[Resolved] Vodafonewrong commitment & worst customer care


My last mail to vodafone

Due to no response from your side against my mobile no. [protected], I m so much harrashed by vodafone. Vodafone is a cheap and waste customer service including apeal.

I decided to close all my vodafone no. S within starting week of november 09.

[number removed] named [name removed]
[number removed] named [name removed]
[number removed] named [name removed]
[number removed] named [name removed]

And will never go to vodafone & also suggest to others.

With final regards,
Arun singh rawat

On wed, oct 7, 2009 at 7:03 pm, arun singh rawat <[protected]> wrote:

As per my mail I told you not to do correspondence to my home address. But you sent a hard copy of bill to my address.
Boss why you are doing that things when I told you that I dont need that vodafone number [protected].
I purchased that 26 aug. 2009. Your executive whom I talked ansured me that it ll activate after 78 hours. But you activated the same in 07 sep. 2009 (after 264 hour of purchasing) and after 7th sep. 2009, I visited to your store he ansured me that sim was not activated till date (I think it was 12th sep. 2009). And he made a refund request against that mob. No..
How can he do request when sim was activated and why he dont told me that.

These are the loose point of your worst service.

I am trying to visit consumer forum and let see what they do for me.
I am trying to contact your vodafone ombudsman (national or international) because of not reply by nodal officer in last 9 days.

Let seeeeeee!

Arun singh rawat

On fri, oct 2, 2009 at 4:04 pm, vodafone care wrote:

Dear mr. Rawat,

Thank you for your email dated 29/09/09 reagrding the services on your vodafone number [protected].

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you.

We would like to confirm to you that we have forwarded the details of your concern to our specialized vodafone care team. We request you to kindly provide us 72 working hours to get the same checked and revert back to you with the feedback.

Assuring you with the best of our services at all times.

We at vodafone believe in customer satisfaction. Please be assured, that we are committed to providing you and all of our customers with the highest standards of service in the industry.

In the meantime, if you need any further assistance, please do call us on 111 toll free from your vodafone mobile phone. We? Ll do our best to help you.

Happy to help,

Heena iqbal
Vodafone care

Contact numbers
Vodafone care : 111 or +91-[protected]
(Toll free from vodafone mobile phones within the home network)
Fax number : +91-[protected]/[protected]
E-mail : vodafonecare. [protected]
Website :

— original message —

From: [protected]

Sent: 29-sep-2009 18:24:12

To: vodafonecare. [protected]

Cc: nidhi. [protected]

Subject: re: refund of amount on your vodafone mobile number [protected] [ref:[protected]]

As per rule if that all are mentions in your terms and conditions column then why should your executive taken my request. Was he never read the t&c.

According to t&c if I am requesting you to refund you need to close my account with immediate effect.

I declare that I am not using the no. [protected]. I ll not take any liability against this vodafone no..

If you ll do any correspondence for this number at my address, I ll complaint against you with all proof as hard copy.

Your executive confirmed me that due to negative verification the number was not activated and he showed me that on pc.

I am not responsible for calls made by this number.

And I am getting the way how you refund my money back.

With regards,

Arun singh rawat

On wed, sep 23, 2009 at 12:43 pm, vodafone care < vodafonecare. [protected]> wrote:

> dear mr. Rawat,


> thank you for your email dated 19/09/09 regarding the refund of

> amount on your vodafone mobile number [protected].


> we sincerely regret the delay in replying to your e-mail and the

> inconvenience caused due to misrepresented information provided to you.


> we value your relationship with us. We assure you that we are

> committed to provide you and all our customers with quality customer

> service


> we would like to confirm to you that as per our records, the

> verification has been confirmed positive for your account, and the

> services for yor vodafone number have been activated effective 07/09/09.


> we would also like to confirm to you that as per the "make your own plan"

> on your vodafone number, security deposit of rs. 500 is refundable in

> case you retain your vodafone account for 24 months.


