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resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Vodacom Sucks!!!I will never deal with vodacom again! they do not know what they're doing!

Hi there

Just to be very aware of vodacom. Almost 2 years ago, me and my husband went through a very though financial time, and due to this, vodacom stoped our contract and placed me on itc. They handed me over to laywers in durban which I then delt with. After scraping money together to resolve this problem, I paid the laywers in full laster year round september 2009. So happy that I could have peace of mind and forget about vodacom and laywers! Only to receive another phone call about 3 weeks ago in march 2010. Different laywers from vvm now all of a sudden claim that I owe them money??? How on earth does this work??? My account has been paid in full, but vvm insist that I owe them money? Whem I asked them for what... They can't tell me??? Now what do I do?? Vodacom is suppose to be a great service provider, but let me tell you, vodacom sucks, I will never recommend it to anyone. They've been giving me so much hassels and harassing me over phonecalls, it's unbelievable. One thing is for sure, the next time they phone, I will do a much bigger public anouncement!

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    W a klopper
    Tel: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    E mail: [protected]@telkomsa.Net
    P o box 11354
    Silver lakes 0054
    To whom it may concern:

    Complaint: vodacom ref no: [protected] en [protected] : data 3g

    • i have a contract with vodacom for the last 15 years on cell [protected] (Business)
    • in february 2005 i took out a contract for a 3g modem with vodacom (500mg, p/m at a price of r 249 p/m)
    • i have only used an average of only 300mb over the two year period due to a major problem with vodacom’s 3g signal in the silverlakes/pretoria east area. (Still a problem!)
    • after many calls and letters to vodacom, they decided to credit me with an amount of r 7 545.47 for unused data over the 2 year contract period, and apologized for the poor coverage in the area.
    • vodacom (Menlin park) then convinced me that they have resolved the coverage issues and now have a new 3g modem/card on the market, which will have no coverage/speed problems. I hesitantly entered into this new 2 year contract.
    • still having a problem with coverage (Could only use it, by driving away from my house to coverage areas, or on business trips) , i started complaining again.
    • i don’t know if vodacom then started getting irritated with my complaints or what the reason was, but the following debits occurred on my account:
    • r3 671.61; r3 182.11; r4 729.75; r6 941.00; r1 695.64; r1 067.05; and r890.64 over a 7 - month period. Total: r 22 178.35 (Note the declining trend, the more i complained and threatened vodacom)
    • only the above first two debits equals 9 packages of 10 gigabytes each (90gb) !!, which is 180 times more per month than i have ever used! Absurd!!
    • debits on my account then reached normal r 249 p/m until the end of the contract until february 2009, when i obviously then cancelled my 3g contract with vodacom.
    • during this 7 month period and until presently, i have spent time trying to resolve the matter with mr fred matthee (Executive client liaison officer) and various staff members at vodacom. I have even emailed mr pieter uys (Ceo) , who has up to now totally ignored any correspondence. Not interested in the man in the street!

    • their hollow-backed standard approach and feedback letters are, to say the least, disgusting and typical of a large money-spinning firm, feeling absolutely nothing for the man on the street. Their service is mind-staggering poor and it is certain that not one of them have taken the time to investigate the matter.
    • i have received at least 10 letters which are all standard: pc have outdated anti-virus (I have latest norton?) , music, movies, games, etc could have been downloaded (I don’t even know how, i only use internet for banking and e-mail!) , etc, etc
    • after checking the usage detail during the overbilling period, i also realised that most of the exorbitant usage, was during the night, even until 5am, some mornings!!
    • i am 55 years old and go to bed at 22h00, and my pc and sim card is switched off and locked up during the night!
    • somebody inside or outside vodacom has cloned my simcard or has frauduantly hacked the system. This happens every day with simcards and creditcards!
    • i hereby declare that i will not accept vodacom’s total ignorance on this matter and that i will make use of any method and tool available to wake them up and make sure that they pay directly or indirectly for their non-care attitude of the man in the street.
    • vodacom sponsors sporting events and teams, but the majority of their loyal customers are just numbers, for whom they care nothing.
    • vodacom, i will see you at your sponsored events and wherever you have presence! Whether it be in the newspapers, at your events, by mass –email or where you won’t expect us at all.
    • hundreds of my friends, specifically in the silver lakes area are sick and tired with your poor signal and disgusting customer service!
    • attached are photos of the beginning of this trip. Vodacom - have a nice day (S) !
    • further prospective victims will be made fully aware of vodacom’s ignorance and overbilling practices.

    W a klopper


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      • Ni
        Nickno Nov 18, 2014

        Thank you WAKlopper for this post, it is a glimmer of hope in my own personal nightmare at the hands of Vodacom in cohorts with Altech Autopage. 2015 has been my anus horibilis with this corporate thief and after losing R10 000 over four months per debit order on a 5GB data line, Vodacom switched off the thieving gremlins after my weekly phone calls. But only for a while, as there was more to come!
        I then received a demand for a further R10k two months later and am still fighting this, having blocked the debit-order at my bank (but can only do this once more) while contiually being sent from Autopage’s credit control to customer services, only to see them still witholding the URL report I requested in June already!
        And then they keep cutting my cell phone line regardless of the time of month or the fact that it is paid in full (as this morning when iot was cut mid month despite me having mistakenly double-paid this account lat month!) But this is directly related to my resubmission of request for the URL report this morning, and several calls to their call centre.
        And I am not even going into the fact that my service is Edge allowing only email and internet. Sometimes.
        This is not a conspiracy theory, they are definitely manipulating the service to aggitate and disrupt the client (victim) into fatigue and losing motivation.
        My advise to others: Stay away from debit orders completely, and issue top-up deals only.

