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Complaints & Reviews

several mechanical issues

I purchased a 2006 Passat in October 2006. Since that time, I have had my car in the shop 9 times, including right now. I have had several engine and transmission issues, as well as radio, AC, and electrical problems. My issues seem to be temporarily fixed at the time I take the car in, but re-surface shortly after. I am completely unsatisfied with the service I have received and will never own another Volkswagen vehicle or recommend one to anyone I know.

customer service/free services

I purchased a brand new jetta last year. I wished that i had found this website before my purchase however i have learned from my mistake. they "offer" free oil changes and car inspections however getting an appointment to get the services completed is like trying to find gold. one rep stated that they could not take me to work on the shuttle, another suggested that i drop my only vehicle off the night before (no suggestion on how i get to work the next morning). I would not recommend their car dealership to any one!! At this point I am now ready to pay for all the "free" services that were offered because i know that i get what i pay for.

terrible quality and terrible service

Claremont VW and VWSA have sold me a brand new car that started rusting from 4 weekd after taking delivery. Since then, the car has been back approx. 7 times for rust repairs/body work issues and general bad quality of workmanship. It has reached the point now where they "repaird" body work issues, but they have completely stuffed up the boot. It no longer aligns with the body and sets the alarm off at random times. Claremont VW and VWSA now refuse to rectify the damage they have done and refuse to return my calls or even speak to me.

I unfortunately do not have the money to go to a lawyer and i suspect that they know this.

  • Jo
    john okane Jul 10, 2010

    I have a vw 2007 rabbit, at 40000 mile there was a glitch in the second gear, at 62000 miles the transmission slips all over the place. they are nice when you buy it new and zip when their product is [censor].

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Resolved bad quality product!

I both a certified vehicle 2003 Volkwagen passat 31,000 miles on June 2006. Since them I have been having too many problems , the last one in the the door (driver side) make sharp sound when opening, this will be the third time that I go there with the same problem and they do not fixed that properly, also now it has problems in the driving system. Before more problems in the belt serpentine, and other parts. I heard from the customers that they brake the cars deliberately in that dealer, it should be the case, it is hard to believe that a 2003 low miles car made in Germany (right not it has 51,000 miles) has sooo many problems. The car is still in warranty, but not for all parts.

  • Na
    natasha kemli Mar 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have had many problems with my car since i bought it in 2005 but volkswagen have yet to deal with my constant complaints. i have constantly been calling and sending them emails but when do get through they state that they never received my email. i have yet to have one email reply from them since my problems started.

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lottery scam

Recently I recd this following mail:

The lottery department
Volkswagen automobiles
22 garden close, stamford,
Lincs, pe9 2yp, london
United kingdom.
official prize notification
This is to inform you that you have been selected for a cash prize of £450, 000.00
(four hundred and fifty thousand great british pounds) and a brand new
Volkswagen car, international programs held on the 29th of october 2007 in
The london uk.
To file this claims kindly contact engr. mike brown with the information below:
Engr. mike brown snr.
Phone number:tell: (+[protected]
E-mail: [protected]@yahoo.com. hk
Accept my congratulations once again!
Best regards,
Sir kelvin morgan
Online co-ordinator
Volkswagen lottery online promotion.

Pls let these people know that most of us now know this is some kind of fraud mails, pls be aware of these kind of mails.

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scam winning email

The volkswagen automobile company, uk
2007 international promotion,
Claims department.
22 garden close, stamford,
Lincs, pe9 2yp, london
United kingdom.
Email [protected]@yahoo.com. hk
Tel: (+[protected]
Reference number: :[protected]/21

Dear: winner,

please contact mr. scott peterson of express courier service with this email address: [protected]@yahoo.co. uk

He would be responsible for sending the original documents and funds to you. this documents and funds will be couriered to you as soon as you adhere to all instructions from the courier department. this documents will be forwarded to the lottery headquarters for final payment of your prize money. please oblige to follow their instructions so the document can get to your present address on time. do ensure to file your claims to them with the following details below:

1: full names
2: address
3: your sex
4: your age
5: marital status
6: occupation
7: moble number
8: home number
9: office number
10. country, city

A copy of your verification particulars and scaned copies of driver's lisence or any form of national identity. endeavour to make your winnings confidential during the process of the transfer of your winnings.

