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number permanently disconnected

My Vodafone Cell No [protected] was permanently disabled , although they had a deposit of Rs 500/-, without any intimation through post or telephone that my number will be disabled.

When i went to a help desk, they promised to look into this and call me back, but I have not yet received an call from them.

  • Va
    Vani Oct 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi here is my friend's vaoda phone mobile number,
    Sundaramoorthy - 9986523070
    Right now this number is disconnected. Just want to know is the number is wrong or any replacement number with the same contact details.


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vodafone playing fraud with india

This company is a real fraud. In the last six months they have tried to cheat me of my money several...

customer harassment

i am Blaise Miranda residing in mumbai city in INDIA. I have been harassed by the vodafone centres a lot. This was the problem i had to face. I had purchased a vodafone campus card around 2 months back submitting all the required documents. after that i got a message within a day saying that the documents submitted were incorrect. Without any delays I contacted the customer care who told me that my address was incorrect. So I went to the nearest vodafone centre to submit my documents again, but there i came to know that my address was right but the card was on some "Mahendra Chauhan's" name. The executive told me to re-submit the documents and my line would be activated and everything would be normal. Then I again got a message saying that "your line will be de-activated within 24 hrs if you do not submit the right documents". Again without any delays I contacted the customer care and again they told me that the documents had been rejected because the card was on some other person's name. Again they told me to re-submit my documents and told me that the line would be activated soon. Yet they did not start my line . I went again on 11-11-2007 to the vodafone centre with the same problem and she(executive) told me to submit 2 documents, incase anything would go wrong with one document, the other one would be standby. Then my line was activated but again on 18-11-2007 my line was de-activated without any notice or text message. I rang them up and they told me the same problem due to which I was really frustrated. Since I was out of town for 9 days I could'nt do anything. but when I returned the first thing I did was I rang up to the customer care and told them the problem and there was a new scenario here. This executive tells me that my line was not getting activated because my card was on "MAHENDRA'S" name and i had to get an NOC from him. He told me that it was my dealer's fault due to which i was really disappointed because after visiting the vodafone centre 2 times and submitting my documents 3 times, no one ever mentioned that i had to get a NOC from "MAHENDRA" due to this harassment i wanted to deactivate the "campus scheme" they(customer care) told me that it would be de-activated within 12 months. I wanted to discontinue it because of the harassment and because of my address on other person's name.
When i asked them to look into the matter again, they said they could'nt help me with it due to which i have changed my operator to another one and i am very happy with it.
The serial no. of my complaint which i had lodged on 11-11-2007 is "SR# [protected]" and the executive's name was "Sonia Dhir". I just want to ask a question, "is this what a person has to go through to be a vodafone customer ?"
- waiting for your reply.

  • Ra
    Ravi K Sharma Mar 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think its time for TRAI to take serious note of these malpractices company is indulging in and frame guidelines to protect consumers from being subjected to mental agony.

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pathetic customer service!

Myself having vodafone connection under family plan max 10. As I wanted to move out to other plan, and wanted...

irresponsible behaviour of customer care

I called up at vodafone customer care no. 55666 on 5thDec.07 to enquire about blackberry services plan & i spoke to below mentioned people in a chronological order ,first of all no one has idea about the services ..they are not trained enough so as they have a good product knowledge with poor communication skills...moreover everyone put me on hold for a minimum of 5-10 min ,took my name & no & disconnected the call ,i have the recording as well on my mobile...Even there supervisor who are good for nothing namely
Mr. Pradeep & Jaspal assured a call back & which never had happened....

Names of Executives attended my call:
Bhawna,Manoj,Khushi,Rahul,Pankaj & mala

This is really frustating i have wasted more than an hour in total on these calls & then also i have not get my query responded by these people....this is really frustating...after this i will arrange this article to get into the media ..

