Vodacomvat fraud

G Jan 03, 2018 Review updated:

I had a contract with Vodacom for ACC 9I4226512 when it came 3 months to end of the contract I started to be billed for value added services.

when contacting Vodacom was told I had to collect this money back from a third party namely WASPA. I don't believe this was correct as I had never given Vodacom permission to pay a third party on my behalf.

I contacted WASPA to refund money, they informed me there members would refund the money as they could not furnish proof that I had subscribed to any value added service.

WASPA member's refunded the money excluding the VAT which was charged by Vodacom for the value added services.

I am now been harassed by Vodacom for Arrears stemming from this VAT amount which I will not be paying as it is a VAT issue between the company's you illegally paid, SARS and yourselves as there was ultimately NO vale added to invoice as this money was refund.

this seems to be a two issues here the VAT fraud and the illegal billing which Vodacom seems to believe is the ethical way of doing business so are now using harassment tactics to get illegal billings paid.

please forward me a reference number as I will require to escalate this mater with ICASA as well as SARS, as I have tried explaining this to your call centres and have advised them they may need to raise this matter with more senior management to help resolve but I am still being harassed by Vodacom.

  • Updated by Daisy Wa Ga Mathibela · Mar 02, 2017

    Not happy about the service

  • Updated by Pieter Naude · Aug 01, 2017

    Main account mobile number: 082 492 2550
    Name: Pieter C. Naude
    Same Vodacom account since early 1990’s

    • Reinstate the email account
    • Retrieve any and all mails sent to the address since 13h00 on 31/07/2017 up to activation.

    This incident can easily swing a very loyal and trusted customer, with twenty-plus years of excellent account management, away from Vodacom as a service provider.

  • Updated by lebomatjila · Sep 27, 2017

    am really disappointed with Vodacom, i just loaded R100 airtime 26.09.2017 at 11:00 and now at 11:10 when i check its shows i have R65 where is the rest of my airtime. this is really pissing me off im about to change to another network. My Numbers are 0823955792.

  • Updated by lebomatjila · Sep 27, 2017

    i am really disappointed with Vodacom, i just loaded R100 airtime 26.09.2017 at 11:00 and now at 11:10 when i check its shows i have R65 where is the rest of my airtime. this is really pissing me off im about to change to another network. My Numbers are 0823955792.

    i need my airtime refunded urgently

  • Updated by Nico Oosthuizen · Nov 10, 2017

    refer to email trail

  • Updated by Corne Pietesre · Mar 09, 2018

    Complaint Submitted

  • Updated by callie van Aadt · Sep 26, 2018

    111 Is always busy. No help have to retry over and over. No e-mail service


  • Te
    Ter123 Aug 14, 2018

    Vodacom has started debit my account and I do not even have a Vodacom account. I stopped the debit order and now they want to blacklist me. I am in Canada and cancelled my Vadacom account almost a year ago. My Vodacom account was closed successfully before this started.

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  • Za
    Zanalee Klein Aug 15, 2018

    Good day

    I do not understand how my 1G data that is for 7 days jst disappeared so fast...I don't have much apps and I didn't really download just keeps saying 400mb left than in about 10mins it says 370mb...

    It is really frustrating.


    Thank you.

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  • Vi
    Vicky De Bruyn Aug 15, 2018

    Billed almost R10 000 for data usage when I was abroad which I did not use, I used WIFI and had mobile data turned off.
    Reference number 1-34170734620255

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  • Mo
    moervarkie Aug 15, 2018

    Good day after numerous emails send with attachments no joy on getting my refund. I AM HIGHLY DISSAPPOINTED IN VODACOM FOR OVERCHARGING MY ACCOUNT FOR 5 MONTHS!!!

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  • Co
    Corne Pietesre Aug 20, 2018

    The Number 0646548529 was opened without consent, against number 082 557 3654. Amounts up to R14 000 were paid for an account which were ported to Cell C. Please refund the amount outstanding?

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  • Ni
    Nicholas Cristaudo Aug 20, 2018

    1 of the people working at where I went said I could get a 500mb data bundle contract and then now she says it is not available and it is too late to change my contract so now I am stuck with a fucking shit contract and I am bloody not fucking happy!!!

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  • Ka
    Karin Buss Aug 20, 2018

    I need an audit to be done on my account as I am veing charged fo 2 handsets on my number for more than a year now and I hebe never upgraded before I was due for an upgrade.

