Vodacommissing air time on [protected]


I have lost count of how many times this has happened and i am now sick and tired. When i query it i am told that its because i used the internet or facebook or i have downloaded something. This is utter rubbish. If i use Facebook it is when i am on wifi and use my phone for whatsapp.
I am now demanding my air time back and not in DATA. Vodacom takes your money and gives you data back. This is not on and i am so tired of this. Dont ask me when it happend as i lost track of all the times and the amounts as one does not expect this to happen from your service provider being Vodacom.
I have got to the stage where i am too scared to load MORE air time as i know it will be taken again
My cell number is [protected]

  • Updated by carenvan · Oct 18, 2017

    Please could you stop stealing my data. I have had enough. I am demanding now r100.00 data please. I will never ever recommend vodacom to anyone. Dont tell me that you can see where my data has gone to. I am the only one that uses my phone and I know how to control and monitor my data. I dont trust vodacom anymore. R100.00 data please.

    My cell number is : [protected]

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