Vodacompathetic aftersales, billing and repair service

A Aug 13, 2018

I am forced to formally complain about the contract I recently opened with Vodacom at Cellucity, N1 city branch.
In the beginning of July 2018 i took a Sony Xperia L1 phone with a R60 airtime plan for my husband.

The first experience started when the device was out of stock and will have to wait for the phone, this was okay at first as we are understanding customers. We then had to contact the store to find out what's happening as we already waited a week with no update or feedback. They said we will be contacted as soon as the phone arrived from the Blue Route branch. Eventually about 2 weeks after being approved, we then received confirmation that we can collect the phone. We paid for the connection and the once off payment when we collected the phone.

A week later the phone started acting up and we realised that this happened after the software update as the phone was unable to use the media applications. We were within the 7 day warranty and was advised this is due to software and to be sent to the repair centre.  We were given a timescale of 7 working days. We waited a little over 2 weeks, to find out that the shop was too incompetent to, have communication and feedback to me as the paying customer and to just get this issue resolved.
Eventually they gave a brand new device as they said this  shouldn't happen again. We stated that the issue isn't hardware so if this phone needs an update it might happen again.

By this time we were careful and did the update on the phone again as the phone automatically updates on WiFi as normal as any other device that requires software update. The same thing happened yet again. By this time the first payment went out for the phone and contract.
We only had the device for less than 2 weeks and paid for a month including an additional once off fee that was already charged at the collection of the phone.
On 7th August 2018, we spoke to the manager in Cellucity, Sam. She referred us directly to the Vodacom repair store(Canal Walk) manager, Aneesa. We explained ourself again and was told by Aneesa that she will have to escalate this as we were very clear that we don't want the same device as its been giving us problems since we got the phone.

Today we called Vodacom Repair Centre in Canal walk to get feedback and was told that they will have to give us the same phone again because its not hardware related!!!
I am paying for something i am not able to use due to software issues which is beyond my control and frankly not my problem .

I am a paying customer and i shouldn't be going through any of this nonsense bull crap at all!! You are my network provider and if there's any manufacturing issues it shouldn't affect me as the customer. I dont want that phone because the software is the same problem doesnt matter how many Sony L1 phones you give.. its been giving the same bloody problem and it seems like no one gets that!!

I want to be compensated for everything i paid including me having to call in and ask for feedback when you should make contact with me. I also want compensation for my petrol that i have to use getting to these places for help which is inconvenient to me and i haven't received an apology for this [censored] experience. I want a different phone as i was promised i will have that option when the team from Joburg provides the credit for an alternative option.

Vodacom the best network is not showing the best service right now and i am very very very disappointed and utterly disgusted in the long winded process because i have to pay and im literally being said the same thing everytime... Wait 7 days. Send to repairs. Use a new like for like phone. Check it. Same [censored] happens then again wait and send to repairs. When will this ever stop??

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