  • Ve
    ved kumar kapoor Jul 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am using a vodafone postpaid connection last 2 month std sms charged in my bill but i am not sending any type of std sms. the month of june in my number std sms charged 197/-rs and the month of july my number std sms charged 98.80 some thing. but ia m not sending any std sms and all std sms sending on a particular Reliance number and this number is unknown for me...iam very worried because if iam not sending any std sms so why i am charged . plz take care of my number because iam a old customer of your network. i thiink some one other using my number but this is not possible becuase i am not sharing my mobile to any other person even my friends & my family person also. your customer care excutive not solve my problem so iam forwarded a complaint.so kindly solve my problem snd refund my amount...plz this is my humble request solve my problem and plz call back me...
    Regards:- LALIT KAPOOR

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wrong information/rude behaviour of cce

yesterday at 7:00 pm,i recharged my prepaid account by Rs 35 bonus card(300 local sms),i didnt get any confirmation sms that your plan is activated or not i called up customer care to find out what is the status as iam getting charged for my msgs.there was a customer care executive (DILIP) who is very rude and in a hurry to disconnecte the line,might b looking to improve his aht(average handling time),that idiot told me ur plan is activated on ur number at 9:00 pm,than i asked him "why iam getting charged for it " He replied" is there anything may i assist u with".
Its not the matter of 3-4 Rs but if vodafone cant provide customer satisfaction or cant solve the problem of customer than why just for formality u have open up ur customer care centre.Vodafone is waisting money for customer executives like these.If want to spend the use it for product quality than there will b no need for customer care.
Now point of lunch a complain is that i need my money back in my account and want u to take some strict action against that customer care executive.my accounts details are:-

sandeep bhardwaj

i recharged my no. through Rs35 bonus card(si no.-[protected])

and if u cant do this also than iam afraid what will happen to vodafone,it can loose its customer like this behavious

  • Sy
    syed_samad Oct 15, 2009


    yesterday at 7:00 pm, i recharged my prepaid account by Rs 35 bonus card(300 local sms), i didnt get any confirmation sms that your plan is activated or not i called up customer care to find out what is the status, why iam getting charged for my msgs.when i spoke to customer care executive, He told me that i cant help you now because server was down, i need an imediate action from your end and kindly rectify the things at the earliest
    Abdul Samad
    mob. 9620787695

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I have paid amount(Rs.100.00 only, Kiosk accepted one 100 rupee note only)for hutch marathon but my...

cell info display

Cell info display
All vodafone users in India are facing problem regarding cell info display from last three months , We call costmer care about this they are not responding in good manner , They are promoting there own ads instead of giving customer valuable information of Area Display (cell info display )

  • Sa
    Satbir Singh Dec 06, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Cell info display
    All vodafone users in India are facing problem regarding cell info display from last three months , We call costmer care about this they are not responding in good manner , They are promoting there own ads instead of giving customer valuable information of Area Display (cell info display )

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  • Ku
    kums61 Jul 06, 2009

    Sure, I am irritated by the Cell info display content. They dont heed to TRAI. Cell info must be that of Tower name and not an advertisement!

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  • Sr
    Sreejith I.G Oct 05, 2009

    I just made a call to Vodafone Customer (dont) Care regarding the same issue. The representative told me a very simple way to get away from this annoying messages. "Just wait for 4 days; and within this time, make sure you dont go within the proximity of any tower that has the ad message activated. Tadaaa... The annoying messages will be gone... ehh... until you go near another tower that has this 'facility' activated"
    I have not felt irritated like this in a while..

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  • Mp
    M Paul Jan 10, 2010

    I am a customer and opt recharge often and found the balance reduced automatically from the mobile. The mobile Number 9538913302 . The example is Rs. 50 (Fifty) as recharged on 09.1.10 and overnight seen Rs. 30 (thirty) spend without any call contact. This is my request to clarify the actual fact and confirm me. Oblige your office cooperation.