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Vodacom Directbreach of contract

      In May 2009 The Rewards Company called me with an offer of a 'free' cellphone if I take out a Topup49 contract for 24 months. The Topup49 contract was at the time on promotion for R20 only instead of R49 so I agreed to it. Since June 2009 I have been billed R49 every month, resulting in my dedicated debit account being stripped of funds due to overcharging. When my debit order bounced one month Vodacom charge me R83 for the bounce and the bank also charged me. When I called The Rewards Company in Durban in July 2009 I was called a liar by Pratish Vanmari (supervisor) on 25-06-09 around 14:50 on [protected] who said there is no R20 Topup. He said he listened to the original recording clip which I am still waiting to receive per email. I have called montly at first and now I call weekly with no call backs and no solution to the problem. The last time something positive happened was 01 Sept 09 when VODACOM6 sent me an SMS apologising for wrongly charging me. They credited my account with R29 and that was it. A while after that when I called again it was confirmed that I am suppose to receive R29 for each month which I was overchanged. But nothing! I have stopped paying now completely resulting in my line being blocked and I will probably be listed by Vodacom for their incompetence and lack of care. My problem was even taken up with Lynne Cannings and Bonita Parish via email, but they proofed to be as incompetent as the rest of Vodacom with no feedback.

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        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Vodacom 3g Datahuge bill for 3g data

        I have received two huge Vodacom bills for October and November 2009 amounting to R8500 for the two months. Since 2007 I have the 500 meg contract of R249 per month and ONLY paid that amount untill receiving this HUGE amounts. I have not increased my internet activity at all and did not download the amount Vodacom keeps me liable for. I have requested proof and only received part of their data lists only on 29 Dec 2009 but already I was blacklisted externally.

        I don't know how this happened but could it be a Vodacom employee fraudelent downloading data on my account? ???Meter reading problems, Software / modem problems???Vodacom just insist that I am at fault and need to pay...but they CANNOT give any answers or proof. I do not mind pay for services I have used for BUT THIS is stealing and daylight robbery!!!

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          • Ly
            Lynn Chester Mar 30, 2010

            I have just experienced the same thing. I rarely go over my 3G/2 gig cap package. Last month I received a bill from Vodacom for almost R5000! On the itemised billing it shows 2 spikes - one for R2200 and another fr R1700 (a day apart). However, on the itemised billing report the first amount is accompanied by a NEGATIVE data usage amount. I can get no joy in terms of an explanation of the bill, and have just been told that I am liable and must pay. As there is a 3G account and a cellphone account at stake here, I must simply pay. But I am hoping to carry this forward to some kind of ombudsmun (if I can find one) or the small claims court.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Vodacom 3 Gfraudulent billing

          On the 5/11/2009 I revceived a sms from Vodacom that 81% of my 2Gig datacard has already been used.I logged a call, asking them or how this could happen, Idon't use the internet that much.6/11/2009 I received a message that they have tried to contact me(once)but nobody answered - they assigned an agent to my query and will come back to me in 14 days.12/11/2009 I received a message, my contract is depleted.I bought a pre-paid bundle and inserted this at 13:36 and used it.On the 30/11/2009 I received a message from Vodacom that there was a massive data usage on my contract account and that my account is R5, 772.78.There is two contracts and 1 account.1 is a cell contract and 1 is a datacontract.I logged again calls complaining about the datausage, that I know I didn't used.Since then I logged 7 calls, datasupport close everyone and with no good enough explanation.I paid the cell and the 2 Gig amount and said that I won't pay the R5, 772.78 because the calls isn't resolved.Yesterday they blogged the cell and datacard.We have a high risk business to run and can't afford to be without the cell.It took met three hours on my mtn contract and 6 people at several departments to unlock the cellphone and datacard, pay the outstanding amount of the query and Candice at Vodacom refuse to refer me to another agent or a higher authority.I am feddup, because I as consumer have no rights to protect me.On Hellopeter.com I find ten other people with exactly the same queries.Vodacom just force you to pay up, because the blogged the simcards.1 Query is more than R15, 000.00, others R10, 000.00.I have the links to these calls.Today I visited again Vodacom Customer Care in Bloem, and they just said, I've used the data.2 of their technicians already investigated my pc, there is no spyware, no hacker, no mallware, no programs that have been the reason for this usage.What protects me against fraudullent billing from my service provider??The data support centre say, they did do the investigations, and I was billed correctly. If that is true, where is the data.More than 8 Gig was used, I normally don't go over the 2 Gig.There is no program, no movies, no music, none other than work on my pc. Nothing that is been downloaded in the month of November.From my 2nd call as to date, everything turns back to normal and my data usage is very low.Why all of a sudden??

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            Vodacomvodacom sucks

            I noticed on the 5th of january 2005 that vodacom did not debit the said account. I then contacted customer service (111) to see why they did not deduct the month fees owed by me. I was told that there was no record that I had changed my account details. The account details were then changed over the phone and I requested the bank charges to be paid to be as it was though fault of vodacom. I was told that it had to be first be investigated (Fair enough). The proof of my debit order being changed was faxed the next day and my bank statement was fax on the 14 january 2005.

            On the 18th january 2005 my service was suspended. I called vodacom and was put though to the accounts department. I spoke to a very rude and unhelpful lady. She would not reconnect my phone until I paid the month’s outstanding amount and vodacoms charge for a returned debit order. When I asked her for a team leader she said she could not put me though.

            I phoned again (A few seconds later) and the person I spoke to was able to put me though to a team leader (Funny that). The team leader said that he could not reconnect my phone as the cic department was still investigating my claims that I changed my bank account details. He then told me that they did not get the faxes which I sent previously and had to resend them. I did so the next day (19 january)

            That evening I called vodacom and spoke to a lovely lady who was able to assist me. I asked her if my fax from that day had been received and she said (Wait for it) that I did not need to refax as the documents sent previously were in fact on the system. She then (A day later from the previous person) was able to reconnect my account.

            The next day I got a call from account department demanding the outstanding amount. Once again I had to explain the whole situation to her. She said I had to go to the bank and pay the outstanding amount. This would normally ok but I was 19 and did not own a car. There was also not standbank near my husbands work. Now should I walk the 2 hour walk from my house to the bank just to fix up the mess up vodacom made? I don’t think so! As was previously agreed at the end of january they would debit my account of the january and februarys subscription. I did however tell her to not debit my account of the fee vodacom was charging me for the returned debit order and she said that there was no record of any problems or queries I was having with vodacom so she did not know what I am talking about.

