Wells Fargo Home Mortgage #708insurance

Wells Fargo bought my mortgage and have been trying to sell me insurance since they did. I have a homeowners and a flood insurance policy with State Farm. They gave me a excuse that my homeowners and flood policy had to be the extact same amounts. Because my Flood insurance was $2000 different they were nice enough to add a $700 flood insurace policy that I didn't need. I lowered my home owners to the same as my flood insurace so they change the 4 days that were at different amounts to were I owed $24.00. This money was sent to a insurance company that they own. They took the money out of my escrow account to pay themselves. If you have a choice stay away from this company.If they have done something similar to you contact the BBB and the Attroney General of your state and file complaints. Something needs to be done to companies that feel they can do what they want and not be held accountable. I have sent letters to my resepentatives asking that they look into the Wells Fargo. I have ask they they go homeownwers protection from preditary companies such as Wells Fargo. The company moto is they have been in business for 150 years should be we have been stealing for 150 years.

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