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Wayfair review: Wrongful placed payment for my order

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On 4/30/23 an order was placed by the employee of Wayfair for me, Order# [protected]. During the ph conversation, the lady told me that I was approved for financing with Wayfair credit card for 3000$, she then went through with checking my credit score, I accepted the terms and Conditions and then she congratulated me for the Wayfair credit with 15mo interest free. On the call my fiance was also present. Everything was OK until I got my AmEx statement and I saw that the Wayfair employee charged in error my credit card for the whole amount, card that was probably stored in my Wayfair acct from way in the past when I made other purchases. The charge on AmEx was not authorized by me! I already opened a dispute with AmEx however, because she placed the order online for me... I don;t know if this will be resolved in my favor. I may end up paying interest to AmEx instead of getting what I was promised. The call needs to be listened because it is the only proof I have. Please help to have this resolved ASAP! I AM EXTREMELY UPSET of how my order was handled and I have a witness too, my fiance.