You can call mr. scott peterson
Email: [protected]@yahoo.co. uk
Tel: (+[protected]
Fax: +[protected]
Thanks for your understanding.
Engr. mike brown

Express courier ltd.
Head office: link house,
1c church street, whitchurch
Hants, rg28 7ad england
Reg order no:pj4537573m
Parcel delivery/courier charges
Tel: +[protected]
E. mail: [protected]@yahoo.co. uk

Attn: raju hazarika

This morning we recieved a message from the british inland revenue commision ordering us to put a stop to the sending of your winnings to you (raju hazarika) and they claimed they are the cause for the delay in the sending of your funds. you are adviced to send the inland revenune comission board a mail to their email address for their stop order reasons. when contacting them, you are to include this order number as your subject. reg order no: pj4537573m

note: you are to quote your complete names, address, prize won and your direct phone numbers so that they can honour your letter, contact them now we are sorry for the delay. once again I say congratulations and always inform the courier company with your dealings with the inland revenue commission board.
Their contact: [protected]@yahoo.co. uk

Good luck and congratulations once again...

Open 24hrs-7days-365days a year

Yours faithfully
Mr. scott peterson jnr. (dispatch officer) management
Tel: (+[protected]
Fax: (+[protected]
Express courier ltd.

  • Li
    LING TEJONES Dec 24, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also recieved this kind of email. heres the message

    The Isle of Wight Courier

    Express Courier Service Limited
    Premier House
    24 Brunel Way
    Segensworth East
    PO15 5SD.

    20th December, 2007


    Please be informed that your funds is ready for DISBURSEMENT. The name in our list of shippment is {EMELINA TEJONES}One the National Lottery Winner who have been officially cleared for payment by the Lottery Baoard. A description of your package and delivery details have been stated Below.You are regiure to send us your information so we can be able to process with the delivery.

    Tracking Id -- -- -- -- -- --
    Parcel Details Certified Cheque of £450,000.00,A Winning Certificate And Volkswagen Car.
    Status Unclaimed
    Present Route Heathrow International Airport UK
    Destination Laserna, Nabas, Aklan,Philippines
    Telephone +63-910-631-3925

    ------------------------------------------------------------- --------------
    Delivery Information/ Parcel Description
    ------------------------------------------------------------- --------------
    Parcel Order No. :...........OBC55617
    Delivery Terms: .............. International Delivery
    Consignment Note No: ......... XBN103940394-00
    Colour of Parcel: ............ Brown

    "Express Forwarding Services" is a registered and copyright trade marks of :- Express Trans International Ltd".

    You can now begin the final step of the claims process, which is the delivery of your prize to you.

    We offer Threer-type of service for prompt parcel delivery to customers. Find below our delivery options, you are required to opt/ choose one option,which will be convenient for you,for your parcel delivery .

    Mailing:........................ £ 60.00
    Car Shipping:...............£60.00
    Handling charges:.......£100.00
    Vat:.............................£ 40.55
    TOTAL: £390.55

    Mailing:.........................£ 65.00
    Car Shipping:..............£40.00
    Handling charges:......£100.00
    Vat:...............................£ 60.00
    TOTAL: £385.00

    Mailing:.........................£ 55.00
    Insurance: .................. £130.00
    Car Shipping:..............£50.00
    Handling charges:......£100.00
    Vat:...............................£ 30.00
    TOTAL: £365.00

    NOTE: That your prize is protected by a hardcover insurance policy, which makes it impossible to deduct any amount from the prize before it has been remitted to you. This means that the above charges cannot be deducted from the prize and hence must be provided by you before your prize is transferred to you.

