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Wells Fargo made an illegal automatic withdrawal from my personal checking account 11 days after I called in a payment. They took out a very odd amount of $986.59, not even my house payment amount. I did NOT have all of that in my account so my credit union paid them the difference, charged me a $24 overdraft fee, AND put me $220 in the negative. I had my credit union fax me a copy of their withdrawal and called WF. They DENIED any activity saying it does not show on their system of such a withdrawal. I faxed them the copy and they said for me to call them in 5 business days. I had to go without ANY money, I was FLAT BROKE for almost a whole week because of them. Then all of the sudden that money is back in my account but REFUSE to pay me the $24 in overdraft fees. And they DENY the fact they ever withdrew my money. When I asked how my money all of the sudden 'appeared back into my account' they told me to check with my credit union, which of course they did NOT have anything to do with that. This company is full of crap. I am now looking for a different company to deal with, a company who is trustworthy because I plan on being on my home for a long long time.


  • Di
    Dimeope Jun 03, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Credit defense department. In August I open a credit card. I was not aware that I signed up for this program. In March . I mention to them I wanted out. They stated I would be canceled. On or about 4/23/12 I called and was concerned about my bill and I spoke with Mr. John Vitao he stated he did not see anything where I had called to canceled the program.

    When I called that department-defense Mr.Zack, stated he did see where I had called to canceled it in March, he did not know why it had not been canceled.Then a few days letter I received a copy where my signature had been signed on a piece of paper. When I signed there was a very small machine I signed with and could not see all of the paper work.

    If this is the case I have a right to canceled this program. I would like my money back. Also I felt this was in retalation about my phone called. I felt the first guy was not very help full at all. Also this will lead me to cancel my Raymour and Flaingan furniture account. I call Wells Fargo about this matter, so one stated I would get a call in 48 hours. Sofar, no response as of yet.

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  • No
    nonmafia Jan 08, 2010


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  • Ca
    Californian Consumer Dec 30, 2009

    Mine is not as bad as others, but I have had a Wells Fargo credit card for 24 years and never had a late payment. Recently, Wells Fargo raised my interest rate from 6 to 10 percent. I calledand asked for my old rate, and was basically told too bad, that everyone across the country was being raised because of the "business climate." When I pointed out that Wells Fargo took millions in stimulus/TARP funds, the person on the phone representing Wells Fargo said, "I can't comment on that." In response, I said, "Well, who can comment on that?" I was passed on to a higher level person (or so I was told); this person said yes, the bank did take the millions, but that the funds helped thousands of consumers save their houses. Reading these personal experiences on-line, and personally knowing someone whom Wells Fargo is harassing over their mortage, I can only surmise that these representatives lied to me with what was probably a scripted spiel. I have subsequently applied for a different card and will soon be canceling my quarter-of-a-century relationship with this bank.

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  • Ud
    Uday Prabhu Aug 27, 2009

    Dear Sirs,

    Please lodge your complaint with the concerned- Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, that will be rewarding & show ALL the Opponents their proper place & you will not be HELPLESS any more.

    Best of Luck.

    Uday Prabhu.

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  • Ro
    ronni34 Aug 27, 2009

    I went in one day to close an account that I didnt need. I spoke to the customer service manager and she seemed really nice and professional. I told her i wanted to close the account. she told me to wait a couple days for the account to be offically closed. two days later i Realized that i mistakenly used the "closed account" card. of course i was over charged so i paid off what i used the card for, and she said she would reverse the over draft fee. i waited a couple days and noticed that the account was still opened and i was being charged more for not paying the overdraft fee. i gave her a call and she told me not to worry and that she'll handle it. i'm a very busy person with work and school so a week later i check my account and i realized that the account is still opened and that i owe $92.18 . she didnt close the account like she said she would and i was charged $57.13 on my new account w/o my permission to pay some of the over draft fees. im extrememly dissappointed that i put effort to close the account and checking that she would do her job and in the end i have to pay money i don't feel like i should.

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  • Da
    Dan Bell Apr 28, 2009

    We are casting a documentary about unfair bank policies. Looking for stories with complaints about banks. If you are cast we will pay you. If interested contact [email protected] for more information. Casting needs to be concluded by May 1st, 2009.