            On the 25 january I got a call to say that my account had been sorted out and vodacom was basically at fault and they would refund me the bank charges.

            The next day or so I received a sms stating that I have an outstanding balance of r360.00 and if I did not pay I would be disconnected. This amount still includes the return fee for my bounced debit order. I took it as a computer generated sms as just a few days before I was told that everything was sorted out.

            On the 27 january 2005 whilst trying to deal with a horrific tragedy of a young man that killed himself I reached for my phone to call his parents and you wont believe it but I was once again disconnected and at a time when I need my phone the most.

            So lets recap….

            * vodacom screws up with my debit order & ndash; my phone is cut.
            * after dealing with rude & ldquo;customer service” staff I eventually manage to get it reconnected.
            * I make arrangements for a double debit order month end & ndash; cool everything is sorted and I am happy!
            * was told that they don’t have bank statement etc & ndash; I need to refax
            * called the next day after re-faxing and I was told that I did not need to as the 1st copy sent was in fact on there system.
            * next day accounts departments bugs me and demands money (Are they stupid)
            * once again agreements are made for a double debit order
            * received call on the 25 january to say everything is sorted out & ndash; yippy!
            * get sms demanding the money & ndash; ignored as thought it to be an error.
            * two days later my phone is once again cut! But at a time when I really needed my phone!

            So before I continue with my story just looking at the recap I am sure is making you frustrated. Basically vodacom was demanding the payment for january but I never had my phone connect that often during that month because vodacom made a mess up and did not receive payment. So it works like this & ndash; vodacom has a legal department and are telecommunications giants and this means they can do as they wish, charge you for a service which they have not even bothered giving you.

            When is enough, enough. Is a contract not a two side deal? Why should I keep my side of the contract if the other party is incapable of keeping theirs?

            Well the story goes on….

            On the 29 january 2005 after a month of hell and abuse from vodacom I had enough and I prematurely cancelled my account with a long letter of why I am doing this. I refuse to pay the fee of any sort. I had hell with vodacom and they can’t even offer an apology.

            I will attached the proof of cancellation, the letter and proof of it being sent fyi.

            I resent the cancellation request letter just so they can know that I was unhappy.

            On the 10th february 2005 I sent my second letter of complaint & ndash; bearing in mind that no one has yet contacted me with regards to the first letter.
            Also at this point I was still not refunded the money owed to me by vodacom.
            When arrangements were made for the double debit order at the end of february for the month of january and february I told them that I only authorise the debit order of r575.00 this is excluding the fee vodacom still wanted to charge me for the returned debit order. I found out that they were still going to debit my account for the fees charged by vodacom. Surely after all this time they have figured out what they doing! I immediately with draw all monies out of the account so that vodacom would not steal money out of the account that they had no right to. I know its only r75.00 but out of principle I really felt strongly that I would not let them get away with it.

            In all fairness to vodacom I paid them for the month of january although they certainly did not deserve it. But that was the last thing vodacom will ever get out of me.

            Although I cancelled the contract & ndash; all I was looking for was an apology and an attempt to rectify their mistakes, yet they kept turning a blind eye to their fault and never addressed my letters.

            I sent the letter again a second time just for the fun of it.

            So now they are sitting with 2 copies of the first letter and 2 of the second.

            On the 15th february 2005 I received a letter saying I had seven days to pay the outstanding amount or the contract will be permanently suspended and I will be liable for the contract amount.

            On the 26 february I sent yet another letter to vodacom.In this letter I stated that I was unhappy with their service and wanted vodacom to contact me.

            This letter was also ignored.

            Later I sent a copy of all the letters sent to vodacom to amanda and then to adele strydom. They also never addressed the issue.

            On the 17 march 2005 I received a letter saying that they had no reply to previous correspondence (Can you believe it & ndash; after all the letters and phone calls they still want to tell me that I have not replied!) and they permanently suspended my service and was now liable for the amount of the contracted.

            On the 19 april I got a lovely bright red letter as my final demand and still no one has addressed the issues I was having with vodacom or apologised for them inconveniencing me the last few months. I was in contact with mina and tanya and still they did not address the issues.

            I stopped wasting my time and this useless company and carried on with my life. I never heard from vodacom or their attorneys for 2 years and suddenly on the 23 june 2007 I get a letter in the post from their attorney for the outstanding money. 2 years later they want to now hassle me. I told sello at the firm to go back to their client vodacom and ask them about the endless letters I have sent them and how in fact the reason this account is in this state was due to vodacom’s incompetence. Well I never heard from them again for another 2 whole years.

            In august 2009 I got a sms from vvm attorneys. I called them and said the same thing as I told the attorney 2 years ago. Vvm attorneys have been hassling me ever since. I have explained what has happened to them.

            I sent a letter to vodacom and vvm attorneys. Basically sayings fix this or I will go public. Vvm phoned me to say vodacom says I must pay. I then called a few people at vodacom and vvm attorneys and told them I was going to give them a day to fix it or I will bring them down. My last call from vvm was on christmas eve at around mid day to demand money. Who phones anyone the day before christmas to bug them for money! Needless to say I said what I had to and hung up j

            It’s now the middle of january 2010 and still vodacom has not fixed this or apologised to me. And it is now that I have decided to do what I said I would do and take them down. I want south africa to know what bad service vodacom offers. 5 years down the line I am still experiencing bad service.

            If your children have cell phones, don’t wait until something goes wrong when they need to call you or the police and vodacom lets you down. Their lives are not worth the chance.

            If you saying you have never had a day’s trouble with vodacom & ndash; don’t speak to soon. They are always making errors and when they do it to you, you will surly experience their disregard for your rights and principles. They want what they want and there is no telling them otherwise even when they at fault.

            Read though my evidence and make a wise decision before you are also fighting with a service provider that say they offer reliability and all they over is years of hassle.

