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D Dec 03, 2018
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:-/I will tell you a story will try to keep it short.We have lived in our home coming up on 13 years.In Nov 2015 my husband got laid off from the job he has had for 15 years. He was out of work for 17 months.However we diligently made every house payment for 15 months.Thankfully he found a job in month 17 at less pay of course. As soon as we had all need information we went to Wells Fargo and made arrangements to bring our mortgage current. They were great at working with us that time.In August 2018 we were unable to make our mortgage payment of 1200.00. We went to Wells Fargo immediately and entered into a repayment agreement, which raised our payments from 1200.00 to 1500.00 per month.It has been extremely hard for us to make those payment and be able to afford groceries for the next 2 weeks, but we have struggled and scrimped but kept up our end of the repayment agreement, we are getting ready to send the 3rd of 6 1500.00 payments. Which is making it extremely difficult to do Christmas for our 3 boys.But wells Fargo is not following the agreement, they have not credited any of our payment to our mortgage account. They told us that once we make the last 1500.00 payment everything will be credited to our account. Meanwhile we have no idea where the money is at. It also makes our mortage account delinquent which wells Fargo used to justify selling the servicing of our loan to another company that specializes in collecting delinquent accounts. It will also reflect delinquent payments on our credit. Reading the acknowledgment and agreement of the temporary repayment plan we entered into with wells Fargo item number 8 states "When the services, Wells Fargo, accepts and post a payment", it does not say they will hold any payment. We went into one of their offices to try and figure out what is going on but were told the account is closed so they can't give us any information. We feel the actions by Wells Fargo are retaliatory in nature due to the fact we disagreed with the disposition of an insurance check meant for repairs to our home. So as of today our roof is leaking badly in lots of places, part of the ceiling in master bathroom still hanging down from ceiling (seems very dangerous, can't be health for us breathing in insulation floating in air), master bedroom ceiling came through ceiling and fan hanging dangerously above our bed, roof leaking in at least 6 other places, and 1/4 of ceiling in garage leaking as well, our account showing not paid and servicing of our loan sold to company specializing in delinquent account collections.

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