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[Resolved] servicing quality is very bad

Providing the bad service. I joined the treatment for almost ten years. The branch in ipoh has few problem...

sauna steam / products

I'm a very valued customer of London Weight Management & Dorra Sliming for more than 10 years. I've spend...

[Resolved] refund refusal

I have initially paid only rm 8.88 under the Fave promotion for a fat burning session. firstly, I signed up...

london weight management

As a whole, I like it. Not bad. It's been not too long, but the process has moved on. I lost 3.7 kilos. It would be good to eat less, then the result will come quicker. But the clinic is just fine. The staff is smart, all my questions are answered clearly and comprehensively, everyone is ready to help and gives tips. Actually, they came up with a menu for me, although I did not ask for that. I need to try to eat according to it. I am not planning to interrupt the course as yet.

staff keep disturbing me for nonsense

A staff name Joyce from Klang outlet called me few months ago, saying that I still have treatment with LWM. After some clarifications actually she wanted to cheat me to go there for free treatment, as I didn't sign any package with LWM. Recently she keep SMS me for the same thing.

If you want to do business please don't use this way to cheat and disturb people, I will file this if this person keep disturbing me!

I have call few times to the hotline but no one answer, such a big company why so hard to get in touch with the right person? I have call Klang outlet and the person purposely put me on hold when know I am May.

Hope to hear from you asap.

  • Wa
    Waterna Mar 28, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i know that many rich women attend this clinic, because of good doctors and efficient weight loss methods. I was there several times, and my impression is positive. Of course, I could not afford to but the course at once. I bought 5 procedures. The results are good, I’ve lost 4 kilos in 3 weeks. my skin is not droopy, and there are no pouches under my eyes. probably I will buy club membership to have the opportunity to buy procedures with discounts. I will ask my friends’ and relatives’ advice.

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  • Ze
    ZebraTata May 06, 2019

    I’ve read reviews before doing my visit. I’d expected to be attacked by the staff wishing to sell me lots of things, but nothing like that happened. They just talked to me calmly, told me about all programs and services and gave me time to choose. By the way, there is a free session to make it easier to choose, where to go. So, I decided to take massages and sauna. In a month I lost a bit of weight: I am 70 kg now, I was 81.5 kg. But I am okay with that. Bought three more procedures, they do not advice me to stop the process as yet.

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the services is very poor!

At first, someone called me for redemption of free trail. I went for it and was convinced to pay for a package worth RM1288. Then, encourage me to induce friends for a free trail also. One of my friend then successfully subscribe the SAME package with only RM 600. The services person then asked my friend to not let me know about the fact she purchased the same package for lower price.
One week later, I received a phone message regarding a free treatment package for me to be claim from London Weight Management. I filled up the form but the branch said I'm not entitled for it.
Message received as follow:
RM0.00 Last Reminder to winners @LWM:
1. Cheeselynn (this is me)
2. Tricia TK
3. Hui Ying C
Claim yr RM908 Gift Set @ Expires on 29Jan. T&Cs apply

Furthermore, I received another message, as follow:
London: Enjoy 1 FREE Perfect Body Fluid when you come for a treatment from 10-28/2. Promo is 1st come, 1st serve so hurry & click for more!

I booked my treatment at 17/2 as soon as I received the message. But they told me that the free gift were out of stock. Maybe will restock but not promising/guaranteed.

I felt unfair treatment for me and very unpleasant with the services provided. The information given always "Fake" for me!

  • Ti
    Tisa Ma Mar 28, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    yep, I lost some weight! I lost 8 kilograms during 10 procedures. It you diet, you can lose even more. Not cheap, but, efficient.

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  • Di
    Dinana May 07, 2019

    I contacted the center 1.5 months after giving birth. Excess fat aggregated on my legs and belly. The LWM workers prohibited some procedures due to breastfeeding, but I had some other options. During the consultation a friendly girl told me everything in details, it was a nice chat )) I have not finished my course yet, but I already love the results. Minus several cm at my waist and 2.5 kilos already. I would like to lose 3-4 more kilos, and get leaner thighs as well.

