Web.comterrible customer service!


Rude, cocky inconsiderate attitudes, continually from the foreign Customers Service Dept, that is being used for the support of web hosted accounts at WEB.COM. I called to inform web.com that I was receiving an error with their mail server. Colette answered, and was the rudest support rep that I have encountered in the 12 years of being with Interland, prior to web.com acquisition. If this is a trend, of how web.com wants to treat their long time paying customers, I would expect their stock investors, to look elsewhere to invest their money. This customer service company doesn't deserve their contract.

They defiantly should have a talk with their customer service contractor (in Asia somewhere) about how to treat their paying customers. A Big Fat "F" for a Fckd Up Customer Service Rep.


  • Ma
    Marty Greer Mar 11, 2008

    I also had a rude experience with WEB.COM today. Due to completely unreliable email service, I called today to cancel my account, having changed my web hosting and email yesterday to another company. Since my account with WEB.COM was paid through the 15th of this month, I knew I would have 3 or 4 days to transfer my email to the new account. Having stated my intention to cancel my account, and before I could say another word, I was put on musical hold. I hung up and called back. My "secret word" had been changed and they would not access my record. In the meantime, my email account was wiped out and my domaine name was not recognized by their support site. At this point I have no way of contacting them, no recourse, and all my former email, both business and personal, is lost. Everyone I have ever talked to at this company is rude beyond belief.

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  • Li
    Linda Georgian Apr 10, 2008

    I too, have had an extremely unprofessional and downright deceptive experience with Web.com (i.e. Website Pros, Interland, among the "known" pseudonyms they are operating under.) I won't bore you with the usual complaints, but my 2 cents worth is that I went from a $70.00 something SEO program into a charge on my credit card (which I had since cancelled) over SEVEN-HUNDRED DOLLARS! The higher of the two figures was "agreed" to be removed. Of course it wasn't. I even clicked "Decline" when I saw the 14 page fine print legalease and saw their BBB report. Any ideas on where to go from here besides calling my attorney?

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  • To
    Tom May 22, 2008

    Our company has been a customer for many years (originally Interland). Web.com is a mess. As mentioned above, they are rude and unhelpful. Zero customer service. We have just purchased a new account with another web host and can't wait to escape!

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  • Bu
    budd2id May 23, 2013

    Three months ago I hired hosting at web.com and I must pay $12.55 for hiring it a year. But right after that every month they charge me $12.55 and deduct it right from my credit card. When I complained they didn't give any response up to now. It's Fraud. Never use this web.com. It is just another way to trap customer by promoting a cheap web hosting service. Be careful they will steal your money every month buy trapping customer. They don’t care about the complain of customer all over the world. They might just simply gives respond on public forum by saying that web.com is best and doing good service. Never believe in review that web.com is good. They might pay people to write any thing good about this company. Or the employees themselves write something good and pretend to be their customer. Never ever use web.com. They are thief and will steal your money every month. The best way to stop it just block your credit card, and they will not be able to deduct your money any more. This the only way because they don’t give respond when I complain.
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  • Ra
    Ram1975 Aug 25, 2014

    May I please know what this website is about? I am getting deductions on monthly basis for the amount of 34.85 $ and I have no clue what it is about. Please could anyone clear this issue out for me? I really don, t know what web.com is about.

    Thank you

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  • Di
    Dimitrios Bitzenis Oct 06, 2014

    They charged me of 23$ for a month when their promotional price was 2$ per month !! I want to cancel but they DENY by asking to call them in USA !! I live in Greece what the heck ! I just wanna cancel no questions asked !

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  • Ex
    Executive Support Oct 15, 2014

    Dear Ram1975,

    Thank you for your comments. Were you able to resolve this issue? If not, we would like to address your concern and ask that you please send us your contact information and details of this post via the following link: http://support.web.com/

    The Executive Support Team

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  • Do
    DoitRight105 Nov 17, 2014

    BEWARE OF WEB.COM THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY! We signed up for the $2 Trial month & then got slammed w/ $37.90 each month after. We tired to call several times & could not get through & there is no way to cancel online you have to do it over the phone. When we finally got through to a representative we asked to be reimbursed for the services we did not use 5 months of $37.90 & she rudely refused to do so. After laughing at me on the phone the representative got a supervisor Tommie & she was equally as rude. This website is a scam, I looked through there TERMS & CONDITIONS & do no see anywhere that mentions the change increasing to $37.90. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!

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  • Du
    Dusty Wright Jul 25, 2015

    I cancel my account because of the double billing and they are still taking 39.95 out of my account every month and I cant get a refund . Ive had a heart attack am disable and need every penny I can get but they wont listen dont seem to care jondonemporium.com

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  • Re
    Reviewer35900 Nov 23, 2015

    This company stink. Bad customer service...they know nothing! After 10 phone calls, they could not find my account even though I showed it to them in the whois registry. It took a week to transfer the thing out...Thank God it got done!!!

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  • Mi
    Mickey Gocool Feb 14, 2016

    I have just found out that Webs.com have been charging for $18 for the last five years for an email service I have never used to to technical issues.
    My email is hosted along with my domain name at one.com. I have a redirection in place that forward visitors the my site hosted at Webs.com.
    I asked them for a full refund today and they state that they have a 30 day policy for refunds.
    xxxx.co.uk is my domain hosted by one.com. one.com forwards visitors to xxxx.webs.com. Webs were unable to provide a working email solution and I am happy for this arrangement as I have been thinking of transferring my site hosting to another host.
    I have been a customer since 2011 and appaled by the "Customer Service" I received today. Almost suggesting it was my fault somehow.
    I am moving my site as soon as I can and will consider legal action to recover my uncompensated loss.
    Michael G

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