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I'm vodafone post paid customer ranked high customer, I had big issue here with Vodafone egypt.
I bought handset from Vodafone store in Egypt messaha branch in instlament basis and I'm in Big mess since then
1) I found out that I have been charged double of the price at the time of buying the handset!!! I have been charged 3333 EGP and the price at the store is 1999 EGP at the time of buying
2) when I found the price differences I made complint and I found out that I have been charged for another mobile type (Mate 7) and I have been told that complint team will call me in 48 hours... It took a week and no body calls...
3)i made a call again checking why no body calls.. And I have been told that in 24 hours some one will calls
4) no body calls in 24 hours again and I followed up again for a call!!!
5)finally today I receive a call from complint team her name is Sara... She is a far away to work in complint team in compony like Vodafone... She didn't check the information of the complint well... She is advising wrong Info to me about the pricing and finallh saying to me it's my fault that I didn't check the price outside before I'm buying!!! Even I told her I didn't check the price because I'm having a confidence in Vodafone ... So instead of solving she made me super nervous from whole Vodafone!!!

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Mar 20, 2019

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