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I am an irate owner of a 2007 Vw Polo Gti
THis is the second time i have had an issue with the gearbox in 2 years. Initially synchromesh replaced under warranty by VW dealer at the VW GLEN in Joburg. Job half done ! As the seals around the gearbox has worn through and now leaks oil!! Total cost to repair R7500!!! No financial goodwill or technical information from VW to date...

Very disappointed


  • Ra
    RAJEEV Sep 19, 2008


    With all the chaos caused by VW SA with the withdrawal of SEAT, I did an exercise to prove that that a certain SEAT manager was feeding me bull dust regarding current trade values offered by VW.

    Two weeks ago I was shopping around for a new vehicle and got a trade value from Audi and Honda of R120k on my Seat Ibiza which was matched later that day by SEAT. Today, I got a value of R78k from SEAT.

    Now according to the little white books that give used car values which every used car dealer uses, my car is worth R103k as a book value. SEAT SA is supposed to give us a trade subsidy of +/-R23K on my specific model and a further dealer subsidy of around 4% from the dealer’s profit margin.

    I had put down R100k cash as a deposit on purchase of my Ibiza in 2006, and from the trade-in value SEAT gave me, I got back R300-00 from my deposit after 2 years. VW gave me R100k as trade value. Now the dealers were quick to point out that my car has 87K on the clock. But 2 weeks ago it also had 87k on the clock when I got R120K.

    1) The values currently being offered on trade-in to me is my opinion, the book value minus the SEAT SA subsidy which gives me the +/-R78k. This should be the opposite way around. The SEAT subsidy should not come from the book value of my car (my pocket). Where SEAT SA should be paying in, the current situation is that I am being forced to pocket the difference. The dealers are working backwards from the original book value minus the subsidy and arriving at a new trade value and then I am told that I am getting a subsidy and VW SA is “helping me”. The book plus the subsidy takes the trade value to what I got 2 weeks ago.
    2) Anybody of the street can get a 5% discount from VW so why offer a 4% dealer subsidy? No Logic to that!
    3) VW SA is forcing us to purchase a new VW product which 98% of the time will be a polo or golf 5. But the shapes of both these vehicles are changing next year. So what are we supposed to do, take a huge knock now and then again when the shape changes in a year?
    4) Then I was repeatedly told that I have 48 months or in my case 2 years to decide on the deal. But every week, the trade value on my car decreases more than normal because of the SEAT withdrawal. So how long do I wait?

    What am I missing here?

    I would like someone to explain to me why I keep coming up short because I discussed this with roughly 2600 other Seat drivers and they cant prove VW SA’s logic either..

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  • Ge
    Gert Pantke Nov 17, 2008


    My Seat Leon 2.0 Tdi is 5 months old and has 12000km on the clock !!! The worst trade in offer i go was from Nissan at R80 000.00 and the the best was from VW and Subaru which was at R130 000.00.

    My R250 000.00 excl the extras has lost 50% of it value in 5 months. Now VW is forcing me to buy a VW which is changing next year again!

    Please can VW expalin to me what we must do?

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  • Ro
    Rockey a sham Feb 06, 2014

    I'm very very dissapointed in vw.i own a 2012 polo vivo gt. i bought the vehicle brand new and have had continuous problems with the vehicle.i have been to vw westgate, the glen as well as krugersdorp for repairs. repairs are done which doesnt last long before the problem returns, all i get are excuses.let alone that my vehicle comes back damaged EVERYTIME weather a dent, damaged interior or a new problem which magically appears.this is totally unacceptable!!! my vehicle has gone in again for the drivers window after being previously repaired and i get a phone call at 3pm stating my car wld need to stay overnight as they need to remove the door panels...even i cld have told you that.what time did they begin working on the car? what techs are working on the vehicles? ones with no knowledge of the job obviously! im sick n tired of excuses and bad workmanship! ill never buy vw again n neither will anyone i know... this is seriously pathetic

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  • Te
    tebogo1 Feb 09, 2015

    am driving golf 7 1.4 tsi dsg Its a demo car of 40000km I only drove the car for 2300km. The car decided not to start again, I called vw technicians to come and look they tow a car to vw Bruma. after a month they called me saying my car its fine. now I forgot my original key somewhere as I took the spares key to open n start, it couldn't start because they changed setting on the original key. no one told me that keys are being programmed. now I must pay for key programing!!! am very angry regarding this matter.