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  • Ga
    Gato77 Aug 20, 2018

    Why is Vodacom billing me each month for Vodacom Live? I have never prescribed for the service but I have to pay between R100 - R210 each month. I have only noticed it now on my invoice but have the contract over a year now. If they have no proof om me adding this feature then I want my money back.

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  • Si
    Simangele Nikani Aug 20, 2018

    The service i got from vodacom accounts was appalling, called in on 04/04/2018 as i was debited an amount incorrectly i was promised ill be refunded within the next 48 hours, 48 hours elapsed no feedback, called again on 09/04/2018 still no refund I am extremely irate.

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  • Go
    Goodluck Wilbroad Aug 20, 2018

    i need to make call with my moderm

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  • Jo
    Josef753 Aug 21, 2018

    I want to complain that I did not receive sms that my data is running out, then use my airtime, the consultant was also not very helpfull.

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  • Ch
    chardien Aug 21, 2018

    want to know how can vodacom increase the vat on your contract, if you did sign a 2 year contract.
    isn't it breach of contract?
    they can only increase the vat after your 2 year contract expires.
    if you did sign a contract for 2 years nothing can be changed with in that 2 years.
    can we sort this out, its unacceptable .

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  • Me
    Melissa Botma Aug 21, 2018

    After many Hello Peter complaints and several emails, with 2 reassuring me my problem was sorted, this still haven't been resolved.

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  • Th
    Thabo Tola Aug 21, 2018

    Kindly note that I have not purchased or take cell phone contract with Vodacom

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  • Al
    Alex Beck Aug 21, 2018

    would like to find out why your Vodacom app is not working.
    I have been using the app for months already and the last 3 weeks the app has not been working. I have phoned in to complain and after that it was working for a couple of days and now it is off again.
    I use a Huawei phone and my number is 082 799 4782
    Alex Beck

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  • Sa
    Sandy 123 Aug 28, 2018

    I have just upgraded my monthly plan and yet every month I have no airtime or data and yet I am using less than before and paying more than I ever have. Vodacom you have let us down. You are overcharging your customers and you will lose them all. I have been disconnected twice by your consultants and not called back once. Your service is shocking.

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  • La
    Land cruiser Sep 01, 2018

    Termination of contract still deducting money of my account and the most- most- most unhelpful full service that you can get vodacom please tell me.

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  • Ji
    Jits Zietsman Sep 01, 2018

    I never upgraded these 2 numbers for years I want to cancel the contract as from today . I will never use Vodacom again for upgrades or data, the steal our money. ( Please stop these 2 data devices today)

    Please make sure you cancel the rest of my contract on the expiry dates to come


    Jeanette Zietsman
    Cell 0825330144

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  • Ch
    Charmaine Kleinhans Sep 01, 2018

    I took out a new contract on 28/11/17 and still I was not contacted to confirm my order. It is two freakin days now and it is unacceptable. Get your act together and contact me on 0813832661.

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  • Ma
    Matsobane Maqabe Sep 01, 2018

    I upgraded my contract on the 24 Nov 2017, chose a device and was told to expect delivery within 5 dsys. Upon enquiry today, which is the 5th day, I am now being told that the delivery will only be effected some time next. This is bad service and is unacceptable. I am very annoyed and expect my device to be delivered by 15h00 today, as promised.

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  • Ka
    Karelsm Sep 03, 2018

    Good day

    For a while now, i've been getting sms's about a subscription that i never took. R5 has been deducted and i am sick of it, please reverse the amount you took, and stop this SHIT asap.

    We purchase airtime with our own money, not yours, i am sick and tired of this SHIT.


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  • Ma
    Mara v R Sep 03, 2018

    The network is down from just after 6 this morning (now 09:28).
    This occurrence is happening more and more ( some times up to 12 hours at a time)

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  • Re
    Reisa86 Sep 03, 2018

    Please see captured Direct Messages.

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  • Ve
    vevak Sep 03, 2018

    good day

    i applied for an upgrade at 4.00 am on black Friday online, i was given a reference that a consultant will call ME regarding but till now i have received nothing . please could this be addressed as soon as possible . the reference number was 8KUZQD

    vevak padayachee

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  • Kg
    KGMaab Sep 05, 2018

    Vodacom has failed to resolve my issue and loss of data. Due to unauthorised porting, Vodacom failed to return it and restate my data and airtime.

