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WellNow Urgent Care review: Front desk battle creek office clerk

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I am making a complaint against the Battle Creek Wellnow office. I walked into the office at 4:30pm on 2/12/2024 to get a copy of my TB test. The lady at the window was on the phone, after hanging up the phone she rolled her eyes up in her head as if the person on the phone had gotten on her nerves and whispered something to the fact that she couldn't wait.

I tried breaking the ice by asking when they had gotten the slush machine and she said real dry we just got it. I then asked her if I could get a copy of my TB test and gave her my DL. She was in the computer until 4:45pm reading things in the computer, I asked if she was just multitasking because she pulled out her phone and printed something that she reached for under the desk on her right hand side but never pulled it up and gave it to me, or if she just didn't see it and she responded; "i'm trying to print it". That took 8 more minutes and still to no avail. At that time I asked her if she was just reading my info because it didn't take that long to print. She told me that I could just leave and handed me back my DL. I asked to speak with the manager in charge and she told me "NO" and to leave or she would call the police. I asked her to do so because I was trying to get a copy of my records. She then called for someone named Ashley and came back at 4:57pm and handed me my records with saying that rudeness will get me no where and handed me my paperwork. I replied to her that she was the one being rude, needless to say that there were a line behind me as well. She still continued to be combative. That is unacceptable in a office setting. I sat outside to try to locate the corporate office number, to no avail. I want to speak with corporate about this. This lady should have never had her phone out at the front desk. She claimed she didn't at first but then she said she needed to get her code.

Desired outcome: That person needs coaching. That is unacceptable for someone to be that way in a place that people has to go to for their health purposes. She should not have had her phone out, it makes me think that she was transferring my information.

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