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August 14, 2018, I do not have a client, I am writing this complaint about the Wells Fargo at 3300 Preston Rd, Plano TX 75093. The level of customer service at this bank is unstable! I was depositing money and I took at my driver's license, and handed it the teller. And once the transition was done, I asked for my driver license back and the attitude level I received was unacceptable, She told me that she didn't have it and told me well I don't know where it is, and that I lost it and never handed it to her. She didn't even try to look for it, at point I told to get the manager because I am not leaving until it is found. She rolled her eyes and walked way, and when the manger arrived she was rude as well, finally the teller next to her told to look under the small box area next to the key board and oh my god! There was driver's license. The level of unethical behavior at this store is ridiculous. And needs to be dressed immediately.


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    Truesparkle8396 Aug 15, 2018

    I took my pay check dated 8/13/2018 to the bank and deposited it thinking they will put all of my funds into my account the bank but they did not. They only put 400 saying the need to confirm funds . Really with the company your connected to. I was told if I would have come inside to a teller I could have gotten it posted same day or gotten the whole amount of my cash. I explained i needed to purchase airline tickets for a funeral This coming saturday and was told they could not do anything no overdraft, no credit, nothing. So I shared with the banker I watch a guy ask for exception and the manager gave credit. He said his branch did it too much so they we personally stripped of their rights. So I said basically you are holding my funds hostage my job does not have hold on it and there is a number on the check to verify funds if necessary. Nothing. I actually work for a huge payroll company and we use them as a bank not to mention I have had my accounts with them for over 10 years or more. They get a direct deposit from me and my husband every week like clock work. We have had no over drafts nothing. I explain the cheapest tickets I found only had two seats left and could not wait until tomorrow and they just kept telling me BS. So as a result the tickets will be higher tomorrow and may have to miss funeral. I will be canceling all 6 of my accounts and going to another bank who appreciates the longevity, and good standings of their clients. Sandy, CJ from Wells Fargo call center and the Aurora branch off of Havana Your service was not good. Oh and I will be speaking with my job about your service as well maybe I can get them on board with me. Really said and I will find out if illegal for you to hold my funds for a day. Thanks for showing your appreciation. I will share with anyone who will listen.

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