Vodacom'out of bundle costs'

J Sep 03, 2018

Vodacom charged me over R8000 "out of bundle" costs - whilst my Vodacom Application on my phone clearly states that I had over 13gigs left over for the month - I have a RED VIP account - with 20gigs per month. This occured mid August 2018;

Numerous calls to Vodacom and a personal call to their Midrand offices - proved that their client services were also confused - as they could see the LARGE amount of bundles left on my account - and yet - could also see the out of bundle costs that vodacom was literally charging up by the hour going up and up!

Telephonic proof when I phoned their inquiries dept - will also prove that they could clearly 'see' my 13gigs still left on my phone - and were also baffled!!

A personal call to Midrand - also confirmed the large amount of bundles available on my phone application and on their system, but said I must 'wait' for the final account.

I received a "goodwill" credit of R4000 - but my accounts 'out of bundle costs" is over R8000!

This is whilst I had a lot of bundles on my vodacom application on my phone!!

If there is something wrong somewhere - I cannot take the responsibility for any type of error - I cannot see where the error is - but If I am not responsible for this - cannot take responsibility for their system/errors.

Julie Swartz

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