Wells Fargo Financialthey make it so you pay a late fee each month


I got a loan for some furniture through Raymour and Flanigan in August. They use the giant WFF as their lender. I am disgusted this company. You can't pay online unless you have a specific Netscape server - this is unfair. Then when you send a payment to the giant bill center in Las Vegas they sit on your payment so you always manage to get a late fee. As well they close at 5 pm weekenites. Service? They are in the third tier rat business. Do not ever take a loan out or any reason. You can't win. I have filed a complaint with the atty general in my home state of Ct.


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    P. Bochler Mar 20, 2008

    My complaint deals with my small business. I own a restaurant and I accept credit cards. My credit card processing company WAS Wells Fargo. When I got my statement it showed an extra charge of $338.00 for (POS not qualified). I called Wells Fargo to find out what this charge was. The women I talked to was very rude. All she told me was it was an Interchange charge. That when a person uses a Business card or a cooperate card that I get charged more. I could see on my statement where I was charged a different rate for a few interchange cards. So I asked her why I just recently started getting these huge charges and she couldn't answer me. She told me that it had to do with Visa & Master card. I asked her for a phone number to contact someone who could tell me about it. She told me that I would need to send a letter or a fax and gave me the number. At that time I canceled my account.
    The next day I was dealing with a company called First National Solutions of Omaha. A women named Tina (One of the nicest, helpful people I have ever talked to) she was helping me get set up for a New Processing Acount. I asked her about these charges from Wells Fargo and I faxed her statement from them. Nobody in her company could figure out why I was charged that huge amount. So after I very quickly had my new card machine in place I wrote and sent a Fax to Wells Fargo.
    Three days later I received a call from a very rude lady. She stated that I had an $11000.00 dollar charge that was ran through my machine and then voided off. I told her that it had to be a mistake because if I have a charge of $100.00 it is a huge one. She told me it should not have been voided that we needed to call the company and have it deleted off. I couldn't believe it. What in the world would the void button be for. I told her that I was going to check in to it and got her phone number.
    One of my employees handled a credit card and made a mistake of putting through a wrong amount of $11000.00 dollars. Immediately the employee voided it off and put through the correct amount. (As it had been this had happened twice within 3 months) and cost me over $600.00. When I talked to my new processing company again and told Tina what the huge charge was and made sure this would not be the case if one of my employees made this mistake again, she said it would not be the case and that Well Fargo could take those charges off if they were a respectful kind of company. With my new processing company when setting up the account they asked what my largest sale could possibly be. Tina told me that if an $11000.00 charge would come in they would be calling me because it would be way over the limit that was set up on my account. She said if I was still a customer of Wells Fargo I might have a chance of getting them to credit me but because I quit them I may have a problem because it is solely up to them to do what they want to do.

    Feeling Ripped Off By Wells Fargo
    P. Bochler

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    T Molesky Apr 14, 2008

    I have also purchased furniture and was approved through Wells Fargo Financial. After cruising through the first few months without any issues, my bills either did not come in until they were past due, or did not come in at all. I checked with the post office who said there were no delays in mail to my area, and then spoke to Wells Fargo. I received nothing but excuses and was told to check with the local post office. After a brief conversation on why I could not receive a bill on time, but I could get a courtesy call after the bill was due, the subject turned to a $10.00 fee for running a check by phone and why the website is severely behind (it has no information ever) in showing account balances, due dates, and other very useful information in making on time payments. I was told that they would be getting the information soon, but to this day they have not carried on their promise to include important account information on their site. Recently I have found that if I lose my password to the site, keeping in mind I don't receive bills more than I do, I need a bill with my account number on it just to get a phone number to call to unlock my account, but can only do it during normal banking hours. There are so many roadblocks to keep you from paying on time, it is a battle to keep the account current even if you have money to pay the bill and pay more than what is owed every month. I do not recomment this company, will not recommend this company, and plan on paying this company off in the next couple months and never doing business with them or their affilliates every again. Customer service is way below par, convenience is unheard of, and general business practices that should be designed to attract repeat customers are nonexistant. I rate them under insurance companies and auto accident attorneys on the moral ethics rating of business.

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    steve mills May 01, 2008

    Wells Fargo SUCKS BEYOND BELIEF!!! These stories are so terrible. I agree with all of them as I also used to deal with WellsFargo. I had a secured credit card with them whereby there was a difference of .05...a nickel! over something and got socked a $35 charge. I just walked away from them, but while I was with them pulled my hair out every time I had to deal with their customer service. Stay FAR away from Wells Fargo!!!

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  • Li
    Lin Hu Nov 19, 2008

    I can't agree with you more, I had bad experience with Bombay Credit Card which Wells Fargo Canada offers the services, they lost my statement, massed up the account, then keeping charge the interest, the operators were unfriend and unreasonable...

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    Demetra Nov 29, 2008

    Please take the time to enter your information about a class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo Finanical.