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  • Su
    sushrut91 Jan 13, 2010

    Ya those idiots are doing incorrect marketing

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  • Di
    Disha21 Oct 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a customer of Vodafone . My cell number 9919169504 . on 24 Sept some service has stopped due to verification Identity proof . On 8th Oct i submitted the all relevant document to vodafone office in rajajipuram at lucknow, after four day when i enquired to vodafone office that whenever anyone calling in my cellphone my cellphone showed me " unknown" but not any number .after one week the thing become worse . they stopped my outgoing call .i wentto the vodafone centre in rajajipuram at lucknow i enquired about my verification they showed me that ur verfication has updated . but the problem is same outgoing has stopped and incoming call number has not been showing till now ... kindly take proper action at ur earliest.

    Thank You

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out going blocked

Dated : Dec/04/2007


The Manager Customer Service,
Vodafone Essar Limited,
Peninsula Corporate Park,
Ganpat Rao Kadam Marg,
Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400 013
FAX NO : + [protected] / 6666 1222

Dear Sir / Ma’am

Subject : Vodafone Cellular No. + [protected]

It does not give me pleasure at all to waste my time and yours about the CALLOUS SERVICES of VODAFONE INDIA.

Subject Vodafone Cellular No.+[protected] was on Corporate Account until Oct/31/2007 and since the same was been used by the Author of this message he wanted to Retain the Same No. on his Individual Name.

Necessary NOC from the Corporate Account was submitted to Ms.Neetu of your Kharghar Vodafone Store on Nov/01/2007. During the time of submission the Author had discreetly requested Ms.Neetu to complete all the documentation at one go to avoid any inconvenience to any concern later. Ms.Neetu assured that basis the NOC everything would be taken care off and also my Tariff Plan would be changed from Plan 699 to Plan 299.

However the same did not happen and Ms.Neetu called me on Nov/03/2007 stating that she would require me submit my Billing Address Proof along with a Photograph. The Author rushed to the store which is about 30 Kms from his work place and handed over the desired document and the Photograph. Again the Author requested Ms.Neetu to check and confirm whether the exercise of Transferring the Account from Corporate To Individual and the Tariff Plan is changed or not. She suggested that the Author clears his previous months Bill Amounting to Rs.1253.77,which was supposedly due on Nov/15/2007. The Author asked Ms.Neetu to advise him the Total Amount Due Until That Hour ( 19.00 Hrs Of Nov/03/2007 ) and she was kind enough to suggest the Amount which was Rs.1,322.00 and which the Author immediately paid through his Credit Card. And for which the Transaction ID is MKG-2-[protected] (19.04.05 Hrs). After making the payment the Ms.Neetu kept a Xerox Copy of the Payment Receipt and assured the Author that the Account & Tariff Plan Transfer would effect within the next 48 Hrs.

The Author waited for a confirmation for the next few days. Not getting one he called Vodafone Helpline ( 111 ) on 13/112007 and spoke to Ms.Tejas who said that the Plans have not been changed since she they did not receive the author’s documents. On being given details Ms.Tejas promptly connected the Author to Ms.Neetu. It was a shock to the Author when Ms.Neetu said that she did not process the documents since she would need Rs.500/- against some charges. The Author nearly lost his control and asked Ms.Neetu that incase he hadn’t called would Vodafone bothered to inform about the status. He also asked Ms.Neetu to pay the money and process the documents and her money would be reimbursed by 19.30 Hrs the same evening. Only the Almighty and Ms.Neetu know whether she had made the payment from her side but the author kept his word and by 19.30 hrs the same day he reached the Vodafone Kharghar store and paid a sum of Rs.500/- to Ms.Zahida but for which no receipt was issued. Ms.Zahida assured to pass on the money to Ms.Neetu and said that everything will be all right now.

On Nov/17/2007 the author called Vodafone helpline no.111 and was shocked when he was told that by Ms.Priti that neither the author’s documents have reached at her end nor his payment was reflecting in her system. Later she connected the author to Ms.Suhasini who in a blink said that the documents have been processed on Nov/17/2007. She also assured the Author that she would make a note that the delay has occurred due to Vodafone and hence the author may be billed @ Tariff Plan 299 from Nov/01/2007 the day when the NOC was given to Vodafone.

