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I purchased Webroot after I spoke with my company IT Guru, who said it was top notch and top of the line for spam/ malware issues. I had to agree at the time and the past 2 years have been superb!! I just got the itch to try their new "BETA " upgrade on a trial basis, But got" the shaft" instead. They didn't really prepare for this offering. My guess is they wanted to beat MSN with their "BETA " project and just flat out blew it!. I got a FAtal error when it tried to update, then it it wouldn't let me go back to the prior verson which is actually pretty solid in all respects. When I called for help, , The beta Team had gone hone for the weekend! Leaving my system virtually naked against al the crap thats comes wthout adequate coverage. So I trotted myself to BEST BUY spent $ 64.19 om Kapersky 2010 Antivirus, wich has finally gotten a grip on the crap that hit this weekend. I called tonight : spoke to Mike, who tossed me over the Beta crew Who had just signed off for the day! after spending 78 minutes on hold, " robo attendant" said nore than 30 mins. Called back and they were closed for the Day.. which is a bunch of [protected]@#%&.. Another fine example of POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!! How long do they expect to be #1, if they can't back-up what they sell, Look @ th BIG3 automakers and Toyota!! they all took a bad tumble.. I guess if you get your problem solved you go else where.. Wake -UP WEBROOT !!


  •   Jun 17, 2010

    Hi David - I’m with Webroot and am sorry to hear that this happened to you. I’d like to help you get this issue resolved. If you'd like to email me I would love to discuss this issue with you in more detail so we can find a way to remedy the problem so it does not happen again. [protected] Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

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      Mar 29, 2011

    ha love their custserv response - you know what happens when you respond to this type of posting they say they will have someone call you !! HA HA HA If they do you better be there when they call or be prepared to go thru the whole process again

    I also removed them and went to Kaspersky .. I would NOT Webroot product and service to anyone

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