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Volaris reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Dec 28, 2011. The latest review Voucher purchased due to COVID cancellation was posted on Mar 11, 2021. The latest complaint airline flight was resolved on Sep 12, 2012. Volaris has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 80 reviews. Volaris has resolved 1 complaints.

Volaris Customer Service Contacts

+502 23 013 939 (Guatemala)
+506 40 027 462 (Costa Rica)
+503 25 045 540 (El Salvador)
+505 22 512 198 (Nicaragua)
Antonio Dovalí Jaime 70 Torre B Piso 13 Zedec Santa Fe DF
Mexico - 01210

Volaris Complaints & Reviews

Volaris — changing passenger flights without authorization

I had a flight schedule for September 21 2017 flight# Y4-912 Guadalajara to los Ángeles California with not...

Volariscase # 2434. ib45ja

I got injured getting off your plane in Mexico City in May 2017. After waiting 3 months, your office agreed to pay for my medical bills on 7 Aug. 2017. But it has been 6 weeks and I have not received payment yet. I have called at least 10 times over this period an I keep getting told that the money Will be transferred in the next 2 days. I am a patient person but I am tired of waiting. If I have to hire an attorney, I will have to sue you for more than the original amount of $2224 in order to pay my attorney. I don't want to do this. All I want is my money. Janet Appling [protected]@gmail.com

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    Volarishow they treat customers

    In the resent tragedy in miami Florida with the destruction of hurricane Irma, I had requested a hanger of flight from Sunday to Wednesday. The customer service representative reply.
    ' I can not take the circumstances into consideration, the policy of Volaris you must pay for the change and fare difference'
    I will recomend anyone who is flying never to use this airline.

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      Lets start with My mother was in a wheel chair and they failed to help her when it was time to board. I bought 3 tickets in the premium section and when it was time to board 2 people were sitting in my seats. They refused to move and they had to bring in customer service. Customer service has the nerve to tell me to sit in the 2 back seats which actually belonged to the 2 passengers in my seats. I was with my three-year-old Which I paid for her to have a seat they said to sit her on my lap which realistically was not gonna happen. She ended up sitting on the floor because she is a very active three-year-old. If you ask me the crew Should have verified the boarding passes and sat everybody in their correct and assigned seats. Customer service said they would reimburse my money because I said I wanted a refund if my daughter was not gonna be sitting in a seat The man said he would tore off a piece of my boarding pass and it's been 2 weeks and I still have no refund I've been calling at 5:00 a. m.in the morning my time so they answer the damn phone in their customer service department which seems like they are never there. But if you call the line and say you wanna pay for a ticket it will tell you you have a 4 minute wait shocking isn't it. And then customer service has to verify that I'm telling the truth and I have called twice already and according to them the airport hasn't replied that to my complaint so I guess I have to wait for the damn airport to give their side of the story ridiculous let me tell you this I only flew volaris because they had a direct flight to my familys town. But I will never sly with them again mind you let's not forget they charge me for some random [censor] on my mom's ticket said I never applied for so I'm still waiting for that to be reimbursed that's another story but if you ask me this is the worst customer service ever it seems like this big company is all about providing service yet when you talk to one department they're completely clueless and tell you that they don't know the numbers to other departments so you have to go back to their main stupid line and wait for 40 minutes And on top of that customer service tells you that it was your fault you should have move the passengers physically really? This people that were in my seats easily in their nineties one was physically handicap and I would have look like the biggest [censor] doing their job shame on you

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        I had two flights booked from Cancun to Mexico City on July 8, 2017. Several days before we left on June 28th via another air line we called and paid to have one of those reservation changed to my wife - Rocio Coronado. We paid all the fees, which were just under the price of a new ticket. You reservation dept proceeded to change one and cancel of my reservations from Cancun to Mexico City, forcing me to buy another ticket at a later time . That also forced us to miss our connecting flight in Mexico city and pay yet another fee. You agent in Cancun said that the reservation was valid just not assigned to anyone and it was for flight 709 on July 8th.

        We expect compensation over this issue. We will not be go quietly away. I will contact the FAA, you fly into the U.S.

        Please respond promptly.

        Willard Hill Reservation number H3LHJI

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          Volarischecked luggage, carry on luggage and handbags

          Flight info: 6/23/17 - Reservation #1026940 through Vacation Express, Cancun to Newark, Volaris flight #6600 @ 5:00 p.m.
          There was some type of issue with the cooling system of this flight which went into a heating pattern in the cabin and passengers were complaining to the flight attendants. Our brand new luggage in both the checked baggage and carry on items were affected my an awful mold smell. I had to wash all of my items and all of the unused clean clothing that was packed along with even having to attempt to clean our luggage, handbags and items contained in the bags. As of this date, I am still unable to get this awful smell out of our clothing, our luggage or handbags. The clothing has now been washed 3 times to no avail. I have never experienced this type of an issue with any flight that I have ever taken. This is a very expensive problem if I am forced to replace all luggage, bags and clothing and need to file a claim for these items with Volaris.