The Author’s misery did not end here and on Nov/28/2007 his Phone was disconnected by Vodafone. When contacted one Mr.Shyam came online and assured that the mistake is from their side and that the Line will be restored within the next Two hours. When told about the course of events, even Mr.Shyam was surprised that the Payment made of Rs.1,322.00 was not reflecting in his system. Mr.Shyam kept his word and the line was restored.

The Author now sat back and relaxed that at last Sanity Prevailed with Vodafone and his miseries have ended. He received an SMS on Dec/12/2007 that his Bill for the month of Nov/2007 is due on Dec/16/2007 for an amount of Rs.619.22. While he was waiting for the Bill Soft & Hard copy he found that effective 12.50 Hrs of Dec/03/2007 his out going calls are barred. With utter disgust the author called Vodafone at 111 at 14.00 Hrs and this time one Ms.Monica came on line and informed that since the Credit Limit on the Author’s Cell no. is fixed at Rs.300/- his line has been disconnected. She also commented that the Verification Process is still not over. The last nail on the coffin was that when Ms.Monica was told that is it not Vodafone’s Duty to inform the Patron about the Blocking Of Any Service. At 14.00 Hrs, Ms.Monica smartly forwarded an SMS at 14.08 Hrs stating that the out going services are blocked and mind you this was after the author had disconnected the call.

Now the Bone Of Contention is :

Is it the Patron’s Responsibility to check whether his File Is Moving Or Not ?

Is it not Vodafone’s Responsibility to Inform the Patron Regarding The Status ?

Is it not Vodafone’s Responsibility to Inform the Patron Regarding The Blocking Of Any Service Giving Reasons and Not Lame Excuses When Caught by the Scruff ?

Does VODAFONE Only Believe in Harassment Tactics ?

Does Vodafone works in this Callous Manner Globally Or Is It Just Taking The Indians for Ride ?

Your soonest advise on the above would enable the author to set further course of action.


Alok K.Choudhuri
D-115, Raghunath Vihar, A.W.H.O,
Sector-14, Kharghar,
Navi Mumbai – 410 210

Hand Phone No. + [protected]

( Currently Works Only Per The Whims & Fancies Of Vodafone )

  • Da
    Dannielle Quadling Jan 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a weird phone call this morning and there are lots peodofiles
    going around i though it could be one of them so i got scared and deleted the number, and i have now told someone and they need to know the number. So i need to get the number to tell the number.

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  • Ji
    jitin ar0ra May 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my bill was 4000 something i made the payment of 3000 hypercity mall malad west mumbai at9:30 they told me my phone will start after 2hrs so pl look forward. thank u

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  • Vo
    vodafoneisevil Jun 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Vodafone Shop Contact number:

    1. Get your latest bill from the shop.
    2. Look at the FAX number they provided.
    3. Change the last digit of the fax number and dial
    4. Keep changing the last digit until somebody picks up!

    For example: number for Vodafone Store in Hypercity:
    +91 22 671 00 980 (because fax is 671 00 985!)

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Network Issue

My number with Vodafone is +91-[protected]. I have been using this service for a year now, but the network...

delay in activation, harassment

Vodafone new postpaid cell phone connection applied for and charges deposited at Vodafone Essar Digilink Limited,8 Shahnajaf Riad,Lucknow-226001,UP,India on November 26 vide receipt No.2386.

The new connection number [protected] advised by the company people in writing on the receipt communicated to friends in India and abroad incurring an expense on Rs.511/-

On Dec 2,2007 a new connection number was allotted([protected]).Thus my expenditure in communicating the earlier advised number was put to waste.

Till now ie 7am IST on Dec 4,2007 the connection is not activated.In anticipation of the number to be acivated by Dec 1,2007 as assured by the Vodafone staff,I surrendered my 5 year old Reliance Cell connection and still remain without cell phone due to inefficient and insensitive service of much hyped and widely publicised Vodafone services.

Let my wasteful expenditure of Rs.511/- and deposited amount of Rs.599/- be refunded so that I may now have option to move to more efficient cell phone operators in the market.

