Viziovizio m70-e3

I purchased this 70 and TVIn February of 2018 here it is September 2019 and it has a green vertical line. I called Vizio Customer support and they told me that my warranty had expired and that I needed to purchase a new TV. They also offered me a TV at a discounted price. Although Vizio has no extended warranty service. $1500 for TV that last A little over a year is ridiculous something needs to be done about this. There is no quality control at their company they won't warrantee their products over a year this is just junk. Although C net ranks them number one for everything. I wonder if Vizio is paying them off. I asked the person on the phone who in their right not mind would buy another TV from you guys especially if you can't get extended warranty just to have at last another 16 months.

I was then told good luck. I feel that I've got screwed and somebody needs to shut this company down.

Sep 13, 2019

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