> as per the details mentioned above, we regret to state that we would

> not be able to refund the security deposit of rs. 500 on your postpaid

> vodafone account prior to completion 24 months of activation of your vodafone number.



> assuring you with the best of our services at all the times


> in case you need further assistance, please do call or email us. We'll

> do our best to help you.



> happy to help,


> shweta gursahani


> vodafone care


> contact numbers

> vodafone care : 111 or +91-[protected]

> (Toll free from vodafone

> mobile phones within the home network)

> fax number : +91-[protected]/[protected]

> e-mail : vodafonecare. [protected]


> website :




> — original message —

> from: [protected]

> sent: 19-sep-2009 16:49:01

> to: vodafonecare. [protected]

> subject: refund request. No. [protected]


> dear sir/madam,


> I booked a vodfone no.* [protected]* by my name *arun singh rawat* on *aug.

> 26, 2009*.

> I made a payment of rs. 500 to the executive named nevrinder singh as said.

> my sim no. Is [protected].

> due to negative verification sim was not activated till *9th sep*. So

> I bought another I made a request to refund my payment at vodafone

> store situated at *rajeev chowk metro station c. P. Delhi*. He gave

> me request no.*[protected]*.

> after

> that somebody called me that he wants to give me a vodafone gift and

> he told me that the request of refund was not done.

> but I did it before.

> how could you activate my no. After a wrong verification and my request.

> I am using another vodafone no. [protected] for last 1 year.

> please revert me the status.



> with regards,

> arun singh rawat

> [protected]


> this email and any attachments thereto are confidential and intended

> solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed.

> this message contains confidential information and is intended only

> for the individual named. If you are not the intended recipient /

> named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute, reproduce or copy this e-mail.

> please notify the sender immediately by e-mail if you have received

> this e-mail by mistake and delete this e-mail from your system. If you

> are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing,

> copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents

> of this information is strictly prohibited. Please further note that

> transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free".


“this email and any attachments thereto are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. This message contains confidential information and is intended only for the individual named. If you are not the intended recipient / named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute, reproduce or copy this e-mail. Please notify the sender immediately by e-mail if you have received this e-mail by mistake and delete this e-mail from your system. If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. Please further note that transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free".

  • Resolution Statement

    Complaint is resolved.


  • Mo
    mohan balki Oct 05, 2007

    See! Some prosperous company buy more share, taking over that company... destroy that popular name... renaming their own company hotchy-potchy name and that new name has to be carried over by the customer. And again some new guy will come and buy that company and that nasty guy will put his own name..and that name has to be again pushed in to our brain...

    No one care for customers interest while changing the name... (some will see numerology also to change their company name and brand... my goodness)

    In our (my family and few friends) opinion, cause of the nasty name Voda-fone... instead of Hutch... we love the name..we are going to quit the company and go to some other good brand, which shall be a dignified name indeed. Yes no one will want to be with some name starting in Tom-dick-and harry...

    Is it not, though we care for good products and services?

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  • Sh
    Shreyans Shah Oct 30, 2007

    I have been facing network inconvenience since july, 2007.
    Inspite of several complaints I have not received any worthwhile response and still face severe network problems. I have 3 vodafone connections at home and many important business calls are received on these phones. My calls are dropped, voices get cut and sometimes cell comes unreachable too. Vodafone has made no assurances as to how and when they whill give me a permanent solution to this problem. I was promised extra netwrok antenna as a temporary solution. But now Im even being denied those.
    This is just the beginning of Vodafone in India and its already made a bad first impression.
    Sometimes, the first impression is the last.

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  • Gi
    Girish Oct 31, 2007


    I am facing a lot of inconvenience from Vodafone. I am a post paid subscriber for vodafone and have a standing instruction on my credit card. This month due to unforeseen circumstances the payment for vodafone got rejected and as soon as I came to know the same I made the payment from a Kiosk setup by vodafone at my office. Its been a week now and Vodafone says it has not received my payment and have disconnected the outgoing calls facility.

