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On Aug 15th, I purchased a $50 AMEX gift card for a friend as a gift. I later on find out that the card had a zero balance. I called the VONS corporate office & they agreed to replace the card. I picked up the replacement card and later on find out that the replacement card also had a zero balance! I called once again and they apologized & agreed to replace the card for a 2nd time. I picked up the 2nd replacement card and it also had a zero balance! Is this a joke? Am I just supposed to forget about the $50 and write it off? I want my money back! $50 may not be a lot for some people but it is a lot for me! Refund me back my money VONS in Granada Hills in cash or a check-not another gift card!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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On 9/2/21 i was over charged $70. This is not the first time as it has happened many times. I went back to store on same day and talked to supervisor (Dustin) who was in the back office. I explained to him that everything I had marked on my receipt had rung up wrong and that most of it was the Fab 5. He never even looked at the receipt and said I would have to walk and show someone what I had bought and the price it should have. I told him I was tired, and that my leg was hurting me he said well you can use the wheel chair. I said I don't have the time to go threw everything (that it was a lot, 25 items) and that last time something like this happened Joanna just took the newspaper with the Fab 5 ADVERTISED items and fixed my $50 problem last time. So, he had me walk with (Nick) some kid that bags, I asked him if he understood how the Fab 5 works and he said yes. I started with the lean cuisine and showed him the receipt so he could see I wasn't getting the Fab 5 price only the sale price. He said Well did you buy 5 items? I had bought 6. I said I don't think you know how this works and he told me I was wrong. I went back to supervisor and told him that this guy doesn't know how Fab 5 works and Nick told me I was wrong. The supervisor then said to me that I can walk with Andrew who I said OK great, he is a nice guy also a bagger. I show him the Lean cuisine and he went off on me telling me I am a crazy lady and to get a life and walked away and went behind counter and they called me names again with the supervisor... The supervisor Dustin would not come out from behind the counter to walk with me and told me he needed to see each item. This is crazy. He's telling me I need to go home and get everything I bought and bring it back in? I am now freaking out as this is ridiculous. I go home and circle every Fab 5 in the paper I bought, match it to the receipt and went back to store. I said to Dustin that I was going to try to explain the issue one more time. Let's match all that I bought that was on the Fab 5 to the receipt and if he would LOOK at the receipt, he would see what was wrong. He said Well he needed to see what size of everything I bought. The size is not on the receipts, but the reg/sale price is, and he could match that to the receipt. I asked him to please come and look at what I was talking about. He told me he was not allowed to come out from behind the counter I finally begged him to just come out and look at one item (Jell-O/pudding) so he came out and look at what the price is on the floor and what I paid. It should have been .99 (as it is advertised in the paper) and I paid $1.99 I bought 11. (Just on that one item I was overcharged $11.00) He says well what size did you buy. I yelled well look at the orig. price and match it up. and then he said OH. OK I will give you the Refund. Not Oh I'm so sorry or you are correct or anything like that instead he walks away from me. He is being a jerk on purpose to get me as upset as possible. Bottom line I was at this store 5 times to explain what was wrong. Today Joanna finally (who thinks her staff can do no wrong) fixed and gave me back my $70. (That I was over charged on advertised items and should have never been over charged in the first place). Along with trying to bribe me with a $25 gift card. A few months ago, the same problem happened to me for around $50. (Joanna at that time also helped me) This problem is ongoing but usually not to this amount it is usually around $20. but it is still happening, and it needs to stop. I have spent hours on this ONE shopping experience to tell them what is wrong when it's your mistake in the first place. No one should have to worry about being overcharged on their purchase. You can't see how its ringing up by item as it takes off the sale price at the end. You can't see what you are being charged on each item as its being rung up until the sale is final and you get the receipt. When you shop once a week for a family of 4+ cats and dogs. usually, I have 2 carts of stuff and I spend hundreds of dollars every week. I am not going to hold up the line once I get the receipt to check each item, I do it at home to be courteous to next customer to not hold up the line. I am (was) a good customer (i guess Vons doesn't care about how much I spend weekly and that I have been a customer there for over 20 years) For me to be called names behind my back, to be given such a run around on a mistake on your end. For me to spend hours on this whole thing again is a joke. Why does the customer have to prove the error as if I'm lying because this is how they are making me feel? no wonder I am upset.

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