Wells Fargowells fargo hiring home mortgage consultant - presidents leaders club

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I was a Home Mortgage Consultant in the Philly area a few years ago and I recently tried to get rehired and was never called back. One of my former coworkers told me they arent rehiring anybody who worked for Wells Fargo from the time when Greg Gwizdz was the manager because they hate him. Was a great company to work for now I hear its not so great. The best part was the Presidents Leaders Club Convention. What a week of hard partying. Unlimited bar, drugs and women all paid for by Wells Fargo. I mean what company does things like that for their employees. The drinking starts as soon as the orientation begins and goes on all night, drugs from the white stuff to crystal meth and weed all day and night and pretty much an employee and for hire orgy. The good old days at Wells Fargo.

wells fargo hiring home mortgage consultant - presidents leaders club


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    artnone Aug 24, 2018

    The best part of Wells Fargo and being in the Presidents Leaders Club is definitely all of the drugs! Just ask you know who!

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