K Aug 18, 2018

I normally have no issues with this Wawa I love that it's so close to my house and open 24-7 when I need a late night snack. That being said, I often encounter somewhat miserable employees in the deli in the evening time at store #74 in Abington PA. I politely asked for my bread and cheese to be toasted & while barely being awknowledged by the "food and bev manager" behind the counter, he said "no I can't" very faintly... I wasn't even sure he was talking to me because he didn't even look at me. A simple request, late at night, no one in the store...? I used to work at Wawa for 4 years so I know the simplicity of a situation such as this. It just doesn't make me want to eat at Wawa when everyone I interact with act like I'm not even there... especially a manager. He needs to refer to the Wawa core values, clearly.

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