-Anil Kumar Misra
2/122 Vikasnagar,
Kursi Road,
Landline phone +[protected]

  • Ra
    rajesh kumar Dec 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have just two days before buy connection of vodafone but they donot activate the connection.

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  • Ko
    Komal Chauhan Jan 22, 2009

    I have 20 days before buy connection of vodafone but they donot activate the connection. my new vodaphone no.is 09711454004. Plz respond me on my mail ID [email protected]

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  • Ra
    ratheesh kumar kk Jan 31, 2009

    i have already a pre paid connection and four days before i applied for chaging that connection in to post paid connection but till this time the connection is not activated. more over the pre- paid connection deactivated.my number is9645656886.take necessary action to activate the post paid connection.

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activation of caller tune without request and deducting the balance!

I had called a friend, who had a caller tune. After disconnecting the line I received a msg from 56789...

misguided by vodafone

VODAFONE through global direct sent some people at my residence for converting prepaid to postpaid.Since the tariff plan they offered was good so i changed it,but i did not get the plan that they had promised.I was promised 100 sms free every month which i never got.Why is vodafone cheating people?Is this their way of selling services by doing a cheap lying buiseness.The name of the executive is Shweta no.[protected].(global direct),mumbai .Please take some action

  • Sw
    sweety sharma Nov 30, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought one world calling card worth rupees 700/- in which call rate is 3.20 per minute in SOUTH EAST ASIA. I confirmed thrice from Vodafone care whether i can call through this card in Philippines @3.20 per minute or not, and Vodafone care assured me every time that it will charge me the same. But now I have bought that WCC and it is charging me 9.20 rupees per minute. What is this. What is the use of your Vodafone care? Are they only mean to misguide people? Please take some action.

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  • Sa
    Samir Gada Dec 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    GLOBAL DIRECT, one of the worst selling agents. The executive do not clarify everything properly. When asked to give in writing on Letter Head they would not do so. When i call Vodafone during that time, they say go ahead as they are their DSA. I am supposed to get a gift against the payment of Rs. 600/- to GD. Tried calling Global Direct on the nos. mentioned on the receipt, but you would be lucky if you get thru. Or you are kept on longgg hold. The executive Manish's no. (9820317733) says "you seem to have dialed a wrong number".

    I was said i can avail of SMS offer (Rs. 30/menth). Now they say it is kept on hold. Repeated calls to Vodafone does not heed anywhere. If Vodafone cannot help the subscriber, they should not ask payment from subscriber but from Global Direct. The service of Vodafone has gone worse in last few weeks. (Ever since from hutch to vodafone).

    God save from them.

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  • Ju
    Juan Fernandes Aug 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Some days back, few representatives from Global Direct came to my place and sold me a card, it was actually like he forced me to buy it. One of the representatives name was KAMLAKANTH and his phone no. 9930497926. I was told that they had a scheme in which if I pay Rs.700 as deposite i would get a prepaid vodafone connection with 14500 seconds free and 350 SMS free and plus I would get one more card free of cost and get 12000 seconds free on it plus i would get two assured gifts in 18 to 20 days of purchase. Gifts include laptop, camera, watch etc. I recieved the cards in a few days through courier, but they were postpaid cards with no visible offer on them. After that I have called this representative KAMLAKANTH several times but he didnt answer. When i recieved the bill for the cards i called the rep from a different number he recieved the call but as soon as I told him my name he hung up and switched off his cell phone. when I tried calling the other numbers on the bill even they were off. I cant believe that a reputed company like vodafone works with frauds like these. Global Direct is a fraud company and and vodafone should not let them market their brand. Thanks to Global Direct I have stopped using the vodafone cards and dont plan on doin so in the future aswell. I have also told my friends and relatives to beware of these frauds.

