Could you kindly assist us to resolve the following matters
1. Account number I4318255 has been handed over yet again after this matter has been discussed with a lawyer and Vodacom many time.
• When calling the lawyer this morning they said they are going to kick the file back to Vodacom and we should deal directly with Vodacom legal department. We have done this before with no joy.

I have attached the communication on all the matters above as Vodacom staff are sending us from pillar to post and never honouring their commitment and coming back to us with answers.

Could you kindly come back to me with answers to the above. We will come in and see Vodacom top management about the above mentioned and bring in all the evidence needed to resolve the matters.

We are not willing to continually being made to run around by Vodacom staff and lawyers any longer.

Your response will be appreciated.

Oct 02, 2019

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