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  • Ov
    overeasy Apr 09, 2009

    I called WF's Auto refinance dept at [protected]. I was trying to see if I could re-negotiate an extremely high rate loan I stupidly accepted. I did not know how this interest was going to be computed, and believe me it rivals the Mobs rates big time. I spoke to a guy named Tim P who basically told me that, he wasn't about to address the issue because no one had forced me to accept the loan. When I expressed how rude he was being, and the desire to speak to some one else, he insisted that there was nobody else, that he was the man. Good Luck with this bank folks.

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  • Ke
    Ken Jan 15, 2009

    I had recently lost my job, because of this I ended up having the use Wells Fargo's Direct Deposit Advance to cover some bills. I honestly was ashamed of this. My paycheck from my new position was deposited on Friday and they took the whole thing to cover the advance! I advanced $400.00, my paycheck was $700.00. How does that work!?

    Then, because they took my whole check and drew my account negative to cover it I've been getting harassing calls from them concerning my -34.00 account. This morning, at work I told the lady it would be paid in full and then closed as of January 2nd, 2009 and to please note that on my account and stop calling me. She told me that she needed to call me weekly to make sure I followed through. It's christmas time, I have gifts I need to by with that money.

    I also have a Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card with a small limit that was linked as overdraft protection. When They overdrafted my account, they pulled money from my already almost maxed credit card and put it over limit and then charged me fees because they put it over limit. So Now, I owe them 34.00 dollars for a Checking account, and 36 dollars for my credit card.

    On top of that I had a savings account with them that was closed in November of 2007 when I moved out of the Wells Fargo Area. I just recently recieved a letter (November 2008) from Wells fargo bank concerning this closed account. Confused because the letter didn't say much I called the 1-800 phone number and talked to a repsentative. She then told me that this account was "charged Off" with a balance of -107.00 and that I needed to pay!

    I informed her that I had closed that account with a zero balance in November of 2007 and if the account did have a balance on it, with it didn't, why was I hearing about this now. She told me that I needed to provide proof that the account was closed. I told her that I shouldn't have to provide proof and I didn't understand where this random letter was coming from.

    Then just today, I got a letter in the mail from Wells Fargo, along with my Statement saying they are financial sound.

    Yeah, right.

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  • Or
    Orlando Dec 19, 2008

    I got a car loan from Wells Fargo in the Fall of 2007. By July of 2008 they were calling me to tell me that every payment has been late. I sending in payments a month before they were due. They told me it was my fault, they didn't care and it was my responsiblity. I told them I had no control over the post office. They said they didn't care. They would call me up to 5 times a day. Even after I already spoke with them. One lady would yell at me all the time. When I spoke to the supervisor, he just kept threatening me that my car would be repocessed. I told him I didn't care and would gladly take it to a bank. Then he would turn around and say no, don't give it up it's bad for your credit, then turn around and threaten to take it. I told him to make up his mind, if I wanted to give it up then they'll have to deal with it. I still have it and struggling payments. I told them I had lost my job and they just didn't care. I told the supervisor that they were crooks and only in fees thus wanted it towed and not taken in. I told him I was tired of being yelled at. I was tired of being harassed. I was tired of telling those people to stop calling 5 times a day and yet they still did it!! I applied for automatic withdrawl so I don't have to pay the 10 phone fee and they denied it. They said pay online, I told them I don't always have internet. Personally, I feel the purposely hold payments. Why did they make a profit? Because they are crooks. They charge rediculas fees. I had somebody commit fruad on a checking account I had with them once, and they still made me pay it. Personally, Wells Fargo still owes me $800. But i'll never see it because thiefs don't return stolen money.

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  • Bl
    blondie707 Dec 12, 2008

    Did by chance 30 days pass between the time you advanced the cash til the time you got your deposit? Because, if no deposit is made within 30 days, the amount will be deducted automatically whether you have the funds or not. The fine print says so :(

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  • Valerie Oct 24, 2008

    Where do I start...This all started back in May when I lost my job due to an illness. At once I called Wells Fargo Auto Finance to see what I could do about possibly deferring payments or any way they could help me..of course, because I had not paid on the loan for 12 months, there was nothing they could or would do...keep in mind I had refinanced the car after at least a year of having it and had never, ever been even a day late with any payments.

