delay closing four times. Complaint sent through Facebook results in being told to communicate via links that cannot be accessed.

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  • Op
    Ophelia childs Dec 12, 2018

    I had a check coming in my account for payment but had a family member pay it with a credit card so inquired about a stop payment in the mist of it the customer rep told me the best thing would be put in a claim and dispute so I did and I seen them return the $512.35 so then I deposited $530 cash in the atm I used 9.84 then $140 after that I wrote

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  • Sa
    sami abdelhak Jan 05, 2019

    account #0356016355 mortgage, I tray to open the on line payment for 2 days with wells Fargo I am going no were, since 12/13/18 tell today 12/18/18 I am still blocked

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  • Jo
    Joan Feinstein Jan 06, 2019

    Wells Fargo promised I would have a Harp remodification. I thought it was strange the rate keeps rising after Harp. Today I found out they never did the Harp loan!!! Please help me I have rising payments and cannot get a straight answer from Wells Fargo. Submitted By Joan Feinstein 94 Rolling Hills Dr Southampton Pa 18966

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  • Sh
    Shdhv Dbd Gf h Feb 25, 2019

    Laurette from the claims department is rude and arrogant and will not let anyone speak I tried to explain I had lost my card and check on a claim and she decided I was lying and canceled my claim

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  • Po
    Powhatan Mar 09, 2019

    I had been scammed 2 counterfeit checks were deposited in my account I called wells Fargo and they told me the checks were good then 3 days later they told me that they were not good now I lost 1000 dollars I'm not able to work because of kidney failure I trusted wells Fargo and they have let me down and forcing me into bankruptcy

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  • Tr
    TraciTrent Apr 27, 2019

    Lie about payments that were made, disrespectful about trying to get it fixed. Refused to when documents were shown. Cussed at me, said hurtful things about my family member that just was buried. Ruined my credit report and now wont fix it. . I can go on. Its gotten worse after their lawsuit not better.

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  • Ch
    Chris Epp Jun 01, 2019

    Out of the blue WF wants a check for 3, 000 or increase my monthly payments. What are these people up to? Even more frustrating is that I didn't get this loan. from them initially but they bought it out. Now they want to rake me over the coals.

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  • La
    Ladycreole Aug 31, 2019

    I am going through the same thing with Wells Fargo . I did my own calculations and they owe me. I have done multiple complaints and no resolution.

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  • Ch
    Chef Kevin Oct 29, 2019

    New President of a non-profit, come into bank to be added. I have all minutes from board and all proper ID. Bank isn't helpful and I am unable to be added to account.

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  • Ra
    Rashawn Love Jan 01, 2020

    Requesting account info

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