Von'spoor service & long lines - reseda @ nordhoff in northridge


The von's store location at reseda and nordhoff in northridge, ca. Is the worst von's store ever. You guys don't now what your talkin' about until u been there. They suck!!

Every time a wait of 20 minutes or more. They go in, but they dont come out! Also I have seen dozens of people exit the store with no items because they have given up in disgust with this stores lines and attitude.

They are continually in defiance of all that it commen sense and oblivious to customer service, and almost seemingly purposely avoids their customers and almost in defiance throws the von's customer service hotline 800 # at you, almost taunting the customer with this info as this is the answer why they don't have to work efficiently, or open a new checkout line when there are 20+ people all waiting in disgust with this place!!!

A monkey blindfolded with one arm, smoking, and scratching his # can do a better job than the entire staff at this location, with one exception. I like the hot food area and the manager of that area is awesome, other than them, the entire crew are in a slow motion world.

This has been ongoing for too long now. I hereby state thet they are understaffed mentally! They suck! Nordhoff and reseda von's you suck. And you owe me hours of my life back! Your lines are ridiculous and your refusal to address these issues is a spit in the face to the northridge community. I live 1 block away from that von's store but now I choose to go miles out of my way to the ralph's store, and they are great over there and with awesome prices! I will be a loyal raplh's fan whenever possible from here on. I hate von's at nordhoff and reseda blvd. This store acts like it's next on the chopping block.

Ex-von's customer

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