    So, Let the games begin...There were so many late charges it became more difficult to catch up and finally when we did get a final total as to what we owed we sent a "certified check" by over night mail to the address one of the customer service reps told us to and that night, my car was repo'ed.

    I checked with the post office and the check had been delivered however "it takes at least a day to post a payment" I said "that is not even believeable to me I worked as a customer service rep and I know that maybe a payment does not post right away but it entered into the system so that it can be seen and things like this can be avoided.

    So 2 days later and my payment is not posted and on top of that, I have to pay 350.00 to wells fargo and 12.00 a day to the towing company to get my car back which I am fighting, and they want references, income statements, and a list of other things. Mean while they already have that information.

    So here I sit 2 days after repo still with no answers...

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  • Valerie Oct 24, 2008

    I have been making payments for my car to Wells Fargo for 2 1/2 Years, never being late and not missing one. I recently ran into some financial difficulties that strapped us for this month, we had to pay rent, eat, other pressing bills, etc. I called for one deferment for a month and I answer I got verbatim was "WE ARE NOT HEARTLESS, WE WANT OUR MONEY" These were the actual words that were said to me. I have never in my life delt with such heartless people in this bank. One deferment after I have been a good customer never being late on payment for 29 payments. They want their money.

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  • Er
    Erica Oct 07, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No credit card company lets you pay twice in one month to cover future payments! The contract plainly states you will make MONTHLY ON TIME PAYMENTS. You should have signed up for autopay or called and asked them your options.

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  • Ja
    Jackie Dillard Sep 17, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with you completely. I too have a loan with Wells Fargo. I called my branch manager around the first of August. She told me she was in a business meeting and would call be back. She would be there until 7:30pm. Well here it is Sept 17 and I have not heard from her yet. I placed a compaint twice with the Better Business Bureau. Needless to say I still have no satisfaction with these people. I live in Georgia and my Branch Office is located at Marketplace in East Point Ga. Please do not do business with these people. They are sorry and don't care about their customers.

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  • Valerie Sep 15, 2008

    In July we made 2 payments (a few weeks apart) to cover our bill for both July and August since we were going out of town. When we got back in late August, Wells Fargo had sent our account to collections for missed payment. When I called they refused to talk to me as the account was under my husband's name. He called in and authorized me to everything on the account. When I asked about our account being in collections when we'd NEVER missed a payment and had in fact made 2 payments in July, they said they don't except 2 payments in one billing cycle (yet their website does not allow you to set a different payment date). They said I can make another payment by phone for $10 and they would refund the late fee. If I don't pay by phone they will charge interest and late fee (we have same as cash until Dec 2009 ). Today, I called back to check on the account and they said I'm not authorized. Apparently the authorization my husband gave was only good for their "collections" dept and he has to call back. He called right back and they were closed (she didn't bother to tell me they were closing when I told her he would call right now.)


    If they will screw with their good borrowers (we have an excellent credit report) then they are an unethical company looking for nothing more than getting rich of the average borrower.

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  • Valerie Aug 27, 2008

    They have a direct deposit advance system which I have taken out on a few occasions, and have never had a problem. I have my social security deposit every month, (I would think that I am not the first to do so) but they have taken out the payment for the advance BEFORE the deposit is deposited! Which is to be tomorrow, yet they refuse to work with me concerning the matter. It does NOT make sense to me what so ever! It is a MONTHLY deposit it should be set up to be taken out when the direct deposit is deposited!! HELLO!

    Date occurred: August 12, 2008

    Amount $200

    Fees are ongoing

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  • Valerie Aug 12, 2008

    I have an account with Wells Fargo Financial in which I closed out and making the payments.

    I received a new bill and there was an additional charge on my account for $150 dollars. I called them and they stated that since they still service my account they can charge me the $150 membership fee.

    I would like to know if this is true or even legal. Could someone please help me with this question.

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