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vodafone contract

So I took out additional data in August at a cost of £6. It was agreed on the phone this was a one off charge for August.
I noticed last month (October) that Vodafone continued to take £6 for September and October. I phoned and was told they would correct their records. However, today I have noticed they have taken an extra £6 for November. I phoned again and this time asked them to refund 3 months for the extra data that I hadn't asked for. They have refused to refund the full £18 and have offered £11 only??? This is Vodafone's error and therefore I should get a full refund regardless of whether the additional data was used or not. Vodafone advertise on their website that this additional data is available and they would not continue to take the next month unless they have consent from the account holder. At no point was consent given.
Sneaky behaviour by Vodafone - keep an eye on your bank statements people.

no commitment

By mid-October, 2018, I received a call from Vodafone team and provided me an offer of 8000 points + 6 months off payment (bimonthly). This is a compensation to keep my line with Vodafone network and not to move to another GSM provider (Etisalate). During the call, the representative told me that she will get back to her manager to try to get me better offer. I agreed with her that I will keep in Vodafone and will upgrade my package and subscribe in ADSL as well. Then she disappeared and nothing done and no offer, no either a call back to excuse. Moreover, they took the decision to refuse the request of transfer to Etisalate without any offer. After few days, after paying the new month bill, Vodafone accepted the transfer to Eitsalate.
I applied a complain ( No. 1-[protected]) to Vodafone Egypt regarding such bad attitude and non-care of customers, no respect/alignment to what is said literally during the call.
I received another call on 11/11/2018 from another girl and she told me no problem, we will provide you the offer. We will get the line back to Vodafone. We have our own ways. Just go to branch and apply a request to get back. I told her this will not fly, I signed for one year stay before stepping out. She told me don't worry, I am sure. I did as she said and went to branch. However, the branch refused and said no this is not true.
Since yesterday, I am calling the customer service to resolve the issue and they keep saying, we sent email. We will call you back.
Now, I need your support getting the offer as promised during the call as I was taken the decision to keep in Vodafone and not to move. If not applicable to return the line back (+2 [protected]), I can get the offer to my other line (+2 [protected]) after changing its plan to Red 600.

  • Mo
    Mohamed_Haggag Nov 13, 2018

    Nothing resolved at all.
    Same representative called me after this complaint. You should hear the call with me on 12/11/2018. told me to go to branch, apply a request.
    However, it seems that this request is nothing as the branch said that. Even, they could not reach her as no details to contact her.
    I called the customer service again and applied a new complain 129956490089.

    I want an action with such tricky and non clear messages regarding fulfilling the deal promised.

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3g and 4g router + mobile internet

in Egypt, in my work we have seven 3G/4G routers and the mobile internet
all have a bad service quality, so slow internet speed plus unsuitability
you can disconnect and reconnect many times in 5 minutes, we tested all in different areas and with different devices, i used Vodafone outside Egypt, but in Egypt its the worst service between all other service providers, its bad in personal or business
as you see in the attachment its disconnected while testing the speed

3g and 4g router + mobile internet

Vodafone Group

adsl and customer service in egypt

In 23/10/2018, my ADSL service was cut due to cable chane. I called customer service on the number (888) and I was informed that this problem will take sometime and vodafone will offer a USB as compensation and I will be informed when this USB will be ready.
After one week, I called back the same customer service number (888) and they told me that I should contact another number (2828). The customer service option does not exist on the second number. So I called back the first number (888) and they transferred me to ADSL customer service then to technical support who told me that the USB is ready in my nearest store.
In 03/11/2018, I went to my nearest sore (edmon freemon street, smouha), where they said that they do not have any USB and there are two avar in another store.
I went to the other store, they told me that these USB are notforcustomers and they are used in the store only.
After all that, I can not reach back ADSL technical support by calling (888) or (2828) or even through the website.
This was one of my worst experience with Vodafone specially from customer service.
More than 10 days with one problem and no correct solution or professional response.

purposely deducting amount from my balance without any reason neither proof

this is to inform you I am using Vodafone services from last one and half month and my number is [protected] ...

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Swiched to gokhale Nagar, near masjit, 4 days back in Pune, I have Vodafone postpaid, there is zero 4g, 3g...

internet installation

It's been over 3 weeks! Been constantly on the phone to them for the last two. We signed the contract 24 days ago and they still haven't sent a technician to install the router. Every time we call they say ‘the technician has 48 hours to contact you' well bloody hell its been over 480 hours and there's still no sight of any bloody installation!

