VoiceBootCampfair school

J Oct 11, 2019

I have a Cisco and juniper network infrastructure background and I Learned VoIP and UCCE from Voicebootcamp from scratch. The teaching methodology that is developed at that school is an excellent one . I never had any issues downloading and playing videos I know they encrypted for copyright purposes and with limited time based on the deal package but other than that all good and, If i need more time to view the video I just ask the owner and he releases a grace period without any issues . The teacher gave us step by step PDF labs and unlimited access to the LAB equipment 24/7 . I've seen student from across the globe travels to the Voicebootcamp just to attend the bootcamps session.

I had no issues learning and understanding the technology taught to me. The owner gave us 24/7 access. All of the student that I know are dedicated. I've done a lot of hands on which help me to be very proficient on what I do. The comment in here are not real and not true . If one of you have an issue contact the owner directly, or visit the school by yourself and if you have access it is open 24/7 .

I like VoiceBootcamp and their Videos, the step by step labs for Voip and AWS I've learned a good deal of technology that I know use at work and keep getting the raise$$$$ hands on labs are very important

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