Vonsinappropriate behavior


How can vons have employees doing inappropriate things like in pasadena store my son and i are walking out the store when he notice the deli employee Emanuel Zuniga and another employee Daniela Flores having sex in a silver Altima i was so devastated vons should be more on top of their employees my son is only 11 years old and we are grocery shopping i nean cant they wait to get home ... This is not the 1st or 2nd time we see them two fooling around but they have crossed the line with this situation and i will never shop there again...


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    JetSet77 Jan 05, 2015

    How do you know that's what they were doing in the car Terry? Did you take pictures or something? This complaint seems weird.

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  • Mk
    MkStItCh Jan 05, 2015

    You have seen them fooling around at least 2 other times and you still came back???

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    redhatterb71 Jan 05, 2015

    Well Terry, maybe you should teach your son not to look in cars as you walk by. Actually, what an employee does when they are on break is their own business, and not any of the business of the supervisors. Unless they were completely naked, you can't be sure of what they were doing. As a whole most businesses require their employees to have to park quite far away from the business, so I don't know what you would have been doing walking past their car, unless you have a bad case of nosiness and are just looking for something to complain about. In the meantime keep your nose on your own face.

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