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useless process of customer care, nodal, and appeal auth.

am Om prakash Ahuja one of the customer of "Vodafone" having a mobile number-[protected] and [protected] is continously suffering from the worse services just because of Useless "Customer care and Nodal serices". only from last 8 or 10 months just a short tenure.
My purpose of writing is only to tell other people of vodafone how much Useless company managment you are having in delhi, no one is sincere here in working.
I am trying to contact Appeal auth of delhi from last 8 months but wont be able to contact,every time for the prblm resolution i have to wait here just bcoz of useless customer care and worse nodal team.
I have made a latest visit on Dwarka Vodafone store delhi to submit appeal but they people rejected and refused to accept my appeal and for a complaint resolution they people took 6hrs and at last after 6hrs they people are unable and wasted my time.
This is not a question of one time every time for a prblm,i feel helpless bcoz Yours Delhi services,like customer care and nodal and even appeal foounds to be...............worse.
Again-2 how many time i wrote to you poeple. if one one who is having or feeling guilty paass this msg to all india operation head ,or to concern person. I do have a wish to use the services but not bee able just becoz of process.
I have marked email to Nodal,Appeal and also to care but no revert from Appeal.
Or other wise to tell me how should i contact to concern person. i already losted my lots of time and even money.
MY remain or unsolved prblm are :
my prblm are as follows:
1) I am not aware of the charges of sending Email, Reciveing attachments,doing Fax and about making distribution list,abt notification alerts
abt the significance of Buisness hours,wt effect i found when i change my buissness hours and days,how can i revert email through voice ivr, how can i send voice mail and in which manner Mobile Terminator will recieve
2) Currently i am facing a prblm that i am not recieving notification alerts, also there is some technical prblm whn i dialed 131 and move for changing buisness hours through cell
3)My major and main prblm is Your Customer care, i have given you a lots of feedback in regard of customer care services,specially in respect of your some responsible person like Amita, Premlata parihar,sanjoy Team,Rm. vishal gautam, Parul Bakshi,Sonika gaussain and suresh bhati but wt i found no change same things and useless serivce are on way,
For i a valid concern i have to make a N number of call in customer care serivce and wt u people do with the call
1) Your front executive dont know abt the concern, they people dont have a complete knowlege regading product service as in regard of lack of knowlodge they people start arguing with me and waste my time
2) Most of the time they people dropped my call and even forget to pur intraction in account as a result i have to reveal the whole story to some one else
3) When call is transfer to some senior person like Anu shree,Gargi,Sanjay khan,Saurav mittal,Niti,Shubham and lots of person are present there, instead of answering me in reagad of my query they people alway revert :Sir give us next 24 hrs i will give u a call back and after 24 hrs there is no such person is available so again wastage of time and energy,and as a result i have to made a lots of call
4) Your concern team is dont have a such a good knowlege and even your All the vodafone store which i have visited in Past found to be uselees and dumb in regard of knowledge,The people dont have infro regardng the serivces and even your concer team persone bhawna made a call in past and without being loooking inot the matter wt prblm customer is facing and wasted my time and told to me for your concern i need a time i will give you a call by the next afternoon, i dont know whn afternoon of vodafone is going to be over

5) Right now tell me wt should i do in the hour of emergency,customer care is not available to me and nodal and appeal authority are also seem to be useless, wt i observe the company process is just doing a wastage of time and money.
I am not aware of the services which is running on my number [protected], and even in past i made a visit on the Hutch shope situated at sout ex. there i have a words with Mr Augustin and he told me that in the month of october or after six month you will get M2M pack free for the next six month,but there is no such records as per your customer and even the request is fwd to concern team.
You people are providing lots of frustration to customer and no one is looking in to the matter and every time you people barred my customer and whn ever i asked your company for appology no person come out and do appology.
Wt exp i am having in front of me that vodafone and hutch the multinational companies are working in india for only profit and even the indian employe are also doing the same,just becz either they dont have self respect in front of the company or wants to be shameless and to help company for exploitation.
YOur frustrated customer
Om prakash ahuja

  • Gi
    Gitaram Likhwar Dec 02, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Similar is my case from Mumbai

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  • Ga
    Gagan Dec 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Worst Services.

    We had taken 17 connections from Vodafone, and given the request to activate DATA CALL Service on the numbers on 5th December, but till date no ACTIVATION.

