VVMcell contract

M Oct 10, 2019

Good Day

Please note that I, Martin Francis is the legal Gaudian and representative of the above mentioned.

Jade Francis is receiving harassing messages and calls from yourselves in respect of the above contract, when she asks why are they calling,
They simply reply that you have been handed over and that you should refer to the contract as you never called.

I attach the so called contract and confirm that nowhere does it states that you need to call MTN and advise them that the contract is now finished.
All contracts come to an end and both parties are aware of the termination date thereof.

She has paid the full instalment for 24 months so you have no right to continue debiting her account and telling her that she did not call in.
According to us this contract was paid in full and is expired.

so stop forcing people to support you, you do not deliver a quality product and your customer service is poor, the above is an example of that.

So please stop calling and harassing her or I will published this on Social Media, Hello Peter, and report it to the NCA.

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