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            Volariscustomer service

            On June 11, I received a call from a male representative from Volaris who said that our reservation needed to be changed and that volaris will issue $150 voucher for any inconvience. I told him I would call the next day as there are 5 in the itinerary and needed to confirm possible changes with them. I called the next day and spoke to a female representative named Diana Torentera. We were on the phone for over two hours the line would get cut off, there was a lot of static, we could hear others conversations and she would either return my call or I would call back. At the end of it all I got my flights switched. Over these last two weeks I've had to deal with changes in an auto rental and changes in the policy. Ive had to call volaris numerous times in the span of two weeks. I was upset that after all this I hadn't received my vouchers, so I call to check if they have been issued and they tell me that they have but for the amount of $100. I call to speak with Diana Torentera to see what has happened. She is blatant and rude and kept cutting me off as I spoke. I admit I was very upset and asked to speak to her supervisor. She notified me he wasn't in, so I asked her to give me his name so I could call back. She said she couldn't give me that information, which is ridiculous because she works in CUSTOMER SERVICE! I did not ask for his phone number or address. When I spoke to manager Nelson Hernandez he said there was nothing he can do if I had mentioned to him that they had offered me $150 then that's what they would have gave me. So customers be advised they do the bait and switch! They promise you something and then low ball you because they think you're unintelligent.

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              When aboarding, hundreds of mosquitos were inside the plane which became a HUGE inconvenience for all the passageners. Many of us were unable to "enjoy" the ride trying to avoid getting bit by a mosquito which can be VERY dangerous especially with the type of viruses they can bring. I have videos and pictures showing this inconvenience. I'm wanting a FULL refund because this flight was horrible. We were coming back from an spectacular vacation and this just simply ruined it. Also, several of upset passengers sitting in front of me were demanding insect bracelets to avoid hazards, Iliana, the flight attendant still charged them for the bracelets. Bracelets should of been given to ALL passages!!! Bad customer service!!! This flight was number 950 on 6/19/2017

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                Volaris Airlinesmade me pay double for checking 2 small pieces of luggage

                We flew from to and Guadalajara June 10 -16, 2017. On return flight, obtained boarding passes on line on flight Y4 977 and at the time paid for 2 small bags to be checked with a visa credit card, name on card: Charles Hall. upon arrival at the airport, not only the service was terrible, the attendants were not very nice. After waiting in a very long line and upon arrival to drop off the luggage, the clerk told us that we had not paid to check in the luggage. We told them that we had paid on line for two pieces of luggage. They asked us for a receipt, and because we did not have the receipt, they did not want to admit that we had paid online. Finally, because we were afraid to lose our flight, we just went ahead and paid again, this time with a visa card in the name of Carmen Stevens. If you want to check this item, our confirmation code was: MFEF3B. We would very much like Volaris to investigate this issue and credit us for the double payment. The names of passengers is: Charles Hall and Maria del Carmen Stevens.

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                  Volarischanged my flight dates to a year later

                  Peter, I believe his last name is Santos, messed up my flight dates. I called Customer Service wanting to change my flights to May 07, 2017 because of medical reasons and he changed my flight to May 08, 2018. Now because of his stupid mistake, i lost a lot of money, my plans got ruined all because of people like him who don't know how to do their damn jobs right. Not fair, all i want is a refund or a flight to my destination with no charge because it was NOT my fault & Volaris doesn't want to help me out. WORST AIRLINE EVER. avoid them if you can. they just lost a customer & ill make sure everyone i know avoids that airline!

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                    Volaris — unethical behavior

                    What Happened. In April 6 at 4:30 pm I did a reservation in Volaris for a trip from Los Angeles to Mexico...

                    Volaris Mexico — Lost luggage, poor customer service.. Stay off this airline!! The worst!

                    Honestly, it has been a nightmare to have to deal with volaris about them losing my luggage, my passport...

                    Volaris — online booking

                    I had problems with the online booking system of Volaris that caused me a lot of stress and made me spend a...

                    Volaris Airlines — small carry on size restriction is ridiculous!

                    Today [protected]) I flew for the first time on Volaris from San Jose Costa Rica to Guadalajara MX flight...