    If anyone tells me where should we go for complain. As the senior people there are saying what ever you want to do you can do but do not disturb them.

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  • Mr
    mrs. Manisha Ramesh gandhi Apr 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with the complaint, not only this but with entire complaints against vodafone. Company vodafone is not atall interested in providing fair service to its customers but they are only interested in harassing the comman people. I suggest that trai should take up the matter.

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  • An
    Ankush Kr. Dhiman Jun 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My no. is +919999227129. Something wrong happened with my No. and so I am not getting any call from my Brother who is residing at Kolkata and whose cell No. is +919433013792. Kindly check out at your end and do the needfull.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

    Ankush Kr. Dhiman

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  • Su
    suman Mar 14, 2009

    hi i am suman please returen my blance which is deducted on 14th rs 50.00 my mobile no is 9991217127

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customer disservice

This is a clear and detailed narration of the entire episode of my harrassment by vodafone / hutch. if anyone...

sms alerts

I have a vodafone connection and the no.[protected]. On 15.11.2007, I received a service message regarding SMS alerts on cricket. Since I received a service message, i just read the message and closed without activating the alert. After a few minutes i am receiving a message that my SMS alerts on cricket has been activiated and sum of Rs.99/- has been charged and deducted from the account balance. Immediately(after 5 minutes) i called up the customer care and spoke to someone asking them what was going on and why did have to deducte Rs.99/- from my account balance when I have not requested for cricket alerts. The personnel on the other side kept saying they sent these service messages by default sent to everybody and that he would look into the matter and requested to call up after 24 hrs and see what he could do.

After about half an hour i spoke to another lady and asked her what she could do to recredit the Rs.99/- to my account balance.
She said that the complaint is registered (registration no.[protected])and that her superiors would study the case the get back to me on Mondayi.e., 19.11.2007.

I dont know how many such incidents like these have occured to other customers and many without knowledge will be paying the postpaid bills for all these service messages. I would definitely want to get back my Rs.99/- recredited for no fault of mine.

  • Po
    poonam gupta Nov 23, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Vodafone,has started giving fake information and cheating customers.This is not the case with other connections atleast .

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  • Ir
    irfan khan Jul 30, 2009

    i too had a similar problem. i got a service message regarding FTV photos, i just read it and they deducted 99Rs from my prepaid balance. what a cheat!

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isd not activated/deactivation of connection any time

I had caaled severel times to voda fone customer care but there was no response from them as iam on roaming I...

Such pathetic service!

I went to get a replacement SIM for my Vodafone number, and was told it will take 2 hours for activation. Its been over 24 hours now, and the SIM is still not activated. The best part is that the Vodafone Shop at Ansal Plaza, New Delhi, does not have a telephone number listed on Just Dial or even with Vodafone itself!! SO when I called Vodafone Customer Care they told me that I should go back to the shop, as they have not received a request for activation. It is surprising that Vodafone does not have a contact list of their authorized stores.

Such pathetic service & I have been their customer for 8 years!! I wonder why I am tolerating this!

  • Na
    Nandu Nov 07, 2008
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    Verified customer

    My mobile with sim no. 9899460606 was misplaced few days back & i applied for sim replacement for which I visited this ansal plaza vodafone store & now
    I am also having the same problem yesterday i was told that it will take only 4 hrs to get my replacement sim activated but its more than 24 hrs but its still not activated. pls help

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  • Vi
    viku Mar 28, 2009

    i went convert postpaid to prepaid my vodafone no and after one week it not work.
    So worst customer care
    worst service
    worst cellular
    and atleast not but last worst outlet ansalplaza vodafone

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  • Ch
    chiku Apr 03, 2009

    ansal plaza vodafone store is seriously not but bull ###

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  • Ch
    chiku Apr 03, 2009

    kuch dard

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  • Fu
    Fukc Vodafone Ansal Plaza Aug 25, 2009

    well.. the whole reason why i quit vodafone is ansal plaza staff... i'd go there for an entire week trying to sort of an overcharge on my account for postpaid and they treated me like it was a privilege for me to be there... the arrogance and attitude exuded by the staff was so sick it literally made me glad i didt throw up but rather throw away my card upon exit from the store... i still dont know what happened to my money but the headeache was enough to drive me insane... i am better off with pre paid and no hustles from a different company... the women there are the worst - pompous snotty nosed ###!