    This is in accordance with section 13(1)(n) of the national gambling act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3RD july 1996 by the constitutional assembly.This is to protect winners and to avoid misappropriation of funds.

    End your response to indicate your option within the next 24hrs,because you only have less than 10 Working days to claim this cheque and after this period,your cash prize will be deemed to have been forfeited by you and will be reused in the drawings of the next edition of the lottery.

    So we will be expecting your mail on the option you have choosen and the payment method the above options will be forwarded to you and after payment must have been confirmed by our account officers we will be able to finalise and send you your winning prize.

    And note that you have to hestine up to avoid any unconstigent obligations.

    Mr. Scott Peterson Jnr.
    Dispatch Officer
    Tell:(+44) 704 572 4210
    Fax:(+44) 708 654 7838
    This message, along with any attachments, is strictly confidential, and intended solely for the use of the person or organization to whom it is addressed. It may contain privileged and confidential information which is covered by legal, professional, or other privileges. If you are not the intended recipient, you should not copy, distribute or take any action in reliance on it. In this case, please destroy the email and its attachments. Any opinions presented, expressed or implied, are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Company.
    Copyright © 2000-2007 EXPRESS COURIER SERVICE LTD . All rights reserved. Copyright © 2000-2007. All rights reserved

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  • Ro
    Robby May 21, 2009

    Can you explain...

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  • Ro
    Robby Jun 14, 2009

    What this???

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  • Ro
    Robby Jun 16, 2009

    Oh is great

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Resolved this dealership is truly are a rip off!

Deel Volkswagen

3673 Bird Rd
Miami, FL 33133

My wife took our Passat 2.0 2007 wagon for the 20,000 mile service, they charged her $490.60. This is not the place where we usually go and do the service for our car, this place was convenient because of my wife job being so close.

Yesterday September 26th, 2007 the next service was due, I definitely did not take it to Deel Volkswagen. When I got to the dealer where we usually take our car to I asked for curiosity how much was the 20,000 mile service, they quoted me $242.00 with everything included except tax of course. Bottom line, they ripped off my wife at the other dealer as you can tell. Only in Labor they charged us $279.00 plus all the miscellaneous they usually write, look at this, look at that, check this, check that, etc...

This dealership should be investigated, they truly are a rip off.

  • Li
    Lisa Ogonowski Dec 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This dealor sucks. Not only was my friend in a wreck that was the "curtesy driver's" fault, but this is the second time that my check engine light has come on within one week of spending over 700.00 in repairs at the dealor. The first time after the timing belt was replaced at a price tag of over 2000.00, the engine light came on two days later and the dealor said it was a little glitch and fixed it when I took it in. This past time, the glow plugs ( yes it's a diesel) were replaced and within one week, the check engine light was back on again. I took it in and they wanted me to bring the car tomorrow morning to leave so they can see whats going on. After spending 700.00 the week before, I really don't think that I should need to pay the diagnostic fee so that they can figure out what their mistake was.

    Don't use Deel VW! I have heard that Esserman has a much better customer service. That's where I will be heading next time I need service.

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  • Hw
    HWD FLY GUY Aug 09, 2009

    Go to V DEPOT the dealer alternative in Hollywood Fl. Ollie and the boys are great. I would never go to the VW dealer again. Mike B Hollywood Fl

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Resolved poor quality product!

It's the reasonable expectation these days for tires to last up to 60,000 miles or more. My Touareg is the fourth car I've leased and the first I have ever had to buy tires for before --WAY BEFORE-- the lease is up. I think it was reasonable for me to expect these tires to be at least as good as the ones on my Audi, Acura, and Mercedes SUV. Yet, VW takes no responsibility for this poor engineering. No more VW's for me!

The warranty expressly excludes tires (for precisely the reasons you stated), and the tire manufacturers didn't choose to have their performance tires put on a 6000 pound truck. They've knowingly put performance tires on a heavy truck--knowing full well how long they will *not* last.