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lwm ioi mall puchong cheat customer for money

I received first time free trial on 7 Aug 2015 but after treatment, they forced me to pay deposit RM200 from...


I'm a customer from London weight Woodlands branch. I've requested a refund on 16th oct 18 due to my...

the person who serve me and refund

On 17th october 2018, i have came to lwm at ioi mall puchong, selangor, malaysia. I am the 1 who get 1 time...

birthday and special gifts

Much time wasted due to misleading information on the advertisement. I had to travel to the outlet for...

attitude of sales consultant

2 months ago, I go to the 1st avenue mall london weight management (lot 3-09, 3rd floor, 182, jalan magazine...

slimming packages and fat burning coffee

I've signed up Slimming Packages with London Weight management at Nex Shopping Mall Client no. CL6087 since...

persuaded into signing a weight lost package deal.

Date : 13 Dec 2016, Sunday. Venue : London Weight Management, De Garden Ipoh Attended By : Miss Mandy. Action...

sucker sales

The consultants at London Weight Management are simply blood sucker.

They don't bother about your financial problem. even if you would tell them you could not afford, they just want you to keep signing new packages or so called upgrading your packages.

They even keep pestering, asking your monthly income and your overall household income.

And with that, they keep pestering you to upgrading a higher treatment.

if you don't sign, they refused to let you continue to finish the treatment even if you have balance treatment with them.

they will also make you wait like a idiot. sitting or standing at the counter and don't bother about you until you continue to sign the treatment.

  • Br
    BriB123 Oct 28, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A travesty. The best, inexpensive program I've seen you can do at home or at the gym is it's only $47. All the info you need to have a body you want. Real info from famous fitness blogger Rusty Moore. Just puts a few bucks in his pocket for the benefit of his perfect advice.

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stomach ache

Hi All,

I want to share my experiance that i was cheated by LWM as well. I really regret and cause me feel unwell and stomach ache after consume the oatmeal drink that they gave me after the session. They even give me the wrong menu diet when i told them i had gastric problem but they still advis eme to to took 2x per day. Morning and tea break. This saturday i am going to do stomach check up.
1 of the staff also give worng information on the coffee making. how they can advise to make coffee using warm water i/o hot water. I am going to meet their branch manager next monring. Hope they not fool me around. I told my consultant (Cathy) and explain my health condition after consume their drink and she only told me just to stop it at she moment and its normal process. I told her i want to back off and get my money back. I dont mind to pay $360/session + the coffee + the toxin blackcurrent drink. She told me she check with her branch manager first and only able to seen on monday. I have a very bad stomatch ache (is not diarrhrea) and yet they only say that's normal. OMG!!!...
I go with good manager to settle with good etique. If they really try to fool me around...I will submit this case to Commerce assosiation.

  • Ny
    nysscheat Jun 25, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, London Weigh Management is the same group with Yun nam, new york skin solutions, and dorris slimming. Becareful with this company. They are all cheaters!!!

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  • Ge
    Gerda-V May 10, 2019

    I’ve had 4 procedures out of 6. Had steam sauna twice, but the result is so-so. Massage had better effect, it was exactly the procedure that helped me to lose weight. I lost a little bit more than 2 kilos so far. If I lose one more kilo during remaining sessions, I’ll have to buy more session to continue with slimming. The clinic is not bad, it has a lot of natural light. Consultations are detailed, even too detailed, as for me. A personal consultant is appointed for every client, as a bonus.

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refused refund of unused service by ioi mall, london weight managemnt


pushy sales consultants

I've signed up for a slimming package of rm3k at London Weight Management, Empire Subang, to lose weight...

they cheated on my scale

i went to London weight management in Shanghai, China(in 9 cloud mall).. the consultant there just forced me...