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  • Al
    AliciaG1504 Sep 05, 2018

    I have complained on the Vodacom Facebook page and on Hello Peter, I'm actually getting tired of repeating myself. Vodacom changed my bank account no but still took the debit order off my old account, therefore resulting in returned debit order charges. I would like a refund and for them to debit my new account

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  • Ni
    Nico Oosthuizen Sep 05, 2018

    Since the fibre installation at my home in December 2016, which was also a shoddy installation, my internet services is giving me problems most days.
    My Address: stand 1035, Raslouw Glen Estate, Raslouw, centurion, 0157
    My mobile no: 082 807 6735
    My email address: [email protected]

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  • Wi
    willem toerien Sep 05, 2018

    On my credit bureau Vodacom listed an outstanding amount of R 4961.00 but my statement reflects a credit amount of R 5394.04 as I always pay more.

    This now has a bad reflection on my name and without any notification will be handed over to my lawyers .

    All costs will be for Vodacom's account..
    Willem Toerien
    Acct number:I2265955

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  • An
    Andy Conn Sep 05, 2018

    I am desperately trying to reach Vodacom to query an account on 0827752266, but you cannot email, and the numbers on their website are not reachable EVER!

    Please will someone contact me on +263 712 212257 or [email protected]


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  • To
    Tokoloho Mokoena Sep 05, 2018

    I had R99 airtime and 250megs of data that went missing out of no where. I have no social media on this phone and all my apps' background data has beeen switched off etc. there is no way I consumed so much data. I am now left with R1, 55 airtime and no DATA!!!HOW VODACOM. Bring back my data. My number isn't 076 012 6954

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  • Fu
    Funi Ratshitanga Sep 06, 2018

    I did a contract upgrade on the 2nd, everything went well and ive been wainting for delivery, just on the 7 november i called vodacom to do follow up, to find out my upgrade was cancelled, the cell phone i am waiting for is been discontinued, no body from vodacom never bother to call me. 0791727823. Very dissapointed on vodacom,

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  • Ja
    Jaconette Labuschagne Sep 08, 2018

    I have cancelled the Luno debit order 4 months ago. Then still the debit order of R56 has been taken from my account. I had to call again not once but twice to ask politely for the cancellation. This month the debit again was debited on my account.
    Debit Number: 100000030180831
    Jaconette Labuschagne
    082 443 9625

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  • Er
    Ernests Sep 10, 2018

    for the past 2 days I have been loading data and airtime and it has been disappearing without any app's opened. I have been calling Vodacom for the past 2 days and no help have been done.

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  • Le
    lebomatjila Sep 10, 2018

    i am really disappointed with Vodacom, i just loaded R100 airtime 26.09.2017 at 11:00 and now at 11:10 when i check its shows i have R65 where is the rest of my airtime. this is really pissing me off im about to change to another network. My Numbers are 0823955792.

    i need my airtime refunded urgently

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  • Ba
    Baal-Perazim Baloyi Sep 10, 2018

    We have multiple campuses streaming on our platform and last week none of our campeses could access our site due to extremely slow network

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  • Na
    NA Vos Sep 10, 2018

    My Sim card that I use for data is 076 4546 142.

    Data that I have purchased has been depleted without me using it.
    I monitor my usage very carefully because I am a pensioner and I do not have money to waste.

    A lot of data has been deducted without my usage.

    Kindly reinstate my data forthwith.
    Nigel Vos, Melmoth, KZN.

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  • Wi
    Wiehann Sep 10, 2018

    Placed upgrade with Tygervalley data store on the 14th of September 2017. iPad was never ordered. Consultant was Ismail

    Went to Cape Gate vodashop on the 30th of September 2017. It two weeks later and they comfirmed that it was never ordered by Consultant Michelle.

    Not happy with the service I received after a month waiting for an iPad.


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  • Za
    ZandileMbewu Sep 10, 2018

    Poor service from Vodacom consultant, she didn't care to listen to my complaint, Vodacom is a piece of shit including the consultant that assisted me.

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  • Li
    LIZETTE03 Sep 18, 2018

    I bought 55.00 ans 2 minutes later it was gone . I was suppose to get a 1GB from them for the day and nothing . My husband load at the vodacom shop and nothing come through to my phone I am the only vodacom in my household and I am the only person who spend so much money on data.
    Definitely switching to CELL C.

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  • Ke
    Keenan Wingrove Sep 18, 2018

    Good day,

    I won yesterday morning the 12th September 2017, 200mb data for 7 days.

    I received the SMS, but my account wasn't credited at all.

    Can you please assist me with crediting it to me.

    My number is 0762198310

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