So, VW gets great reviews on their handling and performance, customers love the test drive and the initial experience, and then within a *Very* short amount of time, the customer realizes that retaining that initial level of satisfaction is going to cost a fortune in rubber to keep going. The score? VW wins, and the customer loses. Unless the information becomes VERY public, or unless the system changes to let buyers know what they should expect.

It's a shame, and it's not disclosed to the buyer. Now, if they were upfront about it, and said, "we've outfitted your car with performance tires--which will handle great for 10,000 miles or 6 months at a maximum, and then they'll need to be replaced at your cost", well, that would be a much much different scenario-- but a much more *just* scenario, indeed.

The problem is that the system allows both the car and the tire manufacturers to claim "Not my problem" and there's no system or regulation or expected lifespan of the tire at the time of purchase. The result is that the tires need to be replaced much more quickly than the majority of customers would expect.

Resolved rip off!

I met John Volkman several years ago in San Francisco. He was a well dressed, gray-haired man with an...

diagnostic testing is a rip off!

My engine light was on in my 2002 VW Jetta. I took it to the auto shop I usually use and he couldn't find anything wrong after running a diagnostic test and apologized that I would have to take it to my dealer (West Broad Volkswagen). He didn't charge me anything. The dealer said I would have to pay $82 upfront for the testing which I agreed to; then I received a call back saying they couldn't find anything wrong and would need to charge another approx $100 for more diagnostic testing. I asked what happens if you still don't find anything. I was told they would. Again, I recd another call to charge for additional testing at again approx another $100. At this point, it was $200 and still they hadn't discovered the problem. I told them no more and to get my car, I had to pay the bill. I have since asked the company to show me proof they did the additional testing and they haven't. The service manager said I was causing my car more problems by driving it since something was wrong??? I have since put 2500 miles on with no problem. I feel it is wrong to be charged for something that I don't even know if it happened. This diagnostic testing is a "rip off".

do not honor warranty!

I bought a car Volkswagen Touareg on august 2005 and what i know that the basic warranty is 4yrs, it was raining here in oman on 06/06/2007 little rain goes into the car but it did not effect the car at all, but just in case i didn't not start the car i took to the dealership here in oman and the first thing they told me is that (you don't have anymore warranty) i asked why??

They said because the water goes into the car!!! And they brought up a quotation for more than $24'000 (TWENTY FOUR THOUSANDS DOLLARS) and thats only for the spare parts without the labor, which makes me request them to check the car and when i checked it i found absolutely nothing wrong on the car everything working on the car very smoothly therefor, i need to send this letter to manufacture to solve my problem before i go to ministry of trade and the court.

  • Al
    AL Hashmi Jul 28, 2013

    my name Said Al Hashmj I have PASSAT CC Model 2011 already two times broken Gear box and there is noise in the Engine..

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  • Al
    AL Hashmi Jul 28, 2013

    what I can do about my car PASSAT CC I need help

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do yourself a big favor and don't buy a vw!

To put it simply. Do yourself a big favor and don’t buy a vw!!! Especially not a jetta!

I bought this 01 jetta brand new and have had nothing but constant problems.

Bolts all over the car are loose and falling out, all of the screws around the air filter fell out, the 3 bolts holding the ignition coil fell out. The bolts holding the windshield wipers on fell off so the wipers fell off in the middle of a downpour! Main bolts holing the frame together are not tight.

Ignition coil failed at 30, 000 and was not covered under warranty

Cat converter needed replacing at 40, 000 (Covered under warranty)

Turn signals randomly don’t work

Airbag light is on at 40, 000 can’t make it go away

Headlights are very poor, I just drive around with the high beams on all the time and nobody ever flashes at me cuz even the high beams stink.

The way the oil filter attaches to the car, it’s kind of upside down so when the oil is changed the oil runs all over the engine and burns on it so the whole car always stinks of burning oil.

Epc light is now on, the car left me stranded cuz it wouldn’t shift out of park because of this. I figured it was the brake light switch so I walked to an auto place, bought a new one and installed it myself but it didn’t fix the problem. Had a toe truck guy show me the trick to get it in gear (Obviously this happens allot!!) drove it home but the car wouldn’t shift out of 2nd gear for some reason!