    The customer service is very RUDE and misbehaved. I would like to file a case against Vodafone and also want everybody to know the injustice caused by these Companies.

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  • Pr
    prem chand Nov 06, 2007

    I have been facing network inconvenience since July, 2007. In spite of several complaints I have not received any worthwhile response and still face severe network problems. I have 3 Vodafone connections at home and many important business calls are received on these phones. My calls are dropped, voices get cut and sometimes cell comes unreachable too. Vodafone has made no assurances as to how and when they will give me a permanent solution to this problem. I was promised extra network antenna as a temporary solution. But now Im even being denied those.

    This is just the beginning of Vodafone in India and its already made a bad first impression.

    Sometimes, the first impression is the last.

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  • Ma
    MAJO Nov 06, 2007

    I agree with same because of this problems I have switched from hutch to Airtel. There is nothing going to happen from their side just we will be wasting our energy calling them.

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  • Po
    poonam gupta Nov 23, 2007


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  • Po
    poonam gupta Nov 23, 2007

    Ya it only makes sense in changing over from vodafone to airtel.Vodafone is a fakefone servic now.

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  • Po
    poonam gupta Nov 23, 2007

    Vodafone is expert at fooling customers and their rude behaviour,we should all give up using vodafone ,they also are sending people to your residence and asking to convert prepaid to post paid,promise some free talktime and free messages but you never get that .Fooling and rude behaviour is the punch line for vodafone.

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  • Am
    Amit Gera Nov 29, 2007

    I am civil vendor who makes tower foundations for telecom companies in the state of Punjab.I did civil works very speedily for then Hutch when it entered in punjab for which I have not received the retention amount of the last four years for which my gurantee period is over. I have proofs how this amount has jeopardised my carrier and has reduced my turnover to half the amount. I had to take huge loans to repay the debts but the company is still not responding. Due to attrion new employee says that it is not our duty to clean the old fuss. Kindly show me the way how I can nail the nexus of this company.

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  • Gi
    Gitaram Likhwar Dec 02, 2007

    That according to the SMS from Vodofne Mobile Operators which reads as "Recharge for Rs.401 before 28th of Nov-2007 and get 356 talk time validity for 2 months + addition Rs. 107 to be credited on or before 1/12/07. " I recharged for Rs. 401 and to my surprise I got credit of Rs. 221. When I tried to contract I was told that the remaining amount is to be credited with in 48 hours. Now the Vodafone care people are not responding since 6 days have passed. Even the Mobile care number has been blocked.

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  • Le
    Leenas Anthony Dec 04, 2007

    week before , I received call from the vodafone executive &he explained alll the plan. Eventhough i had rechared in prepaid just before 3 day ,I went for postpaid. Representative came to my home &complted all the formalities & paid Rs300. I gave all the documents. after 2 days i got a call & a fellow told me to resent the PAN card which was missed by the vodafone representative. They as ked sorry and asked me to rsent that again.
    But after 2 days i got New post paid SIM . But line was not getting activated since i week. i called Customer care In that one fellow replied me TO resent the documents again third time in the VOdafone shop.
    Representative came to my home , i got SIM in same addresse.
    See I don't have time to play with .... Please Take this issues as imporant. And get me back in the mobile no 919833158381

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  • As
    Ashish Singhal Apr 14, 2008

    My phone is not working since yesterday night .It is showing a message "SIM CARD REGISTRATION FAILED". I have been using this phone since one year. I tried from a Land line no. andthecall did not get connected to customer care. Now my phone is disabled and am in a situation where thee is no other way t call vodafone . i contacted them by E-Mail and the response is we will get back to you in 2 days!