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    crazyhawk Mar 13, 2009

    i have had a hard time getting financing and could not figure out why getting turned down for credit cards and loans so i got copys of my credit report from transunion and exqufax i have NEVER DELT WITH WELLS FARGO but on my credit report they are there and it is from06/92 and itwas march o8 it is now march 09 and it still is on my report and now i get emails welcoming me to wells fargo i dont know what to do i have fax then fax trans union and it is still there i guess if you are a little guy they dont care well i am going to the news paper if i cant get an answer today last time i am doing this i would say stay away but i have never done busness with them ??????? that what makes it worse

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    Anna Bananna Jensen Jan 21, 2010

    I've been slapped with the erroneous $39 late fee many more months than I even knew about. Most recently, my Bill Pay payment that my bank posted on the 1st, didn't show up as received by Wells Fargo Financial until the 3rd. I called about it and had to basically tell the "customer service" person to stop talking over me so that I could explain the posting err on their part. I had to get extremely stern before the woman on the other end said that she would credit the late charge. She then proceeded to berate me about paying on time. I started to try again to explain that I did pay on time before exclaiming that I just wanted her to take care of it and stop speaking to me with such rudeness.

    Since then, weeks later, I've received 2 calls at work telling me I have a past due amount of $39, the amount that was supposedly credited to my account. After dealing with extreme rudeness from these two jerks, I called and explained the situation, that I paid the amount due minus the late fee. The woman's response what that yes, your total balance on your account was credited, but you still have to pay the entire amount due for the month. I let her know that I had never heard of such a sneaky policy for which I was not told or even given a clue about when my account was credited. I also let her know that the manner in which I was treated, as if I had done something wrong, was extremely disrespectful and unacceptable. Her response was "So, do you know when you'll be able to pay the $39?" I let her know I'd get to it when I could. She said "OK" and I hung up.

    One thing is for certain, I am going to pay off this god-forsaken card ASAFP. I will NEVER use Wells Fargo Financial for anything other than wipe my ### with their credit card applications. To you executives of WFF that brain storm on how you can further F===K the American people, I hope you suffer miserably when you die.

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  • Mi
    Missie Dai Feb 25, 2010

    This is so funny- I am not the only one we had moon velley nurse accoutn threw welsforgo. Paid account off. There was a balance or .42 cent they try chatrging un almost 200.00 because we short pay off .42 cent and they did not notify us. Went to redo morg on our home on was on credit. Called welsforgo and boy did they feel like.

    We had a car loan threw welsforgo a few years back, We had same issue transfer our loan from welsforgo with in months, There way they do business is un real.

    Then we turned around after weeks of tring to get he correct bought out daughter bedroom set- approved buy welsforgo, (stupid us) They change the due date by days, you never get the bill to know, so u pay it on one day and it was due the day before.We have gone to the extreme and change there bills to family own company because they said it was us, and we don't check our mail.UMMMM Well same issue, We never get a bill matter fact asked my husband tonight has the bill came for Welsforgo, Our account would have been paid off months ago, if they did not tack a late charge for the 1 or 2 day because they feel it ok to do this to people- We even got so pissed about the late fees refused to pay it until it was fixed. People would call that whole month ou home and said the rudes thing to me, Telling me I am not a good wife, i can't pay our bills, My husband shoudl leave me. It has had me in tears, I am happy to say I am paying our last payment next months, We have even closed a saving account we had with welsforgo about a year ago, Will never do business with them again..

    We have 4 major credit cards, and 4 store ( other then these) Never had a single issue- We have had one of our cards with Chase for over 8 years.We will NEVER except loan with welsforgo againThe furniture loan was the finall draw with us...Do your research before dealing with welsforgo

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    jfs Mar 12, 2010

    wells Fargo is the slum of loans. i have applied for Honda credit and unfortunately they are financed by wells Fargo financial. They have turned me down unlike every other lender that i have approached. and i just bought a new built home and I pay my bills loyally and on time. they drum up any excuse to turn you down and with my case its because i just turned sixty years old but they said i use credit abusively. which is a lie . i have not used my credit abusevely . Is this not the wells Fargo that begged for money from the government with the stimulus situation . they were supposed to loan this money out to get money back into the economy and do you know where it went. ... the took it and bought wachovia bank. its different when they want money because of misuse of credit and money. The government did not decline them which they should have . They lie and are bias against people, cheats and the true ### of the lending business . Do not get mixed up with this outfit after reading all of the complaints about this out fit. they are worse than loan sharks and should loose their license to operate .

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    HECTOR C Feb 15, 2011


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    T.J. Jackson Mar 25, 2011

    Wells Fargo Financial is a rip-off joint...bunch of heartless, soulless shylocks...Get this, my mail payment for $39 made it through the worst blizzard of the decade in our area, and arrived in the Wells Fargo mailbox 2000 miles away in Dallas on Saturday, March 12, 2011. The payment was due Sunday, March 13. SUNDAY!!! It sat in their office over the weekend and was posted to acount on Monday morning, March 14th. Wells Fargo immediately assessed me a late fee. When I saw they had done this, I called their customer service rep in Iowa to explain the snowstorm effect, and to question how she could justify denying me a waiver of the fee under the circumstances. She simply said, sorry sir, but we don't give fee waivers under any circumstance. I then spoke with her supervisor, an arrogant SOB who flatly denied any waiver of fee, and then tried to justify how a payment due date could logically be enforced on a SUNDAY! Now I've been a customer of Wells Fargo for 10 years, and had never run into any situation so absurd as this. But after this debacle, I will cancel all my accounts with Wells fargo and NEVER do business with them or through them again.

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