Worst service ever!! Absolute [censored]!
I've lost over 400€ in online classes because of their rubbish service and genuinely don't know how I'm gonna pull through this month.

150000% don't recommend!! Vile vile company.

vodafone egypt

To whom it may concern I have a serious complain on Vodafone Egypt customer service, i was travelling to...

Vodafone Group

call drop every few seconds

We are facing call drop problem after 2-3 min in Vodafone network.i called multiple tym to Vodafone care they are not provided any solution for this problem I m facing this problem since last one month .I have registered 1 St problem on date 7sep 2018 and 21 SEP 2018 reg no [protected]/[protected].after that several times I made complaint like this.so I m seriously irritated with Vodafone network and customer team.

unlogic increase in my monthly bill

Dear Vodafone customer service,

I have joined the red system few months ago and I was very interested with the benefits that I get and every month I was settling my bill with same amount approximately and consistent consumption, however last July I was shocked that my bill reached to approximately LE 370 despite I consumed my normal consumption in addition to the benefits u increased in the red system last month that reached to ( 2000 minutes + 9 GB internet) instead of 1500 min & 7 GB. And ( Ana Vodafone) was never appearing any exceed to the limit neither in the minutes nor in the internet.

This month I received a message with my bill for Aug that reached Le 300 however I did not exceed my limit in the calls or the internet. When I visited the branch of Hyper they told me that i used extra internet ( however upon my registration in the Red system i asked the agent to make my internet limited if I exceed it in order to control it plus my Ana Vodafone application was showing to me that I am within the limit)

Finnally I called the customer service and they told me that the increase of my bill was because of the "spin game" in Ana Vodafone. (Now I have got two different justifications)
I asked the one who I called at the customer service to remove this charge of this silly chargeable game but he said he can't and I should have known that it is a chargeable game and he repeated this to me many times and made me feel that I am idiot for playing this game before read it's terms and conditions despite that I read the terms and conditions that state that the first 3 days are free and I used it within the free dates and explained to him that u should have inform your customer that there is a chargeable games too and I as a normal customer not an expert in Vodafone red, i can not imagine that u charge ppl in this silly spin game however he replied in a very provoking way that it's my fault and said " before u do anything u must read" really he made me feel that I'm an idiot. I asked him to speak to his supervisor to make a complaint he said "no problem u can call him tomorrow after 7 am and if u don't believe what I say u can call us after 5 minutes and my fellow will give u same answer." I felt that he is challangeing me.

I hope I get a proper feedback and professional action to my complaint above

Sherine Hamdy

bill (amount deducted by wrong)


I am writing to you to raise an issue about bill error

The issue that I have experienced was: What happened with step
1- I recharger my credit with amount 100 (EGP) at 9:43 (PM)
2- there is 32 (EGP) amount have been deducted for shokran services and the remaining amount was 63 (EGP)
3- I try to upgrad my package from flex 30 to flex 50 but there is an error in network even if when I try to renwel my package (flex 30)
4- I received a call on messenger so I close my mobile date 11:09 (PM) and check my net usage in last 2 hours I found out 14 (MB) and all my credit deducted (63 EGP)
5-I call the call center and agent reply to me called (Ibrahim Mohamed) and informed me that there is an error on system after reveiwing my usage and he found out that I used only 27 MB and he will refund to me the amount after 24 hours but I refused that cause how come you found that the amount that have been deducted is happen by mistake and you refuse to return this amount to me right now, so I ask to call this supervisor and he put me on hold for 45 mins and then hang up the call.
6- I call again the call center and submit complaint how comes that an agent but me on hold and then hang up the call under no. 1-[protected] and I ask to call the supervisor again as the first time the agent hang up the call and I have been on hold for 50 mins and then Ibrahim Ali (the supervisor) answer me and say to me that he can't found out my usage now on the system cause the system in the update time now and this will take from 30 to 60 mins and after that I can see your usage and why the 63 EGP have been deducted and when I ask him how come that the agent Ibrahim Mohamed told me that my usage is 27 MB and you say to me that the usage last 2 hours didn't appear infront of you and the reply is the agent give you wrong information and you already submit a complaint and we will wait till your usage appear on system although when I access Ana Vodafone application all usage appear to me and it appear to me that it have been deducted amount 65 EGP from my credit for internet usage 9.8 MB at 9:43 PM, so I didn't know how come that it appear to me on the application Ana Vodafone and didn't appear to him on the system
7-Once I close my call with the call center I received a msg informe me that we reveiw your usage and there is no fault although the supervisor agent inform me that the system under upgrade and he cant review my usage ¡!!!