            All documents are in the process of being scanned and will be placed on to this site so you can see the letters I sent (With proof of being faxed). Please bear with me.

            www.Vodacomsucks.Co. Cc

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              • Nd
                Ndumiso brian Dec 31, 2019
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                Good afternoon

                Yesterday I went to Vodacom store that is located at Megacity, to do a swim swap. There was a gentleman that was standing at the door of a store, I greeted him than I asked him for help to do me a swim swap. He showed me a gentleman who was with a client, I went where he was there was people sitting near him. I asked if their waiting for him to help them, they said yes. I asked for the last person so that I will know, I received a call just when the call ended the last person before me went to him the gentleman announce that this is the last person his helping. I asked him nicely why he didn't say because I was not gonna join the que, he exploded did you talk to me. I tried to explain that I didn't not because he was still busy with a client. We went on and on I apologies for not telling him that I am in his que but still shouted at me, than I remanded him that I am a client. I was never so humiliated such in my life everyone on a store watching at this guy by the name of Thula Mbanjwa shouting at me. He came on me than he saw that he cannot take me anymore he asked for a penick botton, the security came thanks to the lady by the name of Hlengiwe Mbutho who asked what happened than she offer to help me. I really didn't expect such behaviour from Vodacom employe.

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              • Jj
                J-Jr Feb 03, 2017


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              • Ma
                Malfufi Feb 22, 2010

                I have a Nokia N96 and i have sent it in 5 times to be fixed, Guess what still nothing.

                I have spoken to A Manager, A team Leader, The Second incharge of Nokia and still no Joy.

                I have not had my phone for 270 days out of 365 days, I cough up 1k montly fees and these proffesionals cant see to sort out one patient customer.

                I have now contacted my lawyers and gonna castrate them and my contract :) and very happiely cross over to MTN

                Vodacom does annoy me

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Vodacom Gsm Net Workcharges for sms not delivered to the receipent

              Ref : sender vodacom number : +[protected]
              Receipent zain number : +[protected]

              My fiancee miss bindu rajan from bangalore was trying to send sms messages to my number of zain network in tanzania. But it is not being delivered to me but vodacom, india is charging rs. 5 / - per sms without delivering messages to me for past few days. You are requested to pl. Find out the problem why these messages are not being delivered to the receipent and why they (Vodacom) are charging for a service not completed successfully?

              Reji gangadharan

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                Vodacomvodacom - ripoff

                Vodacom, the so called "leading" network, are ripping of their customers. The government have taken them to court, because they are making more than 700% profit on all phone calls! This means, they buy something for r1 & then sell it for r8. This is'nt just the only problem with them, they seem to make even lots more profit on their data. Some customers don't know the benefit of data bundles, they are the ones paying more than r2 per megabyte of data.In other words, 3 megabytes of data is worth more than a bread... The customers who buy data dundles, pay much less, but vodacom still makes a hack a lot of profit. They sell data {databundle} for as little as r0.19 per megabyte. So, if they sell data to customers who don't know this, then then make 1000% profit & please notice that i've haven't keep in mind the profit they're already making... This leads us to +-1200% - yes one-thousand-two-hundred percent profit. This is how vodacom, the most crap & money making cellular network in sa, ripp-off their customers. And then of course, they provide crap service. Their internet are crap slow, unreliable & if you contact customer support, they don't return to you! I've contacted them several times, but they just simply don't give a damn... This is just the beginning of their problems - they give out your number to other companies & they send you a crapload of smss a day. Some of them comes through between 1 o'clock & 4 o'clock in the morning. And they best part of it all, they give out your number - whithout your confirmation / permission. They use and abuse you. They don't just give out your number, but they, themselves abuse your number, they'll send you adverts, 2 to 3 per day, at very inconvenient times - and you have to pay them to stop receiving adverts! They abuse your number, they don't return to you if you've contacted their customer support, they make a hack a lot of profit & they send you adverts, and agian they milk you for money. The make billions of rands profit per month. Some of their reprensentatives are so stupid, they don't even know what a data bundle is... So they obviously won't be able to help you. Damn, they are bloody worse than china or taiwan... I advise anybody to stay as far away from them as possible...

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                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Vodacomvodacom illegal activity on accounts

                  I use to have 500 megabites a month on my 3G account which was just enough. suddeny my account skyrocketed for no apparent reason. I upgraded to 1 Gig, and within 4 days, that gig was depleted. Seing that my automatic updates and so on were not activated on my laptop. I then phoned Vodacom and requested an itimised billing acount, which i havent received for 6 weeks and waiting. I then discovered that if I phone my 3g sim card, it actually rang!! IT RINGS EVEN IF I AM ON THE INTERNET!!! so it became apparant that i am not the only person who uses this number, but it does seem that i am the one being billed!! R3500 was taken out of my bank account by vodacom and R2600 the previous month. R6000 give or take was deducted!! various phone calls, referance numbers, vodacare shop visits...and no help, answers, or itimised bill. A cloned card? an inside job? Pathetic and useless personell...Please help! vodacom is taking large amounts of money from my account and no one can tell or show me why!!!

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                    • 08
                      0828129426 Feb 11, 2011

                      I can not read my emails

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                    • 08
                      0828129426 Feb 11, 2011

                      I con not read my emails

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                    • Lo
                      Lori Howkins Oct 14, 2010

                      I have had the same problem and found out that the data was used by someone who subcontracts for Vodacom.
                      My monthly internet charge has been R 250 for years and suddenly went up to more then R 2000. per month, if I did not pay it I would have had my business phone contract suspended as they are on the same account, so I was forced to pay untill I finally managed to get it capped 6 months later.
                      Vodacom reckoned everything was in order and the charges must be due to downloads and facebook.
                      I have made a criminal case and am still waiting for answers.
                      I can be contacted on [protected]

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                    • Em
                      Emma Donovan Jan 26, 2010

                      Try submitting your complaints about Vodacom on www.getclosure.co.za - it's an independent, discreet complaints management site that is free for consumers and suppliers to respond.

