Vodacomcontract upgrade

I am highly disappointed with the service of Vodacom especially after using the network for so many years. I was called by a vodacom consultant a month ago who convinced me to updrade instead of going to a vodacom store. I upgraded my two numbers a sumsung A20 (Invoice number K1741959) and sumsung A30 (Invoice number K1741940). I explained to the consultant that the one number of (076) for the Sumsung A20 is used by my younger brother and told him which number I use (082). I was not informed that that Sumsung A30 was out of stock, and a week or two weeks later only the Sumsung A20 was delivered to my work place. It was only when I called Vodacom to ask why one phone was delivered that I was told it was out of stock. on 01 October I was invoiced for both the A20 and A30. On 04 October I receveived a call from Vodacom to verify my delivery details on my 082 numbers that I will receive the A30 the week of the 9th of October. By the 10th of October which is a month later the phone is still not delivered. I called Vodacom when I was told the courier said they tried to call me on the 3rd of October on the 076 number and I didnt answer my phone. I told the consultant that there was no way they couldnt get hold of me and I was only called on 04 October by vodacom on my 082 number to be told that the phone will be delivered the following week and to verify my contact and delivery details. She further told me the phone is not with the couriers and that I will have to wait till the 14th on the monday for the phone to be returned to Vodacom to cancel or for the information to be updated on the system which means I will have to wait for almost two months for a phone I could have just gotten in a day at shop.

This is the worst service I have ever experienced because firstly the sms that vodacom sents to track your order doesnt work. And there is no communication at all. And the courier excuse for not getting hold of me is very pathetic because the first delivery went smoothly and they were using my 082 number to get hold of me. and when they arrived at reception I was called on my landline to collect the parcel.

Oct 10, 2019

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