Vw finally recalled the car for the brake light switch, now that its already been sitting in my driveway unusable for months. We'll see what they do with it.

When the car was shifting, it shifted very poorly, abrupt jarring shifts, sometimes takes very long to shift (Revs for long periods before upshifting) sometimes downshifts for no reason (No change in demand on engine) and then shifts back again almost immediately.

Stroke to bore ratio and gears seem to be set so the car has good getup and go from 0-30 and then nothing after that, can barely pass people that are going 40 mph.

Overall car has fairly poor performance and gas mileage.

  • Vw
    VWHater666 May 06, 2010

    Everyone with a crappy VW should go to this website www.vw.com and complain about the problems with their cars! I have and I want something done about it! I am sick of always being worried about my big pile of VW clunking out on me. COMPLAIN to VW and get something done.

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Resolved too expensive, too bad!

This is a review of Greenbrier Volkswagen's repair work done to my Jetta following a theft of my car in October of 2001. I do realize that it has been several years since the original work was done but only in the last year have these problems starting occurring.

First and foremost it took GB VW well over a month to complete the original repairs and several things went wrong immediately following...starting with my speedometer which was not put together properly and then my starter was not connected correctly. After that I found that they did not check the front end alignment either. It has now been over 5 yrs since and the first thing that went wrong was one year ago in Feb 2006 as I was driving to work and entering onto I64 I began to loose the ability to shift threw my gears. I had my car towed to my auto shop and they told me it had to go to a transmission shop. There they told me that my shift arm was completely stripped and needed to be replaced...roughly $290.00. When I picked my car up they asked if the transmission had ever been taken out of my car, which it had when it was worked on following my theft, the mechanic informed me that unless my transmission was shot (which it wasn't) there was no way that part could have just gone bad unless it was installed incorrectly. Obviously this was done at the time of work done in 2001 by GB VW. This was disputed saying there was no way to prove that it had been incorrectly installed at that time. So I had to let it go and swallow the cost of that repair. Now another part has gone bad my shift cable. This part being directly related to my shift arm. My mechanic explained to me that the only way that part could have gone bad is by the shift arm having gone bad. And now I am going to be out another $200.00 for that part and labor.

Also following the original repairs I discovered that the spare tire was never replaced and my insurance company paid for one, my CD changer that was stolen to be replaced was not installed correctly, I have oil stains on my back seat that was a result of my oil pan being put into my backseat, was not properly removed and is still there. Kindly Checkered Flag VW replaced the spare tire and installed my CD changer correctly for me.

Other things regarding GB VW's repair shop is that they stripped my oil pan, claiming that this is something that goes bad regularly. After speaking with 2 different VW dealerships in 2 different states I was told the same thing. This is not common unless the person doing the oil change either over tightens the screw or it is cross threaded. I decided to set up a meeting with GB VW's parts and repair manager to hopefully get this replaced at no cost since it was apparent to me that they were the ones who did the damage because they are the only ones who have done oil changes on my car because they are free. In that meeting not only did he fail to be interested in what I had to say he said that they would only charge me cost for the part and not charge me for the labor. The part would cost around $110.00. I was so upset that I agreed to get out of meeting and immediately went to my parts guys at Bap Geon in VA Beach. There they told me that actual cost was about $72.00. They also told me that this is not a part that commonly goes bad and because of that they do not keep them in stock and it would need to be ordered if I choose to buy the part from them. After much thinking about what I should I decided to buy the part from Bap and have someone else install it. The last thing I wanted was those so called mechanics at GB messing anything else up. The part plus the oil filter plus the oil ended up costing me $144.00. I will no longer be going to them for oil changes. I do not want to have to replace yet another part that should not have gone bad.

