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Webroot autorevewed by anti virus software. I have cancelled the autorenewal and attempted to obtain a refund on their website. I got a prompt that my request was beyond 30 days cancellation period. My invoice was dated March 15, 2010, I attempted to obtain a refund on April 12, 2020. This is not 30 days, it was 28 days. You are unable to speak to a breathing person no matter what you do and I am very disallusioned with everything about this company. I would never consider doing business with them again.



  •   Apr 14, 2010

    Hi Fawn - I’m with Webroot Customer Support and am sorry to hear about this. I’d like to help you get this resolved and get the money refunded to your account. We have a auto-renewal policy which is designed to keep your computer protected by giving uninterrupted protection. With this policy, we also send out several emails in advance reminding that this will take place. Since it seems you did not receive the emails, I have asked one of our customer service representatives to contact you to get this taken care of.

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  • R
      Oct 13, 2010

    I renewed my Webroot as was on the screen of the computer. No problem, the cost was $31.90, still no problem BUT I have been charged TWO times the same day for this service. I just want a REFUND for the additional $31.90 I was charged on my Mastercard . I have the invoice from MC, and I will copy and send, just please tell me what to do. When I purchased this from Best Buy they said I would never have to urchase Webroot again, that it was always FREE. As you can see by your computer I have taken the new one every year, BUT this is the FIRST time I have been billed TWO times.

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  • L
      Mar 17, 2014

    I am having the same problems. Never can gets to speak to anyone and get the run around for refund. I suggest we all send our complaints to the FCC and maybe we can get an attorney to start a class action suit. Any one know of one. We can check on the www.

    Lou Lewis
    Eugene, Or.

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  • B
      Jan 23, 2015

    I would agree on the class action suit. I have also been charged twice as Fawn posted above in 2010. We're now in [protected] and their deceptive practices continue in that regard in addition to setting you up for automatic renewal without informing you at purchase time. I've been an IT professional for 30 years and have used all types of Antivirus packages for my customer's over the years, but it seems the new trend is that you have to agree to the auto-renewal during install. I saw this with Avast just this past week, but at least they displayed the policy BEFORE I submitted payment, so I opted out. Nevertheless, Webroot not only charged me twice without any real consent, but they charged me huge dollars, to the tune of $160!! The SecureAnywhere 3-User license product can be had for $25 on Amazon. Disgraceful. Now here's the kicker. They charged me $85 twice (hence $160) for the same 3-User license installed on both mine and the wife's laptop! How the heck do you charge multiple times for an already existing multi-user license. I switched to Webroot from AVIRA several years ago, because of the same issue. Now Webroot has learned from the competition on how to rip people off!

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