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                    • Ro
                      Roelienf2001 Jan 12, 2010

                      I have the exact same complaint and after numerous efforts, calls, etc. Vodacom blogged our cell and data contract.Not because the contract amounts isn't paid, but because of the amount of data that I didn't use. I want everyone with the same complaint to please contact me urgently at [protected]@vodamail.co.za. On Hellopeter.com you can read the following links about the same quries:http://www.hellopeter.com/report_redirect.php?id=361108 - this one was my third to Hellopeter

                      http://www.hellopeter.com/report_redirect.php?id=327204 - look at the amounts









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                    Vodacompoor customer service

                    In august 2008 I did a sim swop from mtn to vodacom, after which I started paying for both contracts (Mtn and vodacom). I then immediately phoned vodacom in bloemfontein where the sim swop was done in an effort to rectify the problem asap. I was told by a lady she will get back to me on the "buyout" which unfortunately never happened. It is now nov 09 and I still have'nt a clue if vodacom bought out the contract from mtn when I requested a sim swop. Daily we try to communicate (Phone and e-mail) with this specific lady without success, but in the mean time I still paying for two contract. The mtn contact payments to date adds up to r 4600.00, for something I dont us???
                    The payment of the mtn contract is via debit order with I dont want to stop in fear of being blacklisted. I unfortunately cant take this issue up with mtn untill I know if it was a full buyout from vodacom or not.

                    What should I do, or whom can I talk too.

                    Help please

                    Tonie grobler

                    My cell [protected]

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                      • Yu
                        yusuf dinat May 13, 2013

                        trade route mall sales person daniel was very rude not prepared to assist regarding
                        new phone that was not purchased from this store, as he was not going to get commission.
                        we demand response from vodacom regarding above complain
                        contact Yusuf Dinat at [protected]

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                      • Su
                        Suvir May 30, 2011

                        I have a Blackberry 8520 and the phone has frozen... I have been to the store 5 times and the last job no is 6743744-[protected] and the phone has been swopped twice ( under warranty ) with a recondition unit. Todate i have no phone and am unable to see clients. Surely someone out there cares ... Their solution is for me to take out another contract .. I need some advice. I current pay +- R1300 per month with no phone .. I NEED A SOLUTION !!! or is this how customers are treated?

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                      • Ja
                        Jason Rainbird Sep 30, 2010

                        I have two contracts with Vodacom, one is a small little R75 family top up and the other is a blackberry contract with all the trimmings. Unfortunately I can’t use any of these extra features that I pay for as the gprs/edge is never available! Now I would say it was maybe my phone, but neither of my contracts is able to access these networks anymore. It’s not the reception because I live just down the road from a tower not to mention the fact that I am unable to gain access to the internet anywhere at anytime or with any phone. Both my parents have blackberry contracts as well and it’s the same with them. Why advertise all of these extra features when you are completely unable to provide the services that they require to run? Of coarse we are expected to pay for these special unusable features. As my contracts come up for upgrade im going to cancel them and move just as most of my friend’s ave done.

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction

                      My name is nomsa mudau. I am having a problem with my id, I never loose any of my particulars but my details (Id) is being used to purchase and to open accounts. The problem started in december 2008 when I recieved a call from jet store that someone is buying with my account. I had a jet account for over 10yrs without any problems. I disputed the purchases and the problem was sorted in april 2009, I ended up closing the account.In may 2009 I received another call and was told I open an account at identity store and I disputed the account as well, today on the 21/10/09 I received another call that I open account in december 2008 purchasing a contract phone which owes r9000. I never open such account as i'm using prepaid phone. Please I need your help as the scam continues and when contacted the shops they said there is nothing they can do as am not the only one with the problem. I am worried because I believe nothing I done to apprehend the culprits instead I am the one who suffering running around back and forth from police station to the shops querring about the accounts. My e-mail address is [protected]@uj.Ac. Za

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                        • We
                          Wendy28 Jul 23, 2014
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          Vodacom I truly the most infuriating company I have ever dealt with.

                          It has been over two years now and still no luck. They have blacklisted me where someone else signed contrats on my name.

                          There are three contracts that I supposedly took out, all I want is all the documentation where I gave written consent for all these contracts, So I can either pay or not. I have asked numerous time for the documents but, no luck. All they send me is signed
                          copies of the contracts with an attachment Of my id. I have sent an affidavit where they can see it is not my signature. I have reported it to Hello Peter and still no luck. I really just want a solution so I can move forward.

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                        • Ja
                          Jacques van der Linde Jul 13, 2013

                          Can I get a statement with all the calls received and made from Vodacom, without a court order ?

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                        • Wo
                          Wontlem Nov 27, 2011
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          I have finally lost my patience with Vodacom. I use their 3G datacard service for my Business internet and email connection, and have continual problems with the service from Vodacom, . Despite my connection reflecting HSDPA connection, it is impossible to maintain network connection, and it reflects a speed of only 50-200bps, making it impossible to even connect to the internet or download emails. Furthermore, network connection is 'dropped' as much as 10 times per hour.

                          I reported this problem to the Call centre on 11th August, again on 14th August and again 18th August 2009. Each time, this problem has not been resolved, yet I see on their webite, that my logged queries are all reflecting a 'closed' status. I continue to have this daily problem and my business is suffering dramatically.

                          Interesting to note that on 21 August, there was a 15 hour power failure in my area, but as I have a generator, I was able to operate my laptop for that entire period. Amazingly, I experienced perfect connection and perfect speed on that day...which I believe was due to 99% of network users in my area not being online and using Vodacom's network due to the power failure.

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                        Vodacom — elite mobile

                        I have now been battling to sort out a query that has been going on since june 2009 neither vodacom or elite...

                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Vodacom — data usage

                        In the past year our data usage went from 2 gig a month to anything from 2 gig to 10 gig a month when we ask...