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  • Ch
    chintan Apr 21, 2008

    I was approached by Global Direct person who took Rs 600 for changing my prepaid vodafone connection to advanced prepaid. After that when i inquired with customer care in vodafone they did not recognise the company. but the reciept and icard of the person had vodafone logo. i have been calling the global direct office in lower parel office to cancel my connection but my refund has not come yet and the person who had come to give the connection does not attend calls on the contact number he has given me.. i request the vodafone company to look into the matter not just because a company is taking money on their behalf but also regular vodafone customers like me are harassed

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  • Su
    Sumit Jaswal Apr 23, 2008

    I have a Vodafone number 9986 279 179
    On the 22nd of April, 2008 at around 19:00 I received a message from Vodafone stating:
    The caller tones will be activated on my number and if I wish to not have it activate the services (caller tones) I must reply to a given number in the same massage.

    Form that time I was trying to get in touch with the customer service at 111 but network problems did not get me through to the IVR.

    And then later in the night I got a massage starting that my phone has been charged with Rs.30 and the next charge will be on 22.05.2008.

    I am sure that I did not ask for that service to be put on my account given the fact that I am not at all interested in caller tunes kind of services and other reason being that I was not having enough balance on my account to have that service put on my account.

    However, latter in the night while I was making a call I was informed that my balance is in negative of Rs 17.90 as I had a balance of Rs. 12.10 on my phone before there was a charge of Rs. 30.

    Knowing this I called the customer service. After talking to 4 different customer service representatives (to whom all I had to explain every time what was the matter) I was transferred to a Team Leader named Vijay. All the time while I was speaking to him, he kept tell me that to keep the service (caller tunes) active on my phone. For speaking to him about 30 minutes he dropped the call on me.

    I called back again; this time online I found agent named Adil from Bangalore customer service centre. To my horror, who informed that there was an automated call made by Vodafone and it was showing on the system that I have accepted the offer and that is why there was a charge on my account and the charge will not be refunded on my account.

    While explaining to this agent (Adil), he was not letting me explain him the fact that I knew that my balance on the phone was just Rs. 12.10 and why on the earth would I be charging something like Rs. 30 for caller tunes. This agent kept talking over me very rudely and after sometime he even started to abusing me using “F**K” and other words.

    Having no way I decided to cut the call. However, I am aware that prepaid customers are treated as 2nd rated customer but it does not mean that the customers are told on their face that they are liars and start to abuse them.

    Is this where Vodafone stands when they say “Happy to Help” all over their website and over all other forms of media, this the service that you are offering you customers? First cheat the customers by putting the charge on the phone and then when the customer call to ask for an explanation the agents abuse the customers and tell them on their face that they are lying. I have worked for about 4 year in International call centres and if I was to do anything like even getting angry on the customer I would have to kiss my job goodbye. Over and above that there was no resolution that was offered over the 8-9 calls that I made last night.

    There are 3 things that like to do at this time:
    1.I wish to launch a formal complaint against the agent Adil for abusing customers over the phone and a strict action must be taken against this agent to set an example.
    2.I want to have the caller tunes being taken off from my account and Rs.30 must be refunded to me.
    3.I wish to add my number 9986 279 179 to “Do Not Disturb List” form immediate effect.

    I hope that I will be able to see to customer service from your end.
    Thank you and Regards
    Sumit Jaswal

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  • He
    Henri Amirtharaj Apr 26, 2008

    Me and my family using Vodafone mobile phone prepaid service But the network did not provide me good service always network problem arrise, I try to contact the Customer Support Executive but they are not interested to take my complaint they only want to cut the call.

    Last 3 days my mobile service totaly failed actualy the problem not only occur to me but many more Vodafone customer ( In our family we using 5 Vodafone mobile ) we all experiancing this problem My Mobile number is - 9787692038
    If vodafone CEO like to call me to my number he can't because of his poor network
    Thank you

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  • Ks
    K.Sai Krishna Mohan Rao May 06, 2008

    Dear Sir,
    My cel no is 09885998975 from Hyderabad
    and it is not activated even I have paid the bill.
    Please do attend to it.
    with regards
    Koppineni Krishna Mohan Rao

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  • Ni
    nishant agarwal Aug 27, 2008

    The problem is about network. On regular complains the problem is not solved. The area i am talking about is naya ganj, kanpur. The network here was excellent about 20 days back but now the conditions are going from worse to worst. It is more or less impossible to receive or make call. if by mistake connected it is not possible to talk. The executive who visited Mobile no. 9792100306 didn't check the network and returned from outside.