It occurred on: 09/09/2018

This affected me because: The affect on me is as following
1- I lost more than 2 hours on hold while try to solve my problem with call center
2- I lost more than 63 EGP

1-Aplogize for the bad attitude and bad services
2- Review my usage on spot and refund the whole amount on spot.

I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply back via this email account.

Yours faithfully,

Allaa Elkasheif

bill (amount deducted by wrong)



I found my credit 6 pounds less, when i called vodafone to know why, one employee said that i have subscribed in a music application, something went wrong with the connection so i called again, the other employee said that i have subscribed in play and win application and surely i didn't suscirbe in both ( no notificaton sent for the subscribe) but this is not only the case, each time i called vodarone, they gave me a different information ( this happened before when i want to know my flexes, i received 3 different data from them ) even now i renewed my bundle today and they told me on vodafone app, that i have 27 days left ( photo attached), as i know the month is 30 days.
i made a complaint, after waiting 48 hours to understand the way of charging and objecting, they called me twice and i wasn't available, when i called vodafone back to know what happened in my complaint, they told me as i didn't answer, they closed the complaint and if i want, i can do the same procedures again from scratch and wait another 48 hours, how is that, am i get punished because i didn't answer the phone, how they close the case without even a reply, should i wait 4 days again to just know what they do with my credit, i feel completely disrespect, i am starting loseing confidence, and i feel that there is something wrong, receving different information each time gives an impression that i have been deceived here.
So bad customer service from a huge company like vodafone
By the way, each time i noticed something wrong was by coincidence, i don't what will happen if i ask to know the details of my bill each month!!!


  • Updated by Shaimaa aiaad · Sep 04, 2018

    I just want to add that when i talked to Vodafone customer service on 31/08, the day which i have been told that my complaint has been closed because i didn't reply, the employer told me that one complaint has been closed, the other will be handled on 1/09 at 2:00pm, and no one called me till now, the same day on 31/08 i made another complaint for closing the case without telling me and the employer told me that someone will call after 48 hours, till now no response from Vodafone...this is vodafone customer service ...now i am sure that my money has been taken for no reason, as they don't know even how to reply
    Today is 04/09/2018

  • Updated by Shaimaa aiaad · Sep 10, 2018

    I called vodafone again to know what happened in my complaints ...they have been closed them all, without giving me any answer, coz they called and i didn't respond ... Really i cann't imagine that you hsve just one chance with Vodafone, if you miss it, case closed ...very very bad customer service ...people trying to find a way to just get away with thier very bad service

mobile network problem

sir hamare yha par network ki kafi problem he hamare yha par kisi bhi mobile me
network nhi aata he cross ka chinh laga rehta he kafi mushkil hoti call karne me kahi dushri jagh jakar call karni padti hee .mere pure gao ye dikkat he agar kisi death ho jaye ya koi bemmar ho to ambulance ke liye bhi call nhi hoti he.ab ham sab gao wale us company ka sim card khari denge jo hamare yha network lagwa dega or network milega .

  • Ch
    Chiranjib mohapatra Sep 06, 2018

    i cant complain to vodafone for my network problem in number of 198 so that please say me how can be call for complain.

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  • An
    Anjan das Sep 09, 2018

    Sir there in no tower in my village please sir take the action our village is very not big but network problems is very

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My Vodafone Mobile Router R218 became faulty during July'18. I took the unit to VC George -the unit was replaced with a similar product. The concern is that the replacement only had a 1500 battery strength and the initial unit had 2500 battery strength. The router with the 1500 battery strength was returned to VC Ilanga Mall Nelspruit and a OBF was created and approved. Now the store can only offer me the router with the 1500 battery strength again which is totally UNACCEPTABLE as I need a router with the same or better battery strength...as the contract was taken out with consideration of the battery capability. It has been a month now waiting for a router as Christopher and Madonna from VC Nelspruit Ilanga Mall is FULL of promises and kept me waiting for a month now without a positive outcome.