                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Vodacombad service and no accountability

                        5 Months ago I went to Vodashop in Northgate, next to Woolies and handed them documents for the transfer of an account into my name. My mother had to sign the documents - as she is the HR director AFRICA for a multi national company - getting her to sign the documents took me 2 months (between back to back meetings and trips in-country.) Finally I got everything and took it to Vodacom. The manager told me that it would take at least a month to do the transfer. Lillian from Vodacom New Business Dept confirmed 2 days ago that it takes 48hrs max. She said that the transfer has been approved, but they have lost the documents - ALL that I have to do it to get all the documents signed by ALL the parties AGAIN and submit it AGAIN to the same ppl who lost my 1st application 5 MONTHS AGO. Then she told me that I should not get so upset - as this was not such a big deal. I guess VODACOM presumes that their clients time is worth nothing and that it is a minor issue if one of their clients is waiting 5 MONTHS for a transfer to happen. Two days ago I spoke to LESTER at my fav shop, he blamed an old employee first, promised the world and I haven't heard from him since... no surprise there

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                          • Jc
                            jcrs Nov 09, 2009

                            Ek is Mev. I.E. Leonard ID No: [protected] Cel No. [protected]. My man R.M Leonard ID No:[protected] is op 7 Oktober 2009 oorlede en ek wil die foon op my naam he, na 'n maand se gesukel is die foon uiteindelik op my naam, maar ek kan nog nie bel nie. Simpwe van pre legal het gese ek moet 'n bedrag van R853.48 betaal dan sal hy die foon oop maak, ek het dit betaal en vir hom die deposito strokie gefax en nog niks het gebeur nie, dit is al weer 4 dae later. Ek sal dit nou regtig waardeur as julle my foon vir my aan sit.
                            Dan wil ek ok net weet hoekom is vodacom se diens so swak? Almal se ook dat hulle jou sal teurg skakel maar, doen dit nooit. Hoop dat ek nou resultate sal kry.

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          Vodacomgoing nowhere slowly

                          I have moved into a new property in northgate, randburg on 01 aug 2009. On 2nd aug I notified vodacom that I have a problem with cellphone signal & 3g connection. I have been promised since that someone will come out & test the signal to confirm the way forward. I have requested that vodacom cancel the balance of my contract so I can look at an option through telkom, however still nothing. Their customer care line is pathetic. I even spoke to a supervisor who was clueless about the industry. No use being sa's leading communications provider when you guys cannot spell customer care.


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                            • An
                              Ann Naude Nov 21, 2014

                              I am very upset regarding my phone repairs, it has been sent in on several occasions and every time I get it back the same problem occurs and it is send to Johannesburg and I sit with no contact what so ever cannot even receive my sms when I do a transaction,
                              now for the 5th time I get told to claim from insurance whereas it is under warranty please assist I do not know what to do anymore, I blocked my account because of this problem I have

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                            The complaint has been investigated and
                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            Vodacomno delivery

                            My name is rhuanda marcks. (Lockie). I had a talk 500 with vodacom and my contract was due to expiry at the end of may. I called in the middle of may and was told to leave it until the end of may, because I could loose all my free minutes. I called again on saturday the 30 may 09 to do the migration and a top up 135 and go onto prepaid. On tuesday mng I wanted to load airtime and realised that my contract was never cancelled. I called vodacom, spoke to martha moshula and she confirmed that they had system problems on that saturday and was unable to do the cancellation. She told me that my debit order for plus/minus r850.00 will still go through, but they will reimburse me at the end of june 09. This was referred to a teamleader. I never received the reimbursement. Thusfar I have spoken to the following people on different dates-theo, portia, martha, patrick, tasneem and names I cant even recall. All their calls are recordered, so they should be able to track my conversations. I called again today (27.07.09) and this matter is still not resolved. It is almost two months later. I did what I had to do within the correct period, I now expect vodacom to do what they have to do.

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                              The complaint has been investigated and
                              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                              Vodacompoor service, bad attitudes of staff towards customers, unauthorised change of package

                              I enquired about talk packages on 21/06/2009 with zimasa ngema. She forwarded the migration quote through to [protected]@gmail.com as requested.

                              I didn’t contact the call centre back to confirm migration to be done and according to me and your team leaders in the call centers the process is as follows:

                              1. Customer enquired about packages
                              2. Migration quote to be send through to customer
                              3. Customer to sign migration quote and fax back to vodacom or customer to contact call centre and quote migration quotation number before migration is activated
                              4. Migration is activated

                              This was indeed not the process zimasa ngema followed. The incorrect process followed is set out below:

                              1. Customer (Myself) enquired about packages
                              2. Migration quote send through to email
                              3. Zimasa ngema migrated my package to talk 120 (21/06/2009)
                              4. Without my consent, approval or authorisation

                              If you take this into consideration, firstly zimasa didn’t follow vodacom’s procedures; secondly this was done illegally, this meaning fraud has taken place.

                              I found out on the 5/07/2009 that I am on a talk 120 package. I contacted the call centre at 7:00am wanting answers on how this happened! Call centre agent confirmed investigation to take place and to listen to the recordings of this conversation.

                              On 07/07/2009 I received a call from nundi iversen (Zimasa’s supervisor) confirming that the migration was done in error, I requested an apology from zimasa and the apology signed by the ceo of vodacom. This of course was not possible.

                              I received an email (See attached) from zimasa stating the following: & ldquo; dear miss mullaney, thank you for the time and effort taken to voice your concerns to our department. It is with the co-operation of valued clients such as yourself that we are able to identify any possible improvement areas within our organization. Kindly accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience that you may have experienced. This is certainly not in line with vodacom's aim in achieving service excellence. And I received a email from nundi stating the following: hi karen
                              Herewith report as requested. Written apology from zimasa to follow.
                              Once again, my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

                              I responded on 07/07/2009 with an email to nundi on the findings emailed stating the following: dear nundi
                              I have read the attached report and would like to raise the concern that some of the facts stated are untrue.
                              I didn't requested that zimasa migrate me to a talk 120 package as I have in the past upgraded and down graded before and am aware of the procedure of the migration quote to be forwarded to customers. Please
                              Could you inform me as to where these facts were received and gathered from? I would also like to request a list of the costs that has been changed before the debit order goes off at the end of the month to verify that
                              It is correct, before I have to have another journey with vodacom on the fighting front.

                              No response from nundi iversen or zimasa ngema was received and I emailed them again on the 8/07/2009 stating the following: dear zimasa. I responed to your supervisors email on 7/7/09, but had no response. Could someone respond to my emails! Dear nundi I responded to this email on 7/7/09 and requested additional info. I have had no response! Can I have feedback asap!