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  • An
    Andreg Apr 07, 2016

    Good day.I do have a complaint about Tavcor George Western Cape Tavcor service.I took my spouse Polo Comfortline for a service at Tavcor(CAW49477)A service inspection was done and stamp in the service book.The battery on this vehicle were as in dry.I am in possesion of fotos taken in their workshop area.The standby mechanic filled the battery with battery water.Mr Chris Koen told me we have to take the vehicle to JP Motorspares in George to check if there is something wrong with the battery.Everything were fine but the person told my wife that the life of the battery are drasticaly shortened because of this behaviour.Mr Koen sent me a email yesterday in which he state that it is not the origanal Volkswagen selfmaintainig battery.This do not change the matter at all because of service inspection that were done and stamped by Tavcor service department.The battery in this vehicle must been replaced and I most defenitely not going to pay on behalf of poor service from Tavcor side.My contact details are 0613353514 and email [email protected] are not acceptable service from a VW service department.Makes me wonder if the other points were checked.Mr Koen can also not provide video footage of the service where he promised me he will get an IT to retrieve this.I will appreciate if you will investigate this matter asap and supply me with feedback.

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  • Te
    Tebogo Tsile Sep 01, 2016

    Good day

    Since I have bought a fairly new 2011 1.4 Polo Vivo I have not had a peacefull life at all.I have had a very horrific experience with that car. Half of the years that I owned that car, it was broken and always living with fear of being stuck when I am driving it.I took it to McDulling VW on Booysens when it stayed for almost a whole month and had to use a public transport for that period but when it came back I had the same problem.Since 2011 to date I have had a terrible and horrible experience that makes me not believe that I will ever consider buying any car car from VW or advise anyone to buy it.To this moment the car is still not moving

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  • Mg
    Mgarish Feb 02, 2018

    I'm extremly offended with Volkswagen for degrading our Polo TSI's...naming them Polo Vivo's. I purchased a 2016 Polo Gp Tsi Highline DSG (81Kw) in 2016..The price tag is way higher than a brand new Polo Vivo price therefor I do not appreciate my car being categorised as a polo vivo. I urge VW management to look into this matter and come up with a reasonable solution to give comfort to all Polo TSI owners.

    I am currently drafting a petition for all unhappy Polo TSI owners. Should this matter not be resolved in 48hrs, I will escalate this further.

    I will await your revert.

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  • Nk
    Nkomosir San Apr 19, 2018

    VW Soweto with their unprofessional behavior.
    On the 4th of December 2017. I took my car to vw Soweto as it had an oil leak. It was diagnosed and was quoted R4146, 75. As Innovations had already paid for this ongoing problem for the service. They at VW Soweto advises me to pay R2380, 32 as I did so to cover this three parts TimingCase R1350, 00 Sealant R685, 00 and bolt R121, 50. A week later I got a call from the dealer to drop off my car there. And so I did. On the 21st of December I got a call to come fetch the car. And now. They didn’t fix the oil leak instead they gave me a second estimate for goods n services adding to R7711, 82. They then told me that the parts I bought 1st from them won’t work as they discovered other problems with the car. I felt like I’m getting ripped. And I won’t pay this ridiculous amount. So I took the parts I bought from them. In March 2018. I went to a different dealer and got my car fixed with a less amount quoted by VW Soweto. A week ago I went to the dealer to get a refund. The stuff there @ VW SOweto was very rude and made me wait for hours without being attended to. What a poor customer service this is. Anyway I just wanted my refund. Spoke to a lady by the name Akhona who was in human and very rude to me. I left the dealership angry and disappointed. This woman literally doesn’t care about her clients. After all I told her about what her co workers did to me she just added salt to injury. I came back the fallowing day. Mind my patrol and time. Again I was told to wait for her whilst she was in her office alone n no client. So I waited for about an hour n I decided to go to her office. She the told me they can only approve the amount for the sealant and bolt total amount of R841, 32 and when I asked her if the R1350, 00 for the timing case. Se has the nerve to say that, the case wasn’t quoted by the service department. Like I’m not a mechanic so how the [censor] would I diagnose my own car. I mean I came to ur dealership thinking you are professionals. And now it’s 16:20 as I’m writing this. Akhona Mafanya said that she will never credit me as her service department doesn’t have the quote they quoted me for the timing case. She promised to call me today and she never did. I called her several times and she doesn’t pick up. I then called her on my land line. That’s the she picked up my call. Again being rude she told me that she doesn’t have time for this. She is busy with far more important things that to attend to this client who brought in over 30k last year alone to her dealership. I asked to speak to someone superior to her and she refused to give me that info. This is my last straw if I don’t get a reply. I know VW is not loyal to its people.