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  • Si
    sindyyyyy May 16, 2012
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    Verified customer

    OH MY GOD. Are you serious ? I thought I was the only one. I'm facing the same problem. This is ridiculous!!! and this complaint was written 4 years back. wow. are they REALLY that inefficient ? seems to me, they are ! stupid ###.

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  • Ni
    Nimimerkki Aug 04, 2013

    Exactly the same happened to me!! Went to these idiots to change my normal sim to micro sim... the same ### was told to me; will be active in 2 hours and internet in 24. When calling VF customer care after 10 hours they still hadn't received an activation request from them. So back to jokers wasting my money and time trying to get it solved. Vodafone should sack every single person in that shop! The most incompetent staff ever!!

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Regarding blocking of Blackberry by Vodafone!

I purchased a Blackberry device from Hutch (now Vodafone),Ansal plaza, new delhi after paying MRP Rs24990...

non refund of money

representative of Global Direct, Lower Parel Mumbai who are DSA of Hutch approached for booking, accordingly advance was givento them. They failed to either provide a connection or refund . After one year on 15.6.06 vide receipt No.03648 they again promised a connection in lieu of previous booking. They failed to provide it also. Requests for refund have fallen on deaf ears. Company says to contact their Manager Mr. Amit Roy ([protected]) who does not pick up the phone . I have not got neither refund nor connection.

  • He
    Hemant Mishra Dec 05, 2007
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    Verified customer

    On 26th of November, 2007 I got a massage from Vodafone Company the title of the message was “ MONEYBACK” & the content of the message was “ Sirf Aaapke liye. 5 minutes FREE on 56789. Dial NOW. Offer 30th Nov tak. Dial Karein aur muft sangeet aur manoranjan ka luft uthayein.

    I Dialed that no. but no response from that side, the duration of the call was 50 seconds.
    After that call my 6 Rs. was Deducted from my account. After that I had a talk with their Customer Care Executive he said that Sir you definitely get your money back after 24 hrs.
    But I didn’t received, than I called back to customer care executive he said wait for 72 hrs. but no response received, I called them again then that guy his name is “Sudheer Sharma” he gave me the Complain No. 783536172. after that conversation I got a message that “ We shall respond to your query by Wednesday 05-dec-07, 06:00 pm”
    But I didn’t received any thing at night I called up again then that guy said we should respond till 12:00 clock at midnight and I am still waiting for my money,
    6 Rs. is not a big amount but the thing is that it was a commitment from their side & this shows how irresponsible they are against their customers.
    Hoping for the Best
    Hemant Mishra

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  • An
    Anil Kaul Jan 12, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was not using my number 9873573650 (corporate connection, paid for one year ie May 07 to May 08) for about 2 months and when i tried to use it in Nov 07, i noticed that it has been deactivated. I had a talk with customer care executive and they asked me to write a mail for activation of this number. I wrote a mail as told by the executive but there was no action. I gave many reminders but vodafone customer care was not bothered at all. I wrote a complaint in the feedback form and after some time i got a mail asking me the details of the number. This question, answer session went on going for some time and finally an apology mail was sent to me and i was assured that my number will be active within 24 hours time.

    To my surpise, few days back i received another mail from corporate office which is given below:
    "We would like to inform you that as per our records, the services for the number 9873573650 have been deactivated effective 02/09/07. and bla bla.......'

    First of all deactivating my number without any intimation and secondly they are not activating the same. They are not bothered how their customers suffer. I must that Vodafone is very irresponsible and their customer services are going worse from bad.

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  • Sa
    samna Aug 11, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Iam samna from Kannur.ISD miscall time money cut.severaltime
    me call customer care but reply is very bad.so please immediate

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