                              No response received. I re-mailed the emails send on 08/07/2009. I then contacted the call centre on 111 holding on for the pe call centre as I was not getting response. I was on the phone for 1hour and left a message for nundi to respond.

                              Email received from nundi on 09/07/2009 stating that the query is still being dealt with, and updates will be given.

                              I received no response what so ever from nundi from 09/07/2009. I emailed her again on the 15/07/2009 stating the following: dear nundi I am still awaiting response on the email below, sent on 8/7/2009. It is now the 15/7/2009. I have waited a month so far for this query to be sorted out. What is causing the delay?

                              No response received from 09/07/2009 up and until today from nundi.

                              I then called vodacom customer care call centre on 21/07/2009 to speak to the credit & risk department to find out when credit will be passed. I spoke to rajan pillay and he confirmed that the retention department is supposed to pass the credit and that the request from credit is being passed on to the credit & risk department and they said it’s not their responsibility and the retention department says it is not their responsibility. I don’t care whose responsibility it is to pass the credit, I have been waiting from a credit since the 5/07/2009!!!

                              Rajan pillay was very helpful and said I should forward all emails between nundi and zimasa to him and he will deal with it in the morning. I received a response from him on the 22/07/2009 stating the following: hi fyi, rajan pillay. From: nundi iversen, sent: 22 july 2009 06:48, to: rajan pillay; zimasa ngema, subject: re: re: report on incorrect migration hi rajan, a credit note was processed on 20 july 2009 for this customer. It does not reflect on her account yet. Regards, nundi

                              If the credit was passed on the 20/07/2009, why is it not reflecting on my account yet???

                              On the 24/07/2009 I contacted the vodacom customer care call centre to again attempt to sort out my query and to find out when credit will be passed.

                              I spoke to puleng (Call centre agent) she could not assist me and forwarded the call to her team leader dion. Dion confirmed that he will try and get hold of the person in the retention department who is dealing with this query and try to assist. Dion then went to lunch, keeping me on the phone for more than an hour trying to get answers. I then spoke to rasheen (Senior team leader) who confirmed that dion will not be able to assist as he is on lunch for an hour and that I should phone back tomorrow, I confirmed that I will hold on until he gets back as I had enough of vodacom’s staff promising me that my query will be sorted out.

                              Rasheen then confirmed that mbangeni ntshangasa will be on stand by from 6:00am on 25/07/2009 and that he will contact me after 9:00am to transfer me to ibraham aston who will be able to sort out my query.

                              At 09:51 mbangeni ntshangasa contacted me with no knowledge of my query. Stating that he is not at work and that my query has to wait until monday. I was a very unhappy customer as I was promised by rasheen that mbangeni will be able to transfer me to ibraham to sort out my query the same day. I told mbangeni that I had enough of promises from vodacom and nothing is being done about my query and that further action will be taken e. G. Taking vodacom to court for fraud and theft. His response in his own words was: so, take vodacom to court, you mos have lots of money. He then started shouting and swearing at me.

                              This is not any way to treat a customer!!! I have for the last 4 year been paying my account on time and had not once missed a payment and this is the services I am receiving from your staff!!!

                              I then phone 111 and spoke to jason ezra in the cape town call centre and he confirmed he will try and get hold of ibraham aston for my query to be sorted out. /
                              I have to date from 05/07/2009 not been able to sort out my query and not been able to get a credit on this account. This is 20 days now that I have been battling with vodacom.

                              My complaint is about 3 things:

                              1. The incompetency of zimasa, changing my package withouth my consent, authorisation or approval
                              2. The service I received from vodacom in dealing with this query is pathetic as I feel this was a error on vodacom’s side but I must follow up all the time and I must wait until the processes of vodacom has been completed until this query has been sorted out. My way of thinking is vodacom changed my package the same day without my consent, they can change and credit me the same day aswell. Why must I be punished for the consequences of vodacom’s mistake??
                              3. The way in which your staff talks to customers in particular mbangeni ntshangase even if he is a senior team leader or supervisor, he has no right to shout, swear and be rude to customer the way he was towards me as a client!!!

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                                • Ts
                                  tshego Sep 08, 2009

                                  Vodacom customer service pre legal department. Unhelpful customer service agents together with Nhlanhla team leader on [protected]. there service is disgusting and unprofessional.

                                  Customer services agents dropping your call if you want to speak to a manager.

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                                The complaint has been investigated and
                                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                                Vodacomfraudulent billing

                                In 2007 I ported out one of my vodacom numbers, [protected], to cell c. When I contacted vodacom on the cancellation, they told me that I still had to pay for 3 months, which I did, and that the contract then will be cancelled. They required me to send through a letter cancelling the contract, which I did. After three months the number did not appear on my statement, and I was satisfied that the contract was cancelled.
                                At that stage I moved house, and I did not receive my account statements. However, there is an automatic debit order on my bank, and it went off every month.
                                I had no reason to distrust vodacom, so every month the account just went off my account.
                                In jan the number [protected] appeared on my account. On query, vodacom told me they did not know where this number come from, but that they will remove it. Again, I took them on their word.
                                On 23 june I checked my e-mail statement from vodacom, and there the number appeared again.
                                On my query to vodacom, the lady said that this number was generated after I ported my number to cell c. I must phone the cancellation dept, which I did. That was when I talked to thokozane, who refused to give me a query reference number or a reference for the call.
                                According to thokozane, vodacom generated the number already after my previous number was ported, and that they are still billing me with the full rental amount every month, as somebody did not cancel my contract on their side.
                                He wanted me to fax through my cancellation letter again, but I told him that this was impossible for me to do, as it is already almost 30 months after the event. He then became rude, and told me that somebody will phone me within 24 hours. Well, that sounded familiar, as that is what they said every time.
                                I have been billed for a service that was blocked from vodacom, and for something I did not ask. And it is a substantial amount: r166 for 30 months. Work it out yourself!
                                I have spoken to a lawyer, and he said that the fact that the number, [protected] did not appear on my account constituted proof that my contract for that number was terminated. I did not request vodacom to give me a substitute number, and that was generated without my permission or authorization. If you claim it was with my permission, please furnish me with the signed contract.

