Volkswagenquality of original parts + perfunctory vag official car service

D Nov 15, 2018

Subjects of complaint:
- poor quality of the genuine VAG car part (flywheel);
- perfunctory and unprofessional services provided by VAG authorized car service (Автосоюз (lat. Avtosojuz), Kyiv, Ukraine)

Complaint sender: Mr. Dmytro Gundartsev, owner of Volkswagen Touran (VIN: wvgzzz1tzcw036681, st.reg. plate: AA2092CX (Ukraine)).

Contacts: tel." +[protected], e-mail: [protected]

Full description of the problem:
9th of Sep 2016: The replacement by coolance program was made for a flywheel (mileage: 123445 km) on Volkswagen authorized car service "Avtosojuz" (Kyiv, Ukraine).
Being a loyal customer of this car service I've been doing there all planned and non-planned service operations during next 2 years. I reported repeatedly the various problems (sporadic problems of starting the engine, the annoying noize comming on idling engine). All the time I got different explanations: bad accu, bad plugs, etc.). I applied all that recommendations (new accu, new plugs) but It didn't help.
At some point I was so frustrated by unability of the official car service to solve these problems I used non-authorized car service which (from the first try!) found the problem - bad flywheel, demonstrating it to me (see an attached video record). This finding was done when my car had a mileage of 165k km. So genuine flywheel was diagnosed as defective having of 42000 km of mileage, which indicates of either of its very low quality or being defective from the very beginning. At the moment when this was found, the official warranty (2 year) on the flywheel was expired (2y 2m).

- the genuine flywheel is either of very low quality or defective from the very beginning.
- the perfunctorios approach of mentioned authorized car service and their unprofessionalism resulted in that I lost the chance to have defective flywheel being replaced on a warranty. Also such low quality of the service provided by this car service resulted in complete and utter distrusst to the Volkswagen authorized car services. Moreover this kind of treatment of loyal customers of VAG products and services mutilates the perception of Volkswagen world known quality and customer care policy.

Desirable resolution of the complaint:
- the replacement of defective flywheel for free (parts + workf for its replacement).
- VAG to demand from Автосоюз (Avtosojuz, Kyiv, Ukraine) authorized car service to improve the quality of the services it provides on behalf of Volkswagen company.

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