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I have been a Vodacom customer for many years. I am due for an upgrade as of December 2018, but as I was diagnosed with cancer in October 2018 and am undergoing chemotherapy since the end of November 2018 I was reluctant to go to the Mall at Pietermaritzburg because of exposure to large crowds and possible infections. I went to Vodacom at Victoria Road instead, selected the new contract I would like, but during processing, the lady assisting me selected a smart watch by her own error. She informed me of her error, and said the Vodacom policy was that any reversal took 24 hours to process, so she could not continue with my upgrade, and would I come back after 24 hours had passed. The next day was a chemo day for me, so it was a while before I tried again to do an upgrade. This time, I decided to brave the Mall, and went to the Vodacom shop at the end of February 2019. They were due to close that particular shop the following week and amalgamate with the other Vodacom shop at the Mall. I had all my documentation and proceeded to try upgrade with Sean. At the end of the process, with a signed contract and all documentation complete, he informed me he did not have the phone I had selected in stock; he would order it for me and phone me when it was available, but that things would be delayed by the shop closing down and amalgamating. So, I left without my new phone. He called last week Wednesday to say the phone had arrived and that I could come to collect it. This was now my third trip to Pietermaritzburg, just to get my upgrade. I arrived and Sean asked me to sign the contract. I wondered why, as all paperwork had already been completed. I looked at the pages he had flipped over to the last page, and realized that the first page was from the original contract, with the monthly fee of R279, but that the rest was a new contract, at R289 per month. I said that this was not the contract agreed on in February, and that the only reason I did mot have the February pricing was because he did not have stock, and that I was not obliged to pay more because it was now March, and Vodacom pricing had gone up. I tore that new contract in half because I do not agree to it, and left the shop. I will not do business in this manner, and I am sure this is not how Vodacom conducts business either. I have lodged a formal complaint against Sean with the Vodacom shop but have not had any feedback from them to date. I am now still without an upgrade, despite three trips to Pietermaritzburg, and I am very disgruntled with the service from Vodacom. Claire [protected]

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    Unsure if submitted complaint. Very complicated to register.

Mar 20, 2019

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