Volkswagenunable to fix flashing light in amarok

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Good day, I’ve come to the point where I have no option but to log a formal complaint. I bought a VW Amarok in 2013 and really enjoy the vehicle. In September 2014 we did a road trip to the Richtersveld when my diff-lock light suddenly started flashing. I immediately pressed the service button inside the vehicle. The diff-lock was still working and the vehicle had full function. I took the vehicle to the following VW dealerships: Sasolburg FS (Duttons) I requested them to have a look at the flashing light. They said they couldn’t find any issues with the diff-lock but didn’t have the tools to fix the flashing light. They did however reset something and the light stopped flashing for a couple of weeks. My personal experience with Duttons is not very good so I decided to go to Lindsay Saker in Vereeniging (I did give them a bad rating when they contacted me afterwards) Lindsay Saker Vereeniging After being screamed at by one of the service representatives and having a further bad experience with them, I refuse to use them to service my vehicle. They were also unable to fix the flashing light and told me there is no issue. When I left the light started flashing immediately and I took it back, they told me to book it in again for further diagnoses. They also didn’t have the tools to fix it. I decided to go to VW NTT in Heidelberg. NTT Heidelberg I always receive good service from Heidelberg and we take every VW vehicle we have to them whenever they need to be serviced, even though its 70km away. They go out of their way to help but they were also unable to fix the diff-lock light. They requested me to go to VW in Alberton, since they have the tools to fix the issue. Lindsay Saker Alberton When I got there, my initial response was that they also deliver good service. I told them about the issue, and they were not aware of any special tools. They told me that they will assist me to get the vehicle sorted. I received a call later in the day from a Mr Shalen Singh, he was rude from the start. He told me that there is no issue with the vehicle and they don’t know what I’m talking about. I told him that my warranty is expiring soon and that I don’t want the vehicle until they are able to sort out the light, he immediately started arguing with me and told me that I won’t be able to claim anyway. He was extremely rude, I asked him to please just keep testing the vehicle until the next day when I will then pick it up. He phoned me again telling me there is nothing wrong. The next day I showed up at the dealership, they directed me to his table and he told me to sit down. He made me watch him finish all his paperwork before he started assisting me. He gave me the keys and I left, when I started the vehicle the diff-lock light started flashing and I immediately showed Mr Shalen. He called the technician who just said they can’t fix it. At this stage I’m very frustrated with VW. How can they be VW dealership and not be able to fix a flashing light? My Amarok had around 60000km when I took it in the first time regarding this issue. It now has close to 100000km and I will have to pay extra to get the issue sorted. Is there any VW dealership that actually have the skill to sort out more issues than what the computer tells them to fix??? They just tell me that the computer doesn’t show any faults and that there is no solution?? Can anyone fix this?


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    ib00m Aug 05, 2016

    My Rok is doing the same thing at 90000km, did you manage to sort it?

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