V Jun 26, 2019 Review updated:

Hi there-

Over the years, I have worked in customer service various times and some of the most important habits I developed was to always make eye contact, smile, greet your customers
and always try to make their day just a little better by talking to them. Today, I had lunch near your Store on Coffee and Hageman in Bakersfield. Normally I go home for
lunch and then bring an afternoon snack with me back to work. Since I didn't go home, I thought I would go in our store and purchase something. I have been avoiding carbs and sugar
so I grabbed some sugar free cookies and heading to the express lane. Your wonderful checker, young GABE not only didn't make eye contact with me, he never smiled, never said hi and
then had the adacity to pull out his cell phone and read a text. Didn't offer a bag, didn't say anything and handed me my receipt. I walked away thinking "wow". So here I am
letting you know. You cannot make changes or make improvements if you are not aware of them but I am pretty sure I am not the only who this happened to. If people cannot
properly perform a task, especially in customer service, then they have no business doing it. My rant is over. I hope this email is taken into consideration when you do your
quarterlymonthly evaluations and/or future training. It's rude and embarrassing for your company.

Thank you for your time-


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