    If now solution is made then we would have to surrender the connection. We includes about 30 to 40 connections from one building (basement, 1st floor 2 nd floor).

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  • Va
    Vasudev G Pai Aug 28, 2008

    My name vasudev G Pai my Mobile no 9820685601
    I had paid Rs 850/- cash payment in my Mobile no 9820685601
    your person wrongly transfer the my Cash Rs 850/- another
    mobile no 9833685601 which is not my mobile, I request them
    transfer my cash payment to my mobile no 9820685601,
    after faxed
    still today we not received any answer from your side

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  • Ab
    abhishek khemka Sep 24, 2008

    I am using Vodafone postpaid connection number, which i bought from a Vodafone Store in Lajpat Nagar, it was Vodafone mini store.
    When i asked the executive over there about the schemes then he told me about the free 664 minutes of STD & LOCAL calls and didn’t mention M2M only, fine, next he mentioned of 449 free LOCAL & STD SMS and now i am being charged for those STD sms. I don’t agree to this at all, i feel completely cheated. Even after my repeted calls on your call center i didn’t get any proper response only thing i was told is we cant do anything in this case, this are are the “HAPPY TO HELP YOU” customer service, “AMAZING”. They asked me to visit the any VODAFONE MINI STORE and they would be able to help me out, i happened to visit the Vodafone mini store at a metro station and the executive said that “SIR, CONNECTION SELL KARNE KE LIE AAISA BOOL DETE HAI.”, and this was enough for me to feel very bad for this Mobile Company, seriously i don’t recommend this service to any one.

    I still hope that someone will look into the matter, that why i am mailing. But in my mind i still think WILL ANY ONE ?

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  • Mi
    Milton Louis Dec 19, 2008

    Well let me come straight to the point ...Last month(12-nov-08) I recharged my mobile for 150 rs (full talktime) &on 12-dec-08 inspite of not using all the currecy vodafone took back the money which i had'nt used .I called up the customer service & enquired & the answer I got was that the talk time was valid for only 1 month... after which even if i dint use they would take back the money .. well my point of justification is that if the company had informed me that this is how the offer works then i would'nt have recharged for 150( i knew about this only after I lost my money)the company is looting customers by withholding information..when i spoke to one of the team leaders in the customer service department when i asked the customer service individual to escalate the call... the answer I got was "it is a marketing stratergy that they use by not letting customers know that there is a validity for 150Rs recharge(of 1 month)... very disgusting...the person also said that i need to call up customer service before recharging everytime ...impractical..I would appreciate if vodafone stops doIng such things... as they need to realise there are people in this country who value their hard earned money, & who know what to do with their one is deciding how much a customer's talktime validity is after he has paid the money..please avoid such Cheap Tricks!!!

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  • Ne
    Neeraj Gupta Feb 05, 2009

    hello sir,

    i had rechaged with 90 rupees in which local calls wil be charged 50paise and STD cals will be charged 1 rupee but i m not getting benefit even still i m charged with for local calls 1 rup and for STDs 1.50 rup.I have already made so many calls to customer care but no action is taking place.Only complaint is registered.

    29th Jan 2009 complaint Registration Number -669744426
    5th feb 2009 complaint Registration Number -676015300

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  • Sy
    syed May 10, 2009

    I CALLED UP VADAFONE customer care in bangalore. just to asak information regarding deactivation of SMS pack of 49. Agent named G.S. Rao (this was the name told by him) the way of respnd was rude.And he was showting at me and when i told him, to trnsfer his call to any superior he refused to do so.and he disconnect the call. and when i once again called another agent did the same thing he dint transfer the call. he just dissconnet the call. after keeping me on hold for more thasn 15 min.