                    Volaris — airplane

                    Everything was fine until were I had to weight my luggage there was a rude lady it looked like she was in...

                    Volarisairline tickets

                    Purchase 19 airline tickets for a Cancun vacation, Direct flight from Tijuana to Cancun and returning from Cancun to Tjuana with a scale in Mexico, City. I change one of the names of the tickets for my niece because one of our family member had to cancel. Called Volaris and they made the change and charge me to change the name.
                    On our return they told me that they never change the name to my niece name, and they couldn't make the change. We show them the ticket from Tijuana to Mexico that was already change. Even though I show them my bank account where I was charge for the name and obviously they are the ones who made the mistake. They couldn't help me. I was in a state of panic because my niece is 15 yro and Type one Diabetic running low on supply. They had no mercy or compassion so I stayed behind with my niece and continue contacting the customer service line and no help at all. Looking for a hotel stranded. In desperation we pay for a one way ticket for my niece to Tijuana which was 460 dollars. Now I have 3 tickets. Once we are in the airplane my niece is setting next to me cause I have 3 boarding passes. The extra one which is the one that they could not change the name or re sale it to me. Next thing I know there is a passenger who is claiming I am in her seat. I show her my 3 boarding tickets and she is in shock and me too because the same ticket who was not being use has been sold again. The flight attended saw the both tickets and remove the lady and put her in a different seat. As if she knew and didn't question it, just avoided me. On our next flight from Mexico City to Tijuana it happen again. Only this time there were no seat available and they seated the person who they resold my ticket in a seat were the flight attends seat until I told them I purchase 3 tickets and show them which was the 3rd one so she can take that seat. The flight attendant was not surprise of what happen since is not something new. I was shock and disgusted on how they could not change the name even though they were the ones who made the mistake in the first place and they new that no one was going to be seated there so they sold it to another person, even though we begged them to resale it to us. I have proof because both customer who they re sold our tickets gave me there ticket so I can have it as proof.

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                      Volaris — airlines 7/1/16

                      Volaris is awful, the worst a total disaster, My grand mother passed away 9pm my time my mother called me...

                      Volaris — fraudulent charges!

                      Do not use this scam company and don't give them your credit card information! I used my card and bought a...

                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Volarisairline flight

                      Volaris and all its personnel are people on a self-aggrandazing guest to feel power over customers in need of their service. They charge or deny services or assistance to others malevolently. This company's personnel are uneducated arrogant and rude. They have no regards to people emergencies and do not want to yield to customers' needs and from personal experience, neither TSA supervisors nor Custom agents can make them change their ways. The US really needs to create the bureau that over looks and regulate the horrible service international airlines offer US citizens. Beware to get on this airline aircraft over seas because you will be at their mercy for any charge or change to your itenerary. Also, regardless of embassy or consulate regulations, if they want to refuse you from boarding they simply can, as they most rudely said to me "we are not a US airline, we are a private Mexican company and we make our own policies." Also, Southwest is somewhat affiliated or owned perhaps by the same person, which makes sense why Southwest is also declining in service as stated recently on the news, denying a lady from boarding due to her cleavage size. Stay away from Volaris and maybe even Southwest.

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                        • Go
                          Goggels Nov 20, 2019
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          Horrible experience. They cancelled a flight, next available flight was 4 days later. They refused to refund the ticket, or even give a voucher to be used later! Ruined a vacation and cost me a hotel reservation as well. Absolutely unacceptable business policy.

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                        • Gr
                          Graciela Alfaro Oct 29, 2019

                          Payed $100for an extra suite case for my aunt @airport and when she arrived @Silao Guanajuato she was charged another $1, 500 pesos for the same suite case. I will be contacting my credit card company. I believe she was targeted because she was flying alone and is an older woman. Shame on this people who help her

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                        • Da
                          danherzer Sep 28, 2019
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          I am trying to locate the email address and password which were used by my wife to purchse her vclub membership. Please contact me at [email protected] Her name is Sandra Herzer. Her date of birth is August 12, 1957.

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                        • Na
                          NareshRajak Aug 17, 2019

                          I had one less bag checked in than originally purchased checked in bags. Volaris not refunding for one extra bag.

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                        • Gr
                          Grant Gresser Jan 22, 2019

                          I will go to Guadalajara but is won't be on your airline. I will go on Jan 9. I go every year 3 or 4 times, look how much money you will lose. Plus I will tell all my friends about your bad treatment to me. You have some good employees it is not fair what you do to them. You could do better.

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                        Volaris Airlines — horrible service

                        We purchased tickets from Tijuana to Guadalajara for our Christmas vacation. It was 9 of us coming down from...

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