                                Please contact me on [protected]

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                                  • Ke
                                    kenneth matthews Jun 07, 2013
                                    This comment was posted by
                                    a verified customer
                                    Verified customer

                                    Have you ever wondered “are there any actual human beings working for Vodacom or is the entire company run by computerized robots?”

                                    A robot knows that when a connection is made by phone that charges of minimum or R1;75 are incurred- nothing wrong except – well- when 4893 connections are made and the vast majority of the connections having a duration of less than 7 seconds – yes seven seconds – many with a 3 second duration! To be accurate -2863 connections of less than 7 seconds!!

                                    These printed records are spread over 65 pages with +- 90 lines per page

                                    I also supposedly used 4 different phones (“you should not have been given that information” – direct Quote from Vodacom!)

                                    Surely it’s then a human being would realize “there is something not right with this account” – “let’s not take R8500 and then try for another R6500 rather investigate”

                                    Surely Vodacom must have a programme that allows even a robot would be able to recognise an irregular patter of billings/pending like – R350 – R428 – R 377 – R85000 – maybe the robots are not that smart after all !!!

                                    But regrettably not even the human being I spoke to in their legal department would admit there is something wrong!

                                    What do you do?
                                    Close your account to stop them from constant attempts at raiding!(at last count 5 attempts to “recover “a further R5600)

                                    NEVER EVER sign a direct debit order with them – refuse!
                                    Pre-Paid Cell “C:” here I come!!!

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                                  The complaint has been investigated and
                                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                                  Vodacom/Blackberrynew phone broken after one month

                                  to whom it may concern

                                  Good day

                                  I upgraded my cellphone package a month ago and signed a second 2year deal with vodacom (cell package: Talk 240) and received my new phone on 25 March 2009. I have been using the phone from that time and the handheld has already started showing signs of dysfuntion. The red button that puts the phone off and ends calls doesn't work, the "m", "p", "n" and "space" bar buttons do not work and part of the phone (see photo) has come detached from phone and has fallen out, (where and when I do not know)

                                  I took the phone to Vodacom (Menlyn Pretoria branch) and was informed that the phone would have to be sent to blackberry for repairs and that blackberry would charge me for ALL repairs made to the phone. I've only had this phone for over a month and now I have to pay for all repairs. Vodacom refused to exchange the phone, they just shruged, pushed their shoulders and said that it was out of their hands and that I had to drive to Midrand to get the problem sorted out.

                                  I have to use my phone on a daily basis for work, and am currently losing work and money because I cannot fully use my phone.

                                  please help!! It would be much appreciated!!

                                  Personla details:
                                  Ricardo Le Roux
                                  i.d. [protected]
                                  cell no. +[protected]
                                  adress: 1179 Walter ave, Waverley, Pretoria, 0186, South Africa
                                  contact no's: +[protected], +[protected], +[protected]
                                  email: [protected]@yahoo.com or [protected]@yahoo.com

                                  handheld details:
                                  Blackberry BOLD 9000
                                  IMEI no : [protected]
                                  PIN no : 20CF7206
                                  BT MAC no : 00 23 7A 8A 59 0A
                                  product code : [protected]

                                  vodacom contract details:
                                  acc no: I1301631-4
                                  type: talk 240
                                  branch where account was opened: Menlyn, Pretoria

                                  (I'm not sure what information is relevant, so I'm sending you everything I have, thanx)

                                  Regards and many thanx

                                  new phone broken after one month

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                                    • Sc
                                      Scheresse Nov 22, 2011
                                      This comment was posted by
                                      a verified customer
                                      Verified customer

                                      Hi I bought a blackberry 9300 curve in July and thee scroll button gets stuck, I took it in to vodacom Brooklyn on thee 25the of October for theem to check thee phone and theey agreed to get it sorted out. a week later when I phoned theey had only sent it in theat morning to repairs, thee Friday I was phoned to say thee phone is fixed and I can fetch it. When I got home and put thee phone on it was thee same as before I theen took it back. Last week Friday I was told theat theey tested thee phone and it is fixed got theere and I put thee phone on in thee shop and it did exactly thee same. Now it has been sent in again and all theey tell me is theat theey can not do anytheing and I should wait until thee phone is fixed. Is theis thee right service? When you have to pay your contract and you don't your phone gets switched off by theem but when you wait for your phone for so long you just have to go withe what every body says. This is not funny anymore. I use theis phone for work everyday and now I am losing money because of people theat cant seem to do theeir jobs thee way it is meant to be done.

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                                    The complaint has been investigated and
                                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                                    Vodacom SP (SA)intrnational roaming

                                    Date: 16th may 2009
                                    Vodacom's customer care is pathetic!

                                    Before I south africa for the united states, I phoned vodacom to try and activate my roaming services.

                                    I got about 3 different stories from the customer call centers and finally got told I needed to sms the letters "roamon" to the number 123 in order to activate sms roaming and to sms the letters "passport" to 123 in order to activate phone call roaming. I was told to do these two hours before leaving the country.

                                    It has now been a entire week from since we left south africa and none of these services we activated work in the united states. I can only receive sms's and nothing else, not even listen to voice messages on 121, of which vodacom themselves send me these sms alerts whenever I get a new voice message.

                                    And then I try calling them from the united states get thrown from one consultant to the next. After speaking to about 4 consultants, never mind the fact that I am making international phone calls to them and they are costing me in us dollars, I get told that I can only roam if I am a contract customer.

                                    The consultant them goes on to offer me a contract package, which will only be activated at the end of june, and which they would need to be shipped from south africa to the usa and back.

                                    The employees at vodacom clearly on the same page when it comes to their product knowledge and the customer care at vodacom is just pathetic!

                                    Miss bkj mathabathe
                                    Sa number: +[protected]
                                    Us number: [protected]
                                    Email: [protected]@gmail.com

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