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  • Br
    brijesh gangwar Jul 31, 2009

    My postpaid CUG connection (9792101913) is not functioning since 28th july 2009 while all other phones of this group is working properly.

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  • Ne
    neeraj kalani Aug 15, 2009

    My Vodafhone no.are 9828520023 and 9828520024 .
    I want to say that when ever i went in roming, my vodafhone nos did not work.i already complain in vodafhone costomer care but they din't help vodafhone nos about 10 days not working dated- 7/5/09 to 17/5/09.

    After that now my vodafhone no 9828520024 in SURAT (Gujrat) and its not working.

    Please help me

    My Contact No. are 9828520023, 9509597997

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  • Ad
    Aditya Thakur Aug 16, 2009

    Vodafone has got the worst Customer services in India.

    If some one is calling ion Customer care in night hours then think that you should have alot of time more than 1 hour for a problem of just 5 mins. In the end it might be possible they will sleep putting you on hold or they will hung up on face.

    Vodafone mobile connect is very funny services of Vodafone.

    It will get deactivated whenever it want to and no one in any department has got any explanation for the same.On top of everything they have got their best way of resolving problem is delaing the problem.They never resolve the problem.

    This VMC Problem is their in my H/S from more than 1 year.Still facing the problem.
    No one is telling me anything probably they dont know anything.

    Going to Airtel if they are not gonna solve this problem in next 14 days...

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  • Ga
    Gajanand Aug 17, 2009

    Dear Service Providers

    I have recivied a unwanted call from 9654960139. When I recivied the phone a caller tune has been atomatically activated and they had charged from my balance.

    I request that never send any buisness massage and not again make any buisness call and refund my money otherwise I will disconect my mobile and never will take cellular facility provided by you.

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  • Vo
    vodafone services sucks Aug 19, 2009

    recharged my vodafone cell with sms card of 35,
    after that got a msg "your msg service will be activated within 4 hrs".
    but now it's going to get two days, got no response.
    tried vodafone customer care "9811098110" and even there, no customer care exectuive is picking call.
    seriously, vodafone services sucks.
    "unhappy to have your service"
    Ravish Dhamija,

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  • Si
    Sivarama Gopal Aug 31, 2009

    Even I too got some call from some number and after that caller tune was activated automatically.

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  • Ti
    Tinkerbell7 Sep 10, 2009

    Anyone who is thinking of going with Vodafone on the $40 a month for the dial up USB modem (internet) please don't! There service is ###, the internet always drops out, Vodafone never provide 3G networking for faster internet connection. They are useless. There customer service is the worst I have ever experienced from a telecommunications company, firstly you get the runaround from a robot receptionist named "LARA" after you have wasted 30 minutes talking to her, you then get through to an operator who transfers you through to ten million different departments before being able to answer a simple question. They are cheap and nasty and don't provide a proper service like its competitors. Also, the customer service is only open until 8pm MON-FRI so god help anyone with dramas over the weekend or past 8pm (ridiculous!)

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  • Kr
    Krish2009_2009 Sep 17, 2009

    I had applied for a new Vodafone connection for my wife more than a week ago. At that time, I had submitted proof of address, and other supporting documents in lieu of registering a new connection (at the Mulund (West) centre). The connection was activated the following day. We were also visited by Vodafone service representatives for verification.

    However, after a period of seven days, out-going calls have been barred on the connection. When I called up customer care, rather "customer trouble", they were totally unhelpful, and responding like an automated answering machine, stating that they have not received proof of address. Could you tell me how the service centre could put the customer in trouble if there is no coordination with the central facility? Why should the customer suffer just because there is a flaw in their system?

    I am being asked to re-submit the documents again, and I am sure that they have lost my documents or have been misplaced. How could an organization such as Vodafone handle sensitive information involving PAN card details, and other address proof so irresponsibly, considering the current situation the country is facing with information security? To top it all off, their so-called image is taking a beating because of your unresponsive "customer service." Do the people manning the service centre even understand those two words, "customer service"?