postpaid packages and very bad customer service

Four days ago I charged my wife's phone to make her a package(85 egp) and I entered the code and a message was sent to assure it. Then I realized that only 50 egp was taken to activate an old package. So I contacted customer service online and they didn't help, and went to the store and they told me nothing to do. I accepted that and it was fine. And there was still 35 egp credit left. After 2 days the credit was 11 egp and then 7 egp and no one is helping and I'm very annoyed and I'm very very sorry to say that but this is robbery. Please please take action

unethical behaviour/scam

my problem is with Vodafone Egypt, the problem starts as I subscribed in an internet bundle that gives me 6000 MB by paying an amount of EGP 80 monthly, then later that day I downgraded the bundle as I discovered that starting next month I will not use that much GB each month, after I downgraded the bundle I discovered that I lost the money and the 6000 MB that I just bought earlier, when I tried to contact customer care and told them to either return the EGP 80 or give me the 6000 MB which the value I paid for but I can't lose both the money and the value of the money as if I throw away my money. they said that they can't help me and that it is my mistake that I cancelled. and actually I don't understand the concept as in any kind of service when you subscribe for 1 month and pay the amount and then in the same day you cancelled your subscription, you still have the 1 month service you paid for and the service stops starting the next month. but to lose your subscription and your money and get nothing at all !! ... this is very strange and not acceptable. I tried to escalate many times but they keep lying and saying that they will solve my issue but nothing happen so far.

vodafone service

I have been a customer in Marbella, Spain since early 2016 with Vodafone. I have been over charged every month by 12euro for internet which I have by another company and for a phone line I never asked for and never was in use. Plus the bills never add up. I am quite sure I have complained 50/60 times in person. The service is non existing.
I have called the "service Line" asking if the person speaks English ...I am put on hold and after a minute or so the phone goes blank. It's an absolute disaster. I would like to change provider but first and foremost receive the owed money back, which at this stage is about 300/400 euro ! Pathetic.

vodafone cheated

Vodafone is cheating people by offering 3 months plan with bla bla for Rs. 559. How : If you recharge for anything in between, your Rs. 559 is gone
and you will end up writing them and their reply would be like this is how we make money. They also claim that you made a mistake so face it.
But were is the clause that confirms that if you recharge above the previous plan, you will lose the earlier one?
Where is the information or alert that says so? That is just a secret because Vodafone knows that 80% are going to make such mistakes and end up losing money.

Moreover, they have a pathetic customer care center, the one I spoke to literally started crying and raised his hands by saying sir
I will lose my job if I help you with Rs. 559 but sad that he is not aware that Vodafone is making a hell lot of money by faking humble people.

Email solutions from Vodafone is so stiff that they just copy same email again and again and keep on sending just to irritate you.

Choose service provider with better services and don't fall in the trap of white zoozoos gulping your hard earned money.

adsl vodafone. /customer service vodafone

كلمت شركه فودافون النهارده لابلاغهم ان الخط اتغير من نحاس الي فيبر للاسف رد عليا شخص بلغني ان الموضوع بياخد أسبوع ويخليه في احسن الاحوال 4 أيام تقريبا الوقت في الشركه دي ما لوش اي اهميه كأننا في العصر الحجري بالليل اتكلمت تاني علشان قلت ممكن يكون في شخص اكتر حرفيه اتكلم معاه للاسف بلغني ان أصلا مافيش اي بلاغ اتعمل الصبح وناخد دور تاني 4 أيام برضه علشان في شخص لسه هيبقي يروح السنترال يشغل الخط وده شئ مش سهل كأن دي شركه عايشه في عالم تاني هو فين الشركه العالميه دي اللي ماعندناش اي اعتبار الوقت دي فين الخدمه .ده السنترال غير خطوط منطقه بالكامل في 3 أيام للاسف اسؤ شركه واسؤ خدمه عملاء ناس ما عنداش زوق واهم حاجه ان كل واحد يوزع الموضوع علي غيره

no network

Hello Madam/Sir,

I am Chintan,
I have vadafone prepaid Connection, hope I am a valuable customer for your company. But I am not getting the benefit.

I have network problem in my residence. Means my call is disconnected and in another situation I am not able to make any call because of no Signal I made complaint like this. The response given back are different, but my actual problem is still persist.

So this is the final letter/ attempt to continue with the connection.
Please escalate and do the necessary steps to solve my problem as early as possible.

NB: Please respond to this mail, if it is positive or negative.

My mobile numbers:

Thanks and Regards,