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my 2015 jetta that i purchased brand new, suddenly began skipping gears and jerking,
i took it to the dealership and i got this bullcrap line that said ."well our transmission fluid is clear"
so we will not honor your warrenty
this car has not been touched by anyone
i spoke to another volkswagon dealer and he said the transmission fluid is not clear and reaching the transmission fluid is not a easy task
I also spoke with repair facility and they also said the fluid is not clear and that we are getting the run around period,
and that this car should not be having any transmission issues.I contacted volkswagon before and was treated poorly by the person who contacted me.My car is still not running and i have gotten no service, The fluid that is in that car was in it when the car was brought.Noone has touched or topped the transmission fluid off at anytime,
And from what the other dealership told me, it's something that cannot even be done during a routine oil change, You sold us a bum car and are failing to honor your warrenty over a bogus fluid issue
how can several dealerships and repair facilities be wrong and the dealership where we brought the car be right ?
we feel very mislead and decieved by volkwagon on this issue.
honor your warrenty,
don't just give me the bull about clear fluid

  • Resolution statement

    nothing got handled with this matter

  • Updated by Adrienne Goetz, Apr 15, 2019

    the entire situation I s bull that has taken place with this car,
    nothing was handled or resolved,
    We have been given the run around over the color of some transmission fluid,
    But the dealer sure collected his 140.00 to look at the car
    there was still no written explanation to what the exact problem is with the transmission.
    The idiots were too busy telling us
    Their fluid is clear that they use, and when they drained our fluid the color is wrong so thefore they will not honor the warrenty.
    Its a bumm deal and bumm warrenty that was never intended to be honored

Apr 15, 2019

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