    I am registering a complaint here with the hope that it will avoid further discomfort to other customers deciding on a Vodafone connection.

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  • Vi
    VijayPK Sep 18, 2009

    I have been a vodafone customer for the last 2 years. Today I had gone to the Vodafone customer care for activation of my international roaming. Now instead of activating it, they deactivated my GPRS and also calls to Hutchcare centre. They also deactivated my wifes national roaming for whom I had submitted a request for activation of International roaming. I had submitted all the relevant documents.

    Customer care agents were not transferring the phone to their supervisor despite 6-7 calls. Pathetic attitude and above all, very pathetic service levels too.

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  • Ra
    rakaRock Oct 18, 2009

    Vodafone provided worst service I have ever seen. They don't care for the existing customer. If you are going to get a new connection, please think again and again. They will talk very nicely with the new customer. I am not able to make call to Vodafone newly launched number starting with 80 and I was told that lot of customer are facing this problem since last days and you will have to wait for another 2-3 days. Customer care (111) will tell you something and service centre in koramangala, Bangalore will provide you irrelevent information. Service center will be happy to assist you if you are going for new connection otherwise they will always say wait for 2-3 days no matter what is your problem. I was also having earlier problem with GPRS activation for which I had to wait for 10-12 days. everytime they told to wait for 3 days and the same thing were told after 3 days. I am fed up with their kind of services.

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  • Ra
    Raka Oct 21, 2009

    New mobile number starting with 8 has been launched recently. One of my friend has taken new vodafone connection in Bihar number starting with 8051. I tried to call that number several time but call never got connected. I am also having vodafone connection. Means same network (Vodafone to vodafone STD) I am not able to make call.
    I call customer care and created a service request regarding that with Service Request Number 1198969014 dated Oct 20, 2009. I got response on Oct 21, 2009 stating that problem has been resolved. I tried to call my friend after getting this message but again the same problem. then I called customer care. They said they are still working on that and they are not able to give me any deadline for the same.
    If the problem has been resolved, how can they send SMS stating that problem has been resolved.
    I am facing the same problem since last 1 week. and they are still working on this but problem still exists.
    I don't know whether they will be able to rectify the problem.

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  • Go
    Goola Oct 22, 2009

    On the7/4/2008 Vodafone cut my mobile off, dispite paying by Direct Debit and was up to date. I also have been with Vodafone since they started. They claim i owe them £777.56, i do not, my phone bill was up to date and had not missed any payments, Breach of Contract!

    My 17 year old son had been to Phones 4 u and had, what he thought was the perfect contract for him, and i had to agree. In the first 3 mounths of his billing he found that they had put him on the wrong tariff and were overchargeing him. We went back to the shop and they said that this was the contract that he sighned up for. to cut along story short, they sold him the wrong contract, which thet admited, so instead of cancelling the contract, which they would not do, they tried to offer him £100 cash back, this he refused, now not only has my son not got a contract phone, vodafone are claiming the monies from me. All this dispite keeping in contact with Vodafone and letting them know what was going on with Phones 4 U. On top of that they cut off my own mobile phone, because of that, dipite not oweing any monies with my own contract phone. I now have to start court proceeding against Both Vodafone And Phones 4 U.

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  • Ja
    Jacker Oct 29, 2009

    I have a contract phone with vodafone and my husband has had his pay date moved i contacted vodafone to inform them to change my direct debit and they have told me they have no record of my call so i never made it. They have also told me that i will loose my contract and will have to pay £150 to re instate it. I have recieved a letter stating it will cost £445 to reinstate it. Because of them i have had to pay bank charges because they have been taking the money wen it has not been there. I have asked to speak to thier supervisors as i have not been happy with the way most of the people have treated me and i have been told the supervisor is either unnavialable or i am not allowed to speek to them. I am extremely unhappy with the way i have been treated.