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  • Be
    Berna Lentz Kriel Aug 24, 2018

    I purchased my Volkswagen Polo 2015 TSI High Line as a demo model early 2016 (March)
    My 3 years warranty expired in April 2018 this year. 2 Months ago my media display in the car just stopped working showing pink lines across the display. Took it to Volkswagen Table View in Cape Town, only to be told that its a software update that is required. Had to wait 4 weeks for the update usb disk to arrive from Germany. They said it was a common problem on the all the Polo's at the moment. It just needs this software update.
    Took my car in last week only to be told its not software update, they will have to replace the display for R15 000!!!
    OMG Volkswagen... how is this possible, the car is 3 years old, still in brand new condition as I am very pedantic about my car. And I now have to fork out R15000 to replace a clearly faulty / defective display in the vehicle.
    I use my car for work and therefor need the display to work for bluetooth.

    I would like Volkswagen Customer Care to contact me in regards to this and come up with a solution. I dont think its fair for me to pay this amount for a small display 7" . A 65" Smart tv is cheaper than this!!!

    I dont think I should pay anything as this is clearly a problem with the polo's.
    Surely there should be call back on these displays!!!

    Please make contact with me to resolve
    [email protected]

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  • Th
    Thabo L. Maja Sep 12, 2018

    Good day

    I took my car tsi 2015 to vw mokopane for overheating n oil leakage...I was quoted 35000 and I paid the balance same day I fetched my car was still over heating n leaking oil, I then took it back to the dealer...they then borrowed me courtesy for 2 weeks...since the time the took their courtesy I’ve been getting falsely statements from manager and services advisor saying that my car will be fixed, I mean it’s been two month now without a car, I lost lot of personal opportunities due to their lack customer services and incompetence I think they don’t take me serious

    Please make contact with me @[email protected]

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  • Le
    Lesedi Neo Oct 12, 2018

    I have a Golf 7 TSI 1.0 2018 Model which I bought this year February after I have traded in a 2015 Polo TSI at 31505 km the polo never had clutch problem...but Golf 7 at eight months I am told the clutch is burnt and its my fault bare in mind that it is on 15000 kms what makes me angry is that it won't be covered by warranty I have to pay R14700.00 honestly VW service sucks. I had to take the car from their service garage to another accredited technician to be fixed the clutch kit costs R 9000.00 I do agree with the other complainant that this will be the last car i purchase under VW or Audi. No more

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  • Ze
    ZenoviaSoma Jun 26, 2019

    I purchased a brand new VW Tiguan 2018 and took it in for my first service yesterday.

    Below are my list of complaints on a brand new vehicle:
    * The visor broke upon opening it, the dealer ship refuses to fix it, they claim we deliberately broke the clips, the broken part is an inferior piece of plastic that holds this whole visor together. The want me to pay in R2700 + vat for the replacement which they say isn't under warranty. The quality of this part is shocking to be used in such an expensive car in the first place is beyond me. I tried to explain to everyone at vw would listen, the service advisor agreed it was a substandard part but it all fell on deaf eyes. My question to them was, so each time I open the visor I must pay about R3k to replace this part?? Really?
    After a whole day I said they should just replace as I cannot drive the vehicle like this as the visor causes a direct obstruction to my view. I was than told they don't have the part and it must be ordered. They by the way had no problem returning my vehicle to me with that safety hazard. I think it is grossly unfair on the part of VW to install inferior parts in a high end vehicle which will inevitably break.
    * My new vehicle prompts me to fill a pint of oil after every second fuel fill-up?
    * My new vehicle keeps highlighting low tyre pressure on all four tyres,
    * My new vehicle was recalled due to a lighting issue in the sunroof a few months ago and they replaced a part as a pre-cautionary measure. Even since this replacement it caused the oil service light to stay on. I took it back to the dealership on 7000k's and was told it cannot be switched off until the first service has been done. Upon going in to vw yesterday for the service, the service advisor, told me that was a nonsense story and should have been switched off.
    * I also had to replace coolant in the car before the first service.

    I have been a loyal customer of VW for the last 15 years and have bought several brand new vehicles from them over the years, this bad service to me on a brand new vehicle is totally unacceptable and I do plan on taking this matter further. According to the dealership photos were sent to VW SA.

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