I will end with this, mostly because of all of the heartache and time without my car and money spent on these repairs, this is the saddest thing of all. Just over a year of owning my Jetta I went to have the air conditioning looked at. It wasn't working and I wasn't sure why. I had a diagnostic done and was told that some valve was bad and it was a manufacture defect. It wasn't replace because I was 2,000 miles outside of my warranty and just didn't have the money to repair it. This summer 5 years later my grandfather decided he was going to test the refrigerant level and see if maybe just maybe that was all I needed. Seeing as he couldn't find anything else wrong with it. Sure enough all I needed done was my refrigerant recharged. So after 5 years of driving in Virginia summers with no AC it turns out the part they said would cost me over $400.00 to replace worked after all. My grandfather recharged my AC and off I went to spend the remainder of my summer in air conditioning.

I have been trying for years to find out the owner or regional manager of this dealership so that I can try to deal with someone who will see me as a paying customer that just wants her car to run properly and not just another angry customer. I am completely fed up with Greenbrier Volkswagen, they have made me feel like my business doesn't matter to them because there is 10 other new customers walking in right behind me. No one has told me the names of the people who are in total control of this dealership and it makes me mad that they think so little of me as a consumer. This review is to inform people of what to expect when buying from them. This is not to say anything negative about my car itself. I love my Jetta and will own another VW. Over all I am completely satisfied with my car and it's performance. It's that dealership and how they have managed to mess it up that upsets me.

I also would like to thank my mechanics at All Tune and Lube on S. Lynnhaven Pkwy, the guys at Bap Geon on Lakin Road and the guys at Advanced Auto on S. Plaza Trail. All have been absolutely wonderful in helping me resolve all these repairs and have gone out of their way to make this as painless for me as possible.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this and I hope that it may help anyone else.

  • Lu
    Lucy Dec 17, 2008

    You think that is bad, I had an accident and it took GW (11) eleven months to get my car back to me and I got five tickets going from Virginia to SC after I got the car back . My repair in SC remedied some of the problems that I had been complaining about to GW!

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Resolved I will never buy one again!

I purchased my brand new 2006 V8 Toureg on 11/20/06. 4 Days after the check engine lite went on for the first time. Since then it has been at the dealer 5 times and so far 18 days in the 2 months I have had it. It is still there they say for at least 10 more days. They have replaced 2 ignition coils, a fuel injector, re-attached a hose, purged the coolant system, drained and refilled the gas tank and now they say there is a coolant leak inside the engine and that they will have to take apart the engine, see what additional damage has been done and re-build the engine. Meanwhile VW has generously given me a $25/day shoe box on a roller skate Enterprise rental car to drive when I have paid $45,000 for a luxury suv. VW has said no to an upgrade for the rental car. No to replacing my car w/a new one. No to a buy back. They have basically said oh well, we will fix it no matter how long it takes. They should fix it, but on their time not mine. Well, that is what my attorney is going to tell them. I meet the requirements of the lemon law and at this point I don't want a VW. I will never buy one again nor will I ever have anything good to say about them.

  • St
    Steven Robertson Mar 02, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is awful .... i cant believe how bad VW has been with this customer. I hope his lawyer does well with the case and i sure won't be buying a VW , i was interested in the Toureg now i am not even interested in the company ... they should have replaced this mans car right away or bought it back . What a huge disappointment to learn this about what i used to think was a good company.

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  • Co
    Cory M Nov 27, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    vw has strict buy back procedures
    if buyback is going to occur or even think of happening the following goes on.

    vw feild tech comes out to the shop its at and deals with the dealership / tech.

    A engineer/buyback guy comes out and does a 4-5 hour inspection on the car does not leave any bolt untouched, no control module unspanned and leaves with tons of pictures and data received from the vw scan tool.

    This car does not sound even remotely close to a come back.Nor does it fall under any lemon laws for what the car is in the shop for. Please check your lemon laws before bashing such a prestige company who delivers a high end car.

    its surprising how many Americans complain about a car that Germans love. Just sounds like a cracked out customer to me.

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Resolved power train warranty for defective water pump not being honored!

I purchased a 2004 Passat TDI in July 2005 from VW of America. It was a buyback with claims that the engine...