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  • Za
    Zama Nov 11, 2009

    I've been using Vodafone for quite a few years, i don't find my contact number would be sfe her but i'd like to send my e-mail address [email protected] vodafone service is very worst. I have been charged without getting connected ISD Calls and Local Calls as well, and sometimes they have charged me for sms though i have subscribed for 200 free local sms daily (by paying Rs 27 for a month through e-Recharge). I Have complained numerous times but there is no response from your end. Not even once i received a response. sometimes your CUSTOMER SERVICE EXECUTIVE transfers the call to the Supervisor/TL and they don't respond and sometimes they bang the phone on me. They placed me on hold several times for minutes and minutes and once without asking my permisson the TL placed me on hold, on asking he gave some irrelavant response. Well i would like to bring to your notice that if these things continue like this then i will certainly go for some other service provider, no matter i have to change my contact number. Hussain.

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  • As
    ashutosh srivastava Dec 04, 2009

    dear sir,

    i had taken the postpaid connection of vodafone in the month of march 2009 on the behalf of my company in lucknow city, india . in this issue i ma not getting any type of bill from the last four month, before these month i had to gone for collect my bill to the headoffice of vodafone. they are not giving any type of bill from the last four month and also charges the amount whatever they want. please if possible then please take a strict action on this behalf...
    my complaint name is
    ashutosh kumar srivastava
    number 9918801436

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  • Ja
    JasonSam Dec 11, 2009

    I am highly disappointed by the customer care services provided by the vodafone.My no is 9764521437
    I have been calling continuously 2 -3 times in a day and was assured it will be done in two day i.e only if the calls are recorded and they work on it its nothin but wrong commitments and wrong assurance they refused to give me reference no or a complaint no. The word care is so ironic as there seems not an iota of care in the way company is treating its customer. My bill amount is Rs. 1400 worth and have made the payment on the 3rd Dec 09 at 10.30 pm but when I was making the payment in the kiosk at THANE(W)Vodafone store by cash after paying 1300 the machine went on a stand by mode and it shut and it never started agian repoted to the security present on duty (Pawar )and the vodafone customer care was present there was assured that the matter would be resolved as every transaction is captured in the machine so I made the balance 100 rs in the other kiosk and also got a transaction no. but it has been a week now and Vodafone is been callin me for payments.After all this its been a hastle for me getting in touch with the vodafone manangers when I went to the Store they said it will take more than a week to update the payment and say that I should repay the amount as if it was a crore rupee payment that had to be updated very poor serivce

    No attempt was made by the company to contact mw even though the alternate contact no. 9320771437 was given at the time of taking this number. When i called up the customer care regarding my complaint, I was put on hold for at at least 20-25 min each time I called no. of times before I could be heard and could get my complaint registered. I came across some of the worst customer care executives at the store who did not seem to understand a word of what I was saying. I still did not get a reference no or a complaint no .Was asked to mark a mail on the care @ ID.This tag Happy2help doesnt suit at all.

    Called up the no +91 9619215000 but after a long hold was given a no +91 9619215032 which forever was on hold.

    Kindly lookn into this matter and get it resolved.

    Thanks & Regards,

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  • Ch

    MOBILE NUMBER: 9672222977 / 96499 92999

    MOBILE NUMBER: 9672222977

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  • Pr
    Prabodh Pandey Jan 14, 2010

    Dear Sir,
    I had recharge my Vodafone Mobile No. 9823111294 with Rs. 225/- vide transaction ID MH09204803248 on 14.01.2010 .
    I done my recharge on a shop in Pune & i was told to get full talk time by customer care if vodafone on its no. 111.
    After recharge i could get only Rs.113.74 for paying Rs.225/- to the Vodafone.
    I want to know that what is the logic for paying 50% amount while i was expecting full talk time.
    Kindly do the necessary.
    Thanks & Regards
    Prabodh Pandey

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