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I ordered tickets to the Houston Astros on june 28th . The return email said my tickets would be avialable on the 28th, i did receive them so i contacted Vivid seats on the 29th. then i got a notifacation that my tickets were now available. i followed the instructions for receaving my tickets multiple times. I downloaded all the proper apps as requested. We assumed there was some kind of problem and that we were not getting the tickets and made other plans. about an hour befor game time i was still trying to figure out what happened and was on the MLB app and the tickets appered. way too late for us to try and make it to the game (we live 40miles away) I'm sure i will be charged for tickets even though i was not able to use them because of all the problems we had trying to get them. I think i should get a full refund or tickets to another Astros game of my choice.


Joseph Dean



Jul 01, 2019
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  •   Jul 01, 2019

    That's entirely your fault for not going to the stadium. They are often able to resolve those situations at the will call office. The game is not likely to be completely sold out, and they are far more likely to work with you in order to fill seats and get as much secondary revenue streams from within the stadium. You absolutely get to eat the cost as it was your fault for not following up appropriately or taking the common sense action of showing up at Minute Maid. Play ball!

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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