VodacomI upgraded my cell phone

J Aug 16, 2018

I contacted Vodacom by phone approximately week ago to ask if I could upgrade by cell phone. I was told I can and the consultant proceeded to assist me telephonically. I was told that I would receive a sms confirming the upgrade. The sms did not come that day but I realised that evening when telling my son that I was busy upgrading my cell phone that he had received an sms to his phone. (I have been the main member for a number of years and always had a Red plus package, and my son who is 19 years of age has a much cheaper contact under my name). I was alarm and disappointed. I was firstly concerned that the wrong contract was being upgraded and secondly disappointed that a day had passed that was wasted since my son had not known to respond to the sms that was sent to him in error. I called Vodacom Customer Care that same evening and was told that they were not able to inform Upgrades department that the main account holder was incorrect on their side. They said I should call Upgrades the following day. I cannot understand why Vodacom Customer Care cannot inform another department under their own umbrella regarding an error. Why should the customer call again?
After informing Vodacom again that I am the main member and confirming that my contract was being upgraded and not my sons, Vodacom again sms'd my son the day my handset arrived. When my son did not respond, the consultant from Ram Hand to Hand couriers tracked me down by phoning my ex-employer to check if I was still working there so my phone could be delivered. When the delivery happened (fortunately I happened to be home by chance) my address was incorrectly spelt. A comedy of errors. I then called Customer Care again to inform them that they still have the wrong information about the main telephone number. I then preceeded to go to Vodacom Somerset West Main Road to ask them to transfer my information from one handset to the other and while I was there I told the consultant helping me that I understand that my son's contract is also up for renewal and while I waited for the data transfer I asked to see a book of the current offers as my son is an i-phone fan and I wanted to check what was on offer. While looking through the booklet, I saw that there was an offer on upgrades to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (which is the phone I had just upgraded to). I saw that a voucher to the value of R300 was being offer for the purchase of a genuine Samsung product such as a screen protector. I asked if I could qualify and the consultant said I should call the upgrades dept. When I did, I was told that I don't qualify as I purchased 'online" and the offer is only for customers who visit the Vodacom shops. There is no where in the book where it states this. To me, Vodacom is Vodacom. I had to call Vodacom upgrades, order the phone, go through all the errors made by Vodacom, wait for the phone to arrive and then couldn't understand why I was not able to qualify for the R300 voucher. I will in future encourage people I know not to call Vodacom to upgrade but rather go to the shop where the service was very friendly. I have been a loyal Vodacom Customer for years and am extremely disappointed in the bad service received.

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