Vodacomthe service that I received from vodacare fourways was absolutely appalling


I purchased a Blackberry 8900 on a contract with Vodacom - Fourways on [protected]. 2weeks ago the phone just switched off as i was trying to accept a call. It later switched itself back on but the scrolling ball was not working at all & a few hours later the screen went blank. When I took it to the Vodacare in Fourways Mall they told me that the LCD screen had cracked and I’d have to pay for the repairs (R2900) because the screen was not covered on the warranty. I was told that a fall or hard pressure was the cause of the screen breaking. The fact that the scroll stopped working first was completely ignored by Vodacare. I am extremely unhappy, to say the least because of the following reason: 1 - I shouldn’t be held accountable to pay for repairs because I haven’t dropped or exerted hard pressure on the phone at any stage. The fact that the scroll stopped working 1st says something. Blackberry cannot explain to me why BOTH the scroll & screen suddenly stopped working, to me that says that the phone i recieved was faulty & Blackberry needs to take responsibility! 2- The service that I received from Vodacare Fourways was absolutely appalling,


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    VodCustomer May 03, 2012

    I have to agree that the service at both Vodacom and Vodacom4U stores in Fourways Mall are disgusting.

    In my efforts to obtain a new simcard I was shunted between stores and staff who came across as rude, arrogant and ignorant in many respects.

    It is a shame that Vodacom has not corrected the matter over a year later.

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