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Dear Sir,

Today, we talked with the supervisor of Vistana, Stephany D, about the issue below. She told us to contact Vistana's upper manager. Please, take this issue very seriously, because we are very upset about the package we purchased in Myrtle Beach last year. We feel strongly we were misled in what we bought. We were left with the impression that we would be able to use the package to go to Hawaii but we later found out that we would be charged quite a bit more to do that. We found out that buying a trip through Costco was much cheaper and included the flight also. We decided to use it to go to Steamboat Springs but again when we went online your webpage - Vistana, that took us to the Marriott booking page, we could pay for the trip out of our own pocket and it was about half the price we paid for the package. We called Marriott - we can get a two room Villa for 10 days that was nearly the same price that we are being charged for a studio villa (with only bed and sofa) and for 5 days and 4 nights. We were going to meet our adult children there for a few days and the offering we have "purchased" only gives us a room with one bed and sofa. We just feel like the "special deal" we received from your company is anything but a "special" rip off. We would like to just get our money back and if that is out of the question to at least be given a two-bedroom or three-room place so that we can invite our daughter and son with his wife to join us. We are very disappointed with the product your company has sold us and very much feel it is a "bait and switch" offering. We felt that we were offered one product and were given a totally different product. We were really not given time to read through the contract at the time and to our disappointment, we trusted the salesman that they were honest with us as we were honest with them. I ask the question about Hawaii and was specifically told that we could use it to go to Hawaii. We were not told, as we can remember that there would be an extra cost to do that. At this time, going to Hawaii is out of the question as Hawaii is pretty well closed up unless you want to be quarantined for 14 days before you can out of the motel. This is completely unacceptable. We are so fed up with your company that ready to start posting Vistana online one (1) stars reviews and share all the bad experiences we already had.


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