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E Jul 30, 2019

My name is Nosingiphile Yvonne Zungu. I bought my first car at Midbay Motors; Richards bay on the 05 October 2018 through VW Finance. The vehicle was under a 3yr warranty as well as a 3yr service plan.

On the 26 June 2019 I took the vehicle to Midbay Motors; as per prior booking; to have a damaged part replaced. The part had been damaged during the first service; which was at the same dealership. I was amongst the first few people to arrive at the dealership that day; so I hande the vehicle over; with the keys.. They did their inspections as per their procedure and I was told that I was going to get my vehicle on the same day.

I walked to the nearby mall for some shopping while waiting for my vehicle.. I went back to the dealership around 12H45; and found that my vehicle had not been touched; so I exercised patience and waited in the waiting area; until I started to panic around 16H00; wondering what was taking so long.. I still had to travel to Nongoma; where I reside because of work.

My advisor for the day(Brandon) told me at about 16H10 that the Service Department manager(Mr Ashok Rooplal) would like to speak to me in his office. Mr Rooplal came in as I was sitting there frustrated; and informed me of an unfortunate incidence that had occurred on that day, where two vehicles had been stolen within their premises .. he then told me that one of those vehicles was my vehicle. He said they were in possession of footage record; and they could not recognise the perpetrators. I never saw the footage.

Shocked as I was, I called my fiancè to tell him what had occurred.. When I asked Mr Rooplal where the car keys were; he told me that the vehicle had been left unlocked; with the keys on the ignition as that is how they normally operate. I was offered a lift home; and because they were about to close business for the day; I was told to expect a call from the dealership the next day regarding how they were going to assist me going forward. Piet the driver dropped me off safely at Nongoma.

The same evening, my fiancè and I decided to drive back to Richards bay Police station; where we were told that a case of car theft had been opened by the dealership; and the vehicle had also been reported as stolen;by the dealership.

The next morning (27 June 2019) my fiancè and I went to the dealership; and this time I got to meet Mr Stanley Joseph; the General Manager of the dealership; who was so sympathetic and offered me a courtesy vehicle to drive until the whole matter was resolved. He also said that the matter was an internal one; and that he preferred that it be solved as such.. so there was no need to report the matter to VW SA according to himself.. He also refused to put anything in writing with regards to the whole incidence..

Mr Joseph then asked if I had car insurance; and I said yes, Auto and General.. so he said I should lodge a claim from my car insurance; which I did infront of both the managers Mr Rooplal and Mr Joseph; they let me use their landline; and they put it on loudspeaker as I was speaking to the consultant. They even gave their personal contact details to the consultant; in case there would be any queries. It was agreed that I would inform them once I had recieved feedback from my car insurance company; and they would take the matter from there. Mr Joseph verbally committed to covering the excess fee as would be required by the insurance company.

On the 22nd of July I recieved feedback from my insurance company; apparently they had recieved a settlement letter from VW Finance. I have attached an image of the statement of the breakdown of the payment to VW Finance; as e-mailed to me by Auto and General. I was informed that since the funds had been paid in electronically; they would only reflect on VW Finances system within 3-4 working days from the day it was paid in (22 July 2019)

As agreed; I telephonically informed Mr Rooplal about the feedback; and that there was a shortfall amount of R67561.55 that was still in my name; which I unfortunately did not have cover for. He told me that he would escalate the information to his fellow managers; and would get back to me with information as to how they plan to resolve the matter.

My expectation at this point; was that the dealership would commit to covering the shortfall on my behalf; so that I would be free to apply for a new car deal.. I expected this of them because I believed that we were equally victims of the car theft; and that I had done enough on my part, to meet them halfway with my insurance company.. so I felt covering the shortfall amount was the least they could do..

The next day (23 July 2019) Mr Rooplal told me to make contact with Mbali (my sales person for the now stolen vehicle); who had apparently been trying to get hold of me with failure. When I called Mbali; she told me she had recieved an e-mail from her seniors; asking her to apply for a new car deal on my behalf; and she was therefore requesting that I send her my documents to enable such.

I refused to apply for a new car deal from VW Finance; because I still owed them the shortfall amount; and the dealership had not given me feedback on what they intended to do about the amount.

My take on this; is that they were trying to cun me into applying for another car deal; so that VW Finance would consolidate the two debts; and I would end up paying one monthly installment that covers both debts..
So basically I would end up paying for two vehicles simultaneously, with no questions asked.. and they would be left to account for NOTHING AT ALL with regards to the loss of my vehicle. So I feel that they mistook my kindness for stupidity; and that does not sit well with me.

So I decided to inform VW SA about this whole matter; and I stated that since Midbay Motors have proven themselves untrustworthy; I no longer expected them to cover the shortfall on my behalf; but to account for my vehicle; which was stolen in their possession. I also believe that they negligently left my vehicle unattended; unlocked and with the keys on the ignition; and that for such reasons; they must be held accountable.

Consequences to me:
1)I have paid more than R36000 in monthly installments already
2) I still have to pay the shortfall amount of R67561.55; in monthly installments for the next 16 months.. At the end of all these payments I will be left with nothing to own;; as if I was paying for a hired vehicle..
3) I stand to be regarded as high risk the next time I apply for car insurance; because I have claimed before;; for a vehicle I did not lose.
4) I have been emotionally and psychologically depressed ever since the incidence occurred; yet I never recieved any sympathy from Midbay Motors; except for the courtesy car.
4) I have been driving around for the whole month with a vehicle that has their stickers on it; thus I have had to explain myself to curious people; which has been quite traumatic for me.. and I know that I have been advertising the businesses for zero remuneration.

I would like